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A strategy is an organizations plan to achieve its mission - which is the purpose for the organizations existence. The development process involves three conceptual ways in which firms achieve their missions: * Differentiation * Cost Leadership * Response Effective strategies are also developed through proper evaluation of a S.W.O.T. analysis to gain competitive advantage

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Q: What is strategy development process?
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What are the four phases of the innovation process?

strategy development, ideation, evaluation, and implementation

What are the components of the investment process?

1. investor characteristics 2. investment vehicles 3. strategy development 4. strategy implementation 5. strategy monitoring

Why is core competency important for international strategy?

Core competency Facilitates strategy development, Encourages innovation, Enforces selection and recruitment process.

What is a Strategy that creates new products for present markets?

market strategy development and trhe whole pocess of new product is known as new product develpment process

What is the recruitment process in multinational companies?

it is the process of planing,strategy and development as well as searching for a pool of potential candiates to fill a vacant post on international level.

What is growth centered development?

Growth centred development is a strategy in development that regards economic growth as the most important goal of development. More attention, therefore, is focused on the objectives of the economy because the well-being of the society is dependent on it.On the other hand, People centred development places people at the centre of the development process. This strategy empower people and strengthen their capacity to sustain themselves.

How a willing learner strategy can be helpful in learning process?

how a willing learner strategy helpful in learning process

How do line managers become owners of the strategy?

by participating in its development and understanding how the resulting strategy was determined.

How do line managers become owner of the strategy?

by participating in its development and understanding how the resulting strategy was determined.

What is Operation strategy about new product development?


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