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the male seahorse gives birth instead of the female :D

the female gives birth but the male carries the baby seahorses in a pouch at the front like a kangaroo XD


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A male seahorse is a male seahorse.

The unusual thing is that the male looks after the babies.

The male seahorse is given the eggs from the female seahorse, stores them in s special pouch and guards them until the eggs hatch.

The male seahorse has a special pouch on the back. The female puts her eggs in to the pouch for the male to fertilise and to look after until the young hatch and can leave the pouch.

The seahorse is a unique type of fish. One of its characteristics that make it so special is that the male of the species is the one who gets pregnant. The male has a pouch where the female places her eggs. The male seahorse carries and nurtures the eggs until they are born, which can take between thirty to fifty days. They are the only creatures under the sea the looks like a horse, they are also kind of small so...... this is what i think makes the seahorse so special

Something special about a seahorse is that a seahorse has a snout like a vacuum.

The male seahorse has the baby

the dad or male seahorse

The female seahorse transfers her eggs to the male which he self-fertilises in his pouch.

you cant breed a seahorse

It is the male seahorse that takes the eggs from the female and incubates them in a special sac. The young seahorses hatch and are looked after by the male.

It is the male seahorse that keeps the eggs in a special pouch, until the young are strong enough to hatch out.

The Latin name for seahorse is Hippocampus.

Yes the female seahorse can't have babies!!

You don't really have to have a male seahorse if you have a female sea horse but if you want to have little baby sea horses you can have a male sea horse. If i were you i would want a male sea horse for company for the female.

what are the male seahorse called

The male places the fertilized eggs from the female and put them into a special pouch on his body. There they stay until they hatch and swim out of the pouch.

The female seahorse has an ovipositor like most fish, and she passes the eggs to the male by inserting it into his pouch opening. This is done as the seahorse pair rises in the water column for the egg transfer.

The female seahorses give them to the male seahorse.

No, she lays them in the water and the male gathers them up in his mouth and blows them into his pouch.

A female seahorse is called a seamare. A male seahorse is called a seastallion.

No. He actually tends the eggs while they are gestating.

It is the female giraffe, as a mammal, that carries the developing baby and gives birth.As the category is seahorse, it is the male seahorse that carries the eggs in a special pouch until hatching and grow big enough to exit the male's pouch and be independent.

when the seahorses are mating the female seahorse puts about 1500 eggs into the male seahorses pouch. The male seahorse carries the eggs for 4 to 45 days and then releases the seahorses into the water and leaves them.

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