What is sudoku?

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Sudoku is a puzzle with 9 rows and columns. The rows/columns are divided into 9 3x3 squares (you'll notice the bold lines; those are the things that separate the 3x3 squares.) that are indicated in bold lines. There are many kinds of sudoku. Sudoku was originally called Number Place.

It originated in Japan, hence the name, and was a challenge similar to crossword puzzles, which don't work well with kanji.

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Q: What is sudoku?
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Where can you copy a sudoku from?

You can generate your own sudoku's at The Teacher's Corner under "printable sudoku's."

What part of speech is sudoku?

Sudoku is a noun.

Are there statistics on Sudoku?

there is no real satistics to a sudoku so unluky the are many ways to do a sudoku

Where can one play Sudoku online?

There are many game sites that offer one the opportunity to play the game of Sudoku online. Some of these sites are "YouPlay", "Web Sudoku", and "Sudoku Kingdom".

What is pyramid sudoku?

Pyramid sudoku is a regular sudoku board with shaded areas. Not only does one need to complete the regular sudoku, but the shaded areas can only have 1-9 as well.

When was Zen of Sudoku created?

Zen of Sudoku was created in 2006.

When did Zen of Sudoku happen?

Zen of Sudoku happened in 2006.

When did Sudoku Gridmaster happen?

Sudoku Gridmaster happened in 2006.

When did Buku Sudoku happen?

Buku Sudoku happened in 2006.

When was Rubik's Sudoku created?

Rubik's Sudoku was created in 2006.

When did leonhard euler invent sudoku?

It doesn't look as if Euler was involved with the invention of Sudoku.

Where could someone play Sudoku daily?

For those who love to play Sudoku daily then it may be worth checking out some online websites that offer Sudoku play 24 hours per day. Sites that offer Sudoko play are Yahoo games, Daily Sudoku and Sudoku Saviour. All these sites and more offer Sudoku daily play.

Where can one play suduko on the web?

There are several places where one can play sudoku online. Some interactive online sudoku websites include Web Sudoku, Sudoku Saviour, and You Play. Sudoku puzzles can also be printed out and completed by hand, and these types of puzzles can also be found on these websites.

Where can you find sudoku online?

Lovers of sudoku can visit the BrainBashers website where they can find daily sudoku games. Billions of free sudoku can also be found on Websudoku. This is unlimited and can be played on all devices such as android or Ipad.

Who invented sudoku?

Leonhard Euler is widely acknolwedged as the father of Sudoku

What is a good single player problem solving game?

Sudoku (: Sudoku (:

Where might one find free Sudoku downloads?

One might find free Sudoku downloads by going to the Web Sudoku website. The website has both online Sudoku games to play as well as downloadable games.

In which site sudoku contest or sudoku reward points is available?

the site presents a monthly sudoku contest, the next will be held tomorow 16 May. 2 hours to solve 13 variants of sudoku gabriele

What is the hardest sudoku puzzel?

The puzzle known as "Al Escargot" (the snail) is currently considered the hardest Sudoku puzzle. It was created by a Finnish mathematician called Arto Inkala. One of the hardest Sudoku books available is "Extreme Sudoku" by Antoine Alary, not to be confused with "X-TREME Sudoku" by Nikoli & Co. or "Sudoku Xtreme" by Christopher Monckton, which are both an order of magnitude easier.

How many Sudoku questions are on WikiAnswers?

There are over 800 Sudoku FAQ on WikiAnswers.

How do you read sudoku puzzles?

You don't read sudoku puzzles so much as do them.

When did Essential Sudoku DS happen?

Essential Sudoku DS happened in 2006.

When was Sudoku Gridmaster created?

Sudoku Gridmaster was created on 2006-03-23.

When was Buku Sudoku created?

Buku Sudoku was created on 2008-05-28.

Who is the first champion of sudoku?

Not sure there is such a thing, actually. Sudoku has been around for a long time. Check it out: