What is sugar rush?

Or, we can now look at the facts behind said "Sugar Rush".

A sugar rush, or sugar high, is supposedly marked by the consumption of too much sweet foods. There is no scientific explanation as to how sugar could, in any way possible, cause any sort of energy to an individual. Glucose... well, I'll copy and paste some Glucose information:

"Glucose (a type of simple carbohydrate/sugar) is necessary for the body to function properly. In fact, several parts of your body (e.g., red blood cells and parts of the brain) can function ONLY using glucose as an energy source. In addition, glucose is chemically a part of sucrose (table sugar)...and is released when sucrose is digested (broken apart) in the human digestive tract. Glucose can be directly absorbed into the blood and reaches the internal organs quite quickly. So, if your body wasn't maintaining some minimum level of blood glucose, it is, in theory, conceivable that eating sugar-containing foods might produce a 'sugar high'...a feeling of increased energy."

Obviously, this is not the case with any of the Americans proclaiming that they are/have experienced a sugar rush. That's just a small idea of what some may conceive as a sugar rush for people with sugar problems. A child that is often absorbing large quantities of sugar is not going to suffer any sort of deficiency from sugar.

Bottom line, sugar rushes are a myth that is yet to be confirmed. It's what many would know better as The Placebo Effect. By eating something one believes is plentiful in sugar content, and at the same time subconsciously believing that sugar causes energy, one would (and clearly do), feel as though they have more energy. It's how placebo works. I will avoid going into it's legitimacy, though, as this is simply an explanation of what a sugar rush is. It's realism is not to be debated here.

well the above is true and everything, but i have had sugar rush, it is like being drunk, but when your drunk or high u have hallucinations and whatever. you can do some pretty dangerous and risky stuff. when you have sugar rush, its like being happy drunk. you know, when your kind of loopy and silly. its just a lot of extra energy. a lot of fun most of the time. unfortunately like when you are drunk, you have a hangover. after the sugar is all worn out, you get headaches, stomachaches and you feel really tried. don;t get sugar rush too often, that much sugar is unhealthy. try to keep sugar rushes to childish parties and Halloween.