What is stitch n tear?

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stitch and tear is a type of fabric structure used in textiles.

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Q: What is stitch n tear?
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What is stitch 'n' tear used for in sewing?

stitch n tear is a fabric used for applique

What is stitch 'n' tear?

stitch and tear is a type of fabric structure used in textiles.

How do your cure a tear in the foot?

stitch it

How-to repair a tear in a pair of trousers?

Stitch it up or use a iron-on patch, but do it from the inside.

What is the meaning of the saying 'a stitch in time saves nine'?

The idea is that if you repair a tear in clothing as soon as it happens, you might fix it with one stitch of thread, but if you wait, it will tear more and you will end up using ten stitches to fix it. And so it is in general with things that need to be done--often if you do it promptly, it saves work in the long run.

What are the different kinds of stitches?

Stitches: *Running stitch *Back stitch *Outline stitch *Basting Stitch *Slip Stitch *Whipped Running Stitch *Chain Stitch *Open Chain Stitch *Broken Chain Stitch *Satin Stitch *Seed Stitch *Fly Stitch *Cross Stitch *Feather Stitch *Hemming Bone Stitch *Overcasting Stitch *Long & Short stitch *Zigzag Stitch *Blanket Stitch *Y stitch *Herring bone Stitch

How do you stitch sari blouse?

There are many types of sari blouse. To stitch a sari blouse perfection in stitching n experience required. To stitch a sari blouse one can follow a sewing instruction book or can follow a CD for learning n stitching instructions of a sari blouse. For more details please visit

When was Stitch by Stitch created?

Stitch by Stitch was created in 2010-06.

What are the kinds of hand sewing stitches?

There are about 22 different hand sewing stitches. Among them are hemming stitch, running stitch, slip stitch, whip stitch, blanket stitch, basting stitch, chain stitch, cross-stitch, darning stitch, and overcast stitch.

What is combination stitch?

Is a type of stitch that has a combination of running stitch and back stitch .:)

What are the different kinds of decorative stitches?

Blanket Stitch , Chain stitch ,Cross stitch, Feather stitch, Padding or satin stitch, Herringbone stitch

What are different kinds of stitches?

running stitch, cross stitch. back stitch, chain , french knot, stem stitch, the slip stitch, the button hole stitch and then the whip stitch

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