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A stray is an animal that doesn't have a home; a cur is a dog of undetermined lineage, or a mutt.

Also there are two regional breeds of dogs that have "cur" as part of their names: Black-mouthed Cur (Resembles "Old Yeller" in the movie) and Mountain Cur (black with tan feet).

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no its a stray cur

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What is a sentence for cur?

Hey Mom, what is a cur?

what is a black mouthed cur?

ok it is a black mouthed cur

Cur in a sentence?

I was bitten by a cur

What is the Latin translation of cur?

'Cur' means 'why...?'

What does Cur mean in Latin?

Cur means why.

What is the meaning of the root word CUR?

The definition of the actual word CUR will be displayed. A cur is a mongrel dog.

What does the root cur mean?

the root cur means "care for"

What does cur mean?

Cur refers to a dog. Fighting dogs that regress to growling rather than maintain calm are referred to as 'cur'

How can you make a sentence with cur?

How dare you call my beautiful dog a cur!

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The duration of The Prussian Cur is 1.17 hours.

What is a sentence with the word stray?

Stray dogs often bark. stray luggage can have explosives in it.

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you would do cur like in cur-ve. and then few like there are a few ppl.

What are black mouth cur dogs used for?

black mouth cur dogs are used for hunting.

What is a cur is it a dog?

'Cur' is another word for 'dog', but it isn't used anymore, except in insults.

What is the meaning of the dog breed cur?

The term 'cur' does not refer to a breed of dog. Cur is used to describe a mixed breed dog or, in the US, it is used to refer to a hunting dog.

What breed of dog is Old Yeller?

Black Mouth Cur In the book/film it was a fictional mountain cur.

What are words with the root word cur?

The root word cur means run. One example is occur.

Is a cur a type of a dog?

"Cur" means "dog" actually, but it isn't really a popularly used word these days.

What does the root word cur mean?

Cur refers to a dog of mixed breed. Typically used as a slur or with derogatory connotations.

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Yes, a mongrel.

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