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It's a solid because you can hold it in your bare hands.

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Q: What is state of calcium?
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What state is calcium in at 25 degrees?

Calcium is in a solid state at 25 degrees.

What is Ca element to its oxidation state.?

The oxidation state of calcium is +2.

What is the state of matter of calcium?

i didnt ask what calcium is

What is he state of matter of calcium?

Calcium is a solid metal.

What is the oxidation state of nitrogen in calcium nitride?

Nitrogen is in the 3- oxidation state in calcium nitride.

What is the state of matter calcium hydride is in?

Calcium Hydride is a solid.

What is the electrical charge on a calcium ion?

Calcium in its neutral state is denoted as Ca. Calcium in its oxidation state have +2 charge on it. The charged ion of calcium can be represented as Ca+2 .

What is the state of calcium at room temperature?

solid state

Natural state of calcium?


Which state of matter is calcium?


What is the physical state of calcium?


Calcium oxide state?

Solid! :)

What is the oxidation state of Calcium?


State of matter of calcium?


What is the state of calcium carbonate?

it is a solid

What state of matter is calcium in?


State of calcium at room temperature?

Calcium is solid at room temperature.

Calcium state of matter?

Calcium, Ca, naturally occurs in the solid phase.

What is the element calcium's natural state?

Like most elements, calcium is a solid.

Why calcium can conduct electricity either in solid or molten state?

Calcium is a metal.

What is the only oxidation state for calcium?

+2 oxidation state

What is that oxidation state for calcium ions?

+2 Oxidation state

What is the electron configuration of calcium in its excited state?

The electron configuration of calcium is [Ar]4s2.

What is the final oxidation state of calcium after reaction?

The oxide CaO (calcium valence is 2+).

Why can't calcium carbonate exist in a liquid state nor in the gaseous state?

At high temperature calcium carbonate (CaCO3) is decomposed in calcium oxide (CaO) and carbon dioxide (CO2).