What is something used to draw the facial features?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: What is something used to draw the facial features?
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What term refers to the guidelines that are used to draw the facial features?


What is right to say facial features or facial lineaments?

In general conversation, the term facial features is more appropriate to use. Facial lineaments is a term usually used in poetic script or literature, and refers to a distinctive characteristic of the face; however, it is not commonly used in vocal conversation.---Do not use "facial lineaments." The word "lineaments" all by itself means "facial features."

In what facial features might one get a collagen injection?

Collagen injections are often used as facial fillers. Collagen injections are often done to the facial area, particularly around the eyes and on the forehead to reduce wrinkles.

What are the various features of macromedia Flash?

it is used to draw pictures and create animations

What kind of gum is used as glue?

'Gum arabic' is used in many 'lickable' glue applications, and sometimes in theatrical make-up for sticking moustaches and other facial features on temporarily.

Is facial a verb?

No, facial can be used as a noun or an adjective but not as a verb.

What is an example of something?

A pencil is an example of a tool that can be used to draw lines on paper.

What was snail jelly used for in medieval times?

it was used as a facial cream or facial wash. gross i know

What is image analysis used for?

Image analysis takes meaningful information from images and interprets it. It can be used to do many diverse things, such as reading bar codes, analyzing medical images or identifying people from their facial features.

What does it mean by the saying draw the line?

The phrase to 'draw the line' is used when someone wants to end a topic, or set a limit to something, as to acknowledge that a limit has been reached.

When something Has certain features to help it do a certain job?

an organ used to digest and absorb food