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What is stock reserve?

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Many a times, it so happens that a manufacturer, consignor or a head office does not directly engage in selling its products. It instead sends or consigns the goods to a profit centre--a dedicated centre for selling its products. The profit centre in case of a consignor is a consignee and in the case of a head office, its branch or retail outlet. Now when the principal sends the goods to the profit centre, it issues/transfers the goods at a price which is higher than the cost of production of those goods. This price is generally called Invoice Price (I.P.) and this is the value at which the branch/consignor records the receipt of the same. When the branch sells these goods it sells at a price greater than the I.P. thus earning a profit which has two components-- # The mark up on the cost of production (i.e., the difference between the I.P. and the cost of production), and # The profit made by the branch/consignee (i.e., the difference between seeling price of the branch and I.P.) At the end of the accounting period, any stock is lying unsold with the branch/consignee is having the value of I.P. (at which the head office/consignor had issued the goods). But as per AS-2, inventory can only be valued at cost or NRV, whichever is lower. The excess mark-up on the value of the goods needs to be removed as that is unrealised profit. This unrealised profit is given a name in accountancy - STOCK RESERVE.

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Example of stock and reserve resources?

example of stock reserves

Federal Reserve System what percentage of stock ownership represents a controlling shareholder?

Only banks can own stock in the Federal Reserve banks. However, this stock ownership does not provide the members banks with any control over what the Federal Reserve system does. Any bank that wants to become a member of the Federal Reserve Bank within their Federal Reserve District must invest a certain percentage of their capital in Federal Reserve stock. The Federal Reserve will pay dividends on this stock but banks do not become controlling shareholders as a result of these investments. The individual Federal Reserve banks are controlled (for lack of a better term) by the boards of directors of the Federal Reserve banks and by the board of governors in Washington, D.C.

What is short reserve in the stock market?

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How did the federal reserve contribute to weakness in the stock market?


What is the difference between reserve and stock?

STOCK: materials in the environment which have the potential to satisfy human needs but human beings do not have the appropriate technology to access these. RESERVE: the subset of the stock, which can be put into use with the help of existing technical 'know-how' but their use has not been started. These can be used for meeting future requirements. Posted by Gaurav Gautam...(student)

What size is the banshee gas tank?

According to the Clymer manual a stock Banshee tank holds: 3.17 U.S. Gallons Total with a .66 reserve 12 Liters with a 2.5 reserve 2.64 Imp. Gallons with a .55 reserve.

What does reserve mean?

Reserve n.# Finance. # something kept or stored for use or need; stock: a reserve of food. # a resource not normally called upon but available if needed. # a tract of public land set apart for a special purpose: a forest reserve. # an act of reserving; reservation, exception, or qualification: I will do what you ask, but with one reserve. # Military.

What does the Federal Reserve Bank of New York do to decrease the amount of stock purchased on margin?

Buy Back

What are the four major financial regulators of India?

Securities and Exchange Board of IndiaNational Stock ExchangeBombay Stock Exchange (BSE)Reserve Bank of India

What is the Accounting Journal Entry for Excess Inventory Reserve?

you take it in the closing stock .. it means that you have already added with in closing stock .. therefore you are closing stock reduce ... so excess stock entry will be made directly for the purpose of balance sheet. you are give this effect on it stock sheet only..

How did government policies contribute to the Stock Market Crash of 1929?

The Federal Reserve speeding the growth of the money supply

What is the definition of 'Buy in'?

The exact definition of 'buy in' is to buy back for the owner at or below the reserve price. This generally means you are paying the stock price or below but purchasing the stock directly from a person.

What industry did the federal reserve act mainly affect-?

The Federal Reserve Act mainly affected the financial institutions across America. It also affected the bankers, lenders, credit bureaus, and especially the stock markets.

What has been the results of stock performance newsletters?

Stock performance newsletters usually result in people buying, selling, or trading their stocks based on what they read in the newsletter. On an overall basis, stock performance newsletters under perform major stock induces. This is based on long term studies by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

Is capital reserve a free reserve?

capital reserve is not a free reserve

What part of speech is reserve?

Reserve is a noun (the reserve) and a verb (to reserve).

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It takes about 2/3 days. It takes a while.

Is Littlebigplanet 2 collectors edition still for sale?

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What were the causes and effects of the great depression?

the causes were people over speculated, the federal reserve, and tariffs. the effects were over speculated-this caused the stock prises to rise son high that everyone tried to sell their stock at once and the stock market crashed. the federal reserve-they didnt do their job right and let banks loan more money than they were supposed to, they didnt check on the banks as much as they were supposed to tariffs-the federal reserve raised tariffs on goods coming from foreign countries and the foreign co9untries did the same thing so no one was able to sell in foreign countries

Why did the federal reserve try to regulate margin loans and why were its efforts only partly successful?

The Federal Reserve tried to regulate margin loans to gain control of margin requirements for stocks bought on margin. Regulation T gives the Federal Reserve the authority to change the percentage of the initial margin requirement for margin stock. Since 1974 the Federal Reserve has not deemed it necessary to adjust the margin requirement

If the Federal Reserve Board decides there is a danger of inflation due to excessive speculation of the stock exchanges it may raise the margin requirements?


The Federal Reserve Board decides there is a danger of inflation due to excessive speculation of the stock exchanges it may raise the margin requirements?

monetary policy

What are synonyms for fund?

Account. reserve, stock, supply, store, collection, pool money, capital, cash, finance, means, savings, resources, assets

Is revaluation reserve a capital reserve?

Yes...revaluation reserve is a part of capital reserve.

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