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Believe I've heard that it represents sails of ships in abstract way.

What is so special about the Sydney Opera House is that it had several different architects working on it throughout its construction when it was first started it ran out of money this happened a couple of times as this went so did the original architects. Plans therefore changed, so did the face of the building. There are more than a few walled off rooms not accessible to anyone due to changes in plans and architect that is what is so special about the Sydney opera house. This is not a well know or advertised fact.

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Why is the opera house famous?

The Sydney Opera House is a very unique building. The architecture is amazing.

Why is the sydney opera house called the sydney opera house?

the sydney opera house is called the sydney opera house because opera is song in the building and because of its great views.

What is performed at the Sydney Opera House?

Opera is performed in the Sydney Opera House

What is the name of the opera house in Sydney?

Sydney Opera House.

Which Australian city has The Opera House at Bennelong Point?

Sydneyas it is known as the sydney opera houseThe Sydney Opera House.

Where in Australia is the opera house?

The Opera House is known as the Sydney Opera House; therefore, it is in Sydney.

Opera House of Sydney Australia?

The Sydney Opera House Benelong point Sydney.

Why was the Sydney Opera House constructed?

The Sydney Opera House was to be home to Opera Australia, the Sydney Theatre Company and the Sydney Symphony.

What is famous in Sydney Australia?

The opera house, very distinctive for its architecture and prominent on the city skyline.

Who uses the Sydney Opera House?

who uses the sydney opera house

Why is the Sydney Opera House a special place to Australia?

The Sydney Opera House is a special place to Australians because it is an iconic building they are proud of. it reminds many of the freedom of the ocean thanks to its shell-like shape.

What is the Sydney Opera House mainly made out of?

How big is the Sydney Opera House?

When was Sydney Opera House created?

Sydney Opera House was created in 1973.

Where exactly is the Sydney opera house?

The Sydney Opera House sits on Bennelong Point, Sydney, Australia.

What position of Sydney is the Opera House located?

The Sydney Opera House is located at Bennelong Point in Sydney.

What city is the sydney of opera house?

If your question is "In which city is the Sydney Opera House?" I guess the answer is Sydney, Australia...

What is the importance of the Sydney Opera house in Australia and the World?

That depends on the appreciation of the individual The Sydney opera house is a truly original piece of Architecture. In the days when it was being built it was described as the Sydney white elephant yet now it is described as a mayor part of the character of Sydney harbour.

Where sydny opera house?

Sydney Opera is located Sydney >:) at Sydney harbour

What does the sydney opera house look like?

the sydney opera house is a..................... figure it out yourself :]

How many Sails on the Sydney Opera House?

sydney opera house has 8 sails

What is Sydney Opera House built on?

Sydney Opera House is built on Bennelong Point.

Who disgined the sydney opera house?

Jorn Utzon designed the Sydney opera house

What is the name of the opera house?

The name of the opera house is The Sydney Opera House

Why is the opera house in Sydney?

The Sydney Opera House was built by the government of New South Wales of which Sydney is the capital.

What country is the sydney opera house on?

The Sydney Opera House is situated in Bennelong Point in Sydney harbor in Australia.