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Q: What is something that recycles itself?
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What recycles itself?

In ecology, water recycles itself.Izabella Passey

What is something that recycles things?

cans,newspapers,and more

What is it that recycles itself?

paper products, wood. grass. fruit. vegetables. naturaly grow foods

How many recycles in America?

18 millions recycles

In an ecosystem what recycles itself?

Well, there are many things that recycle itself. One is poop. Poop can recycle itselft in many wassys. Aslso oxygen and carbon dioxide assnd water

Why are the rocks on the moon found to be older than the rocks on the earth?

The moon does not have an active geological process which constantly recycles, and recreates itself. The earth does.

What percent of china recycles?

well if you want to know what percent of china recycles well it is 36 percent does

What recycles water from foods it eats?

the animal that recycles water from foods it eats is the spade foot toad.

What is the percentage recovery of aluminium scrap?

Japan recycles 82.5% of the aluminum they use while Brazil recycles 98.2%.

What countries recycles metal?

Almost every country recycles metal since it is very profitable and easy to export / recycle.

What is the past tense of recycles?


What recycles damaged organelles?