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Strategy is a plan. You create a plan and a way to execute this plan. Strategy is used to accomplish something. Strategies can be short or long term.

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What are the adjectives to describe a strategy?

Good strategy, bad strategy, well-defined strategy, outdated strategy, coherent strategy, sophisticated strategy, aggressive strategy...

How can strategy affect strategy?

if your strategy is affecting strategy itself then the strategy is not worth implementing

Who implements strategy?

it is obvious that strategy makers implements the strategy they made, strategy makers can lead the strategy to a level of succession.

What are different types of business strategy?

There are several different types of business strategies that include acquisition strategy and competitive strategy. Other types of strategy are cost strategy, niche strategy, and growth strategy.

What is aligning compensation strategy with HR strategy and business strategy?

aligning compensation strategy with hr strategy and business strategy would simply mean that the designing of a company's compensation strategy should be in such a way that it should support its HR as well as business strategy.

What is a sentence for strategy?

Ramone had a well-researched strategy. Having a strategy is important. Ted used a time-tested strategy. The strategy is to stay on course.

What is a fallback strategy?

Fallback strategy is like a deactivation strategy. planb

What is deliberate strategy?

Deliberate strategy is a strategy that is made intentionally by an organization so as to achieve its intended strategy or final goals.

Who manufactured Strategy power tools?

Strategy manufactures Strategy power tools. Strategy power tools were sold by QVC.

What is comaign strategy?

what is compaign strategy?

What is production strategy?

What is production strategy?

What was the confederate strategy?

Their strategy was to win.

Different forms of strategic management?

There are a number of forms of strategic management. Some of these include strategy as a plan, strategy as pattern, strategy as position, strategy as ploy, as well as strategy as perspective.

What is a jump-strategy?

Jump Strategy is when you jump by parts of a number to figure out a calculation.

What is the different between strategy and tactics?

Strategy: careful planning Tactics: the use of strategy

What is pepsico corporate level strategy?

Pepsico's corporate level strategy is expansion strategy.

What are strategy implementation?

How can a firm implement this Strategy.

Interaction is a key characteristic of politics-power-policy-or-strategy?


What problems did this strategy cause between Athens?

It would certainly help if we knew what strategy "this strategy" was.

Is an mmorpg considered a game of strategy on the MyMajors test?

The game is considered a game of strategy. It is a game of real time strategy and turn-based strategy.

What is the difference between a turnover strategy and a conversion strategy?

Turnover strategy would be a complete redo and a conversion strategy would just need a few chamges.

What is pepsico's business-level strategy?

Pepsico's business level strategy is cost leadership strategy.

Can you give a sentence using the word strategy?

The army always has a strategy! or... The game of chess requires strategy!

Why is strategy important in management?

strategy is to solve the problem: where we are? where want to go? And how we get there? Without the strategy, aimless in management.

Which multinational strategy molex pursues?

transnational strategy