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There is really no answer. AP or AD strength is determined by the champions abilities and if they adopt AP or AD points. For example, mages require AP and melee and ranged champions require AD.

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Q: What is stronger ap or ad on league of legends?
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What are runes in league of legends?

its some runes for ad and ap and magic regists and more

Is the answer always karthus?

That depends on the question, but if you need a Deathsinger, Karthus is the most picked AP mid in the League of Legends online game.

Is Cs good in league of legends?

Cs means creep score in league of legends. Cs is bad, most people meant it as low number of minion kills. >> In the context of CS'ing (i say creep stealing), do not take creeps from your carries if you are not either an AD carry or AP carry But if you're referring to farming minions, yes, it is good for sure. When is having a larger income than your enemy team a bad thing in League?

What is a good build for Lux in League of Legends?

as a mid build ap. i.e rabadaans deathcap and etc. and a zonyas hourglass. also build boots of magic pen (sorcers)

What is sion's build league of legends?

He can either build AP (utilizing a combo of Cryptic Gaze and his exploding shield, which although wicked early-mid game, can hurt a lot late game as he is without an ultimate [that is useful]) or AD (utilizing a combo of Cryptic Gaze, his empowered axe and his ultimate with a support of his exploding shield)

In league of legends do you build evelynn dps or ap?

It's depends on what people like, but I prefer mine as an AP so that I can take advantage of the Q skill, which can proc the Lich Bane every 3 sec and with AP her E skill also get a huge boost in damage. Also there are so many +HP item in the AP build rather than the dps build.

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LaRon Landry, Or AP/AD

What is the suffix or prefix for appease?

The prefix in the word appease is ap-, a variation of ad- meaning "to."

Can you buy S4 League AP items and sell it for Pen?


Who is the best running in NFL?

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How much is ap in s4 league?

its usually 5 $ for 55 but the sales are 2$ for 60

Were can you buy S4 League AP?

There is an " Upload AP" or "Top-Up" button on the alaplaya website somewhere. Press it after you log in with your account information and follow the directions provided.

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