What is something interesting about Honduras?

1. It is said that on Christopher Columbus' last voyage to America he exclaimed: 'Thank God, we are safely out of these depths!' when he came across the offshore islands of Honduras. In Spanish Honduras means depths, giving the country it's name, or so the story goes.

2. Honduras is the second largest country in central America.

3. Hurricane Mitch, which hit Honduras in 1998, caused more than 2 billion dollars worth of damage.

4. Honduras is 80% mountainous.

5. Honduras has a total population of 7.3 million and with more than 1 million unemployed, Honduras is one of the poorest countries in America.

6. The Honduras independence day is on the 15th September and is the only national holiday.

7. On 10th September, children are celebrated and receive gifts. This special day is called 'the day of Honduran child'.