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What is special about poop?


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Poop comes out brown. It is how the body releases uneeded meterials.


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A poop commando is a United Special Forces Agent (USFA) that specializes in PBO's, or POOP BASED OPERATIONS.

because it gives them a special vitman they need that we can't give them

There are special harnesses with bags that can be attached to the guide dog's behind and they can poop straight into the bag. However, fresh dog poop is usually quite warm; and if the visually impaired person has their hand in a bag, they can feel for the warmth of the poop and pick it up that way.

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Tidy, sweep, dust, organize, clean, swipe, wash, mop, polish, vacuum.

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poop(English)- GloriaAnswerYou can say poop in English like poop (poop). The term originates in Poop Land, the land of the people who worship the Poop God, the god who brings poop to the poop race after they eat. The color of the Poop People's skin was that of dark chocolate, so the poop god praised the people by giving them dark brown poop. If the people disobeyed, the Poop God would give them discolored poop (red, green, blue, yellow, ect, ect.) Answeryou say it like "poop" Answeryou say it like "poop"

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Move it's poop to the place where you want it to poop. Move it's poop to the place where you want it to poop.

If they did not poop they would vomet poop out and you would eat it

Because it is hard to get the poop out, so you sweat when you poop.

its because they are looking for a place to poop so they smell other poop to know were they poop

poop is the food the body can't digest. therefore yes you can poop food.........poop is food and it can digest into the digestive system and turns it into poop.

They poop for the same reason that we poop and all other animals poop. They have to get rid of the waste products of their digestion.

One difference is that dog poop dries out in the sun, while cat poop does not.

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University poop, collage poop. Similar poop.

if you have a gas or liquid you do not have poop . poop is a solid

Geckos do not poop a lot they poop about every other day.

They go poop where ever they feel like going poop.

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