Stamp Collecting (Philately)

What is stamp?

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it is something youput on a letter.

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Is an h stamp a forever stamp?

No, it is not a Forever Stamp.

What is your stamp worth 42 or 44 cents?

The stamp-postage value of a stamp is visible on the front of the stamp.

What is non judicial stamp?

Postal stamp is non-judicial stamp.

Is a six pence stamp worth anything?

The value of a six pence stamp will depend on the year of the stamp, and the condition of the stamp.

What was the stamp act and what things were taxed under this act?

the stamp act is when they told you that a stamp a certain stamp had to be on absolutely everything.

What is a tax stamp?

the stamp act is when people where chared tax to buy a stamp

How much is a stamp in the US?

A stamp is 44 cents for a First Class stamp.

Is stamp a short vowel?


Can you triple stamp a double stamp?


Where can you find the 61 cent stamp?

The Post Office. Stamp Collectors. Stamp Dealers.

What is the prepositional phrase in don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope?

on the envelope.

Is stamp a noun?

Yes, the word 'stamp' is both a noun (stamp, stamps) and a verb (stamp, stamps, stamping, stamped).Examples:I put a stamp on the enveloped and sent it on its way. (noun)I watched him stamp my account book as Paid in Full! (verb)

Is a first class stamp the same thing as a forever stamp?

A first-class stamp is not the same as a forever stamp. A forever stamp holds the value of a first-class stamp regardless of how often the rate for first-class postage has increased. A first-class stamp only holds its face value.

What is a Bill stamp?

A Canadian revenue stamp.

What is the stamp for sterling silver?

925 is the stamp

What does Germany stamp mean?

A stamp from Germany.

What is the value of a one cent stamp from 1929?

Depends on the country, what 1c stamp it is and the condition of the stamp.

Do you have to put a new stamp on returned mail?

if the stamp is not cancelled you can resend it without another stamp

What was on the first Christmas stamp?

Canada issued the first stamp referred to as a Christmas Stamp. It was the map issue of 1898 and said XMAS 1898 on the stamp.

What is the other name for stamp collection?

There are a few names used for a stamp collection. The most common one is a stamp philatelic. A few other names that people use are stamp sets and stamp books.

Where was the first Christmas stamp issued?

Canada issued the first stamp referred to as a Christmas Stamp. It was the map issue of 1898 and said XMAS 1898 on the stamp.

What is the Margaret Mitchell Stamp worth?

The worth of a Margaret Mitchell stamp will depend on the condition of the stamp. On average, one stamp is only worth $1. 00.

Which president was an avid stamp collecter?

Franklin Roosevelt was on of the great stamp collectors. In fact just this year, France came out with a stamp honoring him as a stamp collector.

How do you find the year on a stamp?

There may not be a year printed on the stamp. You can consult a stamp catalog and identify the stamp. The entry will show the date of issue including the year.

How much is a penny purple stamp worth?

There isn't any stamp that is called a penny purple. You need to describe the stamp - include country and if you can date and what is on the stamp.

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