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What is suya?

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In Spanish, "suya" is a possessive adjective for the third person, like saying "of his" or "of hers".

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When was Obalende Suya Express Restaurant created?

Obalende Suya Express Restaurant was created in 1987.

Suya oothavi kulu in Tamil same as English word?

suya=self oothavi=help kulu=team

Best food in Nigeria?

the best food is suya

How do you say his forever in Spanish?

Suya para siempre.

How do you say send me a picture of you in spanish?

Envíeme una foto suyaEnvíenme una foto suyaEnvíame una foto tuyaEnviadme una foto vuestra.

Ano ang kahulugan ng suyang suya?

ewan ko

What actors and actresses appeared in Suya Yazilan Tarih - 2011?

The cast of Suya Yazilan Tarih - 2011 includes: Altay Doyum as Altay Doyum Burak Ersemiz as Burak Ersemiz Berk Or as Berk Or

How can do suya mariyathai marriage?

Suya Mariyathai Tirumanam (Self Respect Marriage) can only be done in Tamilnadu. You can visit The site has details like address and phone number of Periyar Self -Respect Marriage Bureau, Chennai. They will guide you.

De nada yo quiero una suya?

You´re welcome, I want one of yours.

How do you pronounce 'her' in Spanish?

Su / sus / suyo / suyos / suya / suyas (de ella)

How do you say can my daughter play with your daughter in spanish?

¿Mi hija puede jugar con la suya / tuya / vuestra?

How do you say i want to see a picture of you in spanish?

Quisiera ver una foto *suya / tuya / vuestra. * De usted o ustedes.

What has the author Anthony Seeger written?

Anthony Seeger has written: 'Guide to Programs in Ethnomusicology in the Unite d States and Canada' 'Why Suya Sing'

What has the author Enis Batur written?

Enis Batur has written: 'Suya seng' 'La pomme' 'Elma' 'Kulak' 'Kara mizah antolojisi' 'Alternatif' 'Dense'

How do you write happy thanksgiving from our house to your in spanish?

"Te deseamos feliz día de Acción de Gracias de nuestra casa a la tuya" (singular, informal) "Os nuestra casa a la vuestra" (plural, informal) "Le nuestra casa a la suya" (singular, formal) "Les nuestra casa a la suya" (plural, formal)

What movie and television projects has Suya Wang been in?

Suya Wang has: Played Steelworker Jinhua in "Wu duo Jinhua" in 1959. Played Ling Yanzi in "Hai shang ming zhu" in 1976. Played Li Jinfeng in "Jue lie" in 1976. Performed in "Ah Q zheng zhuan" in 1982. Played Ye Zhi in "Hai shang sheng ming yue" in 1983. Played Mother Ding in "You yuan" in 1984.

What kind of food do they eat in lagos?

Jollof riceSwallows pounded yam, eba, amala, groundriceSuya/asunShawarmaAsaroAkaraMoi moiGaariGroundnutFried riceplantain

How do you say all his in spanish?

There are four different ways: (Feminine singular object) es toda suya. (Masculine singular object) es todo suyo. (Feminine plural object) son todas suyas. (Masculine plural object) son todos suyos. Examples: The dog is all his. = El perro es todo suyo. The trash is all his. = La basura es toda suya. The palm trees are all his. = Las palmas son todas suyas. The cats are all his. = Los gatos son todos suyos. I hope I helped!

What actors and actresses appeared in Anchor Baby - 2010?

The cast of Anchor Baby - 2010 includes: Rachael Ancheril as ICE Agent Labinsky Tara Beier as Immigrant Factory Worker Mark Cassius as Attorney John Rogdougougan Barbara de la Fuente as Maria Rosario Cyrus Faird as Rosario Gary Fischer as Male Immigration Officer Sofia Gian as Clinic Receptionist Jeremy Hood as Suya Restaurant Customer Bunmi Jubril as Suya Waiter Alaba Jubril as Suya Waitress Santiago Lopera as Joey Randy Murton as Male Airport Security Guard Omoni Oboli as Joyce Unanga Terri Oliver as Susan Backley Colin Paradine as Tim Warrington Preston McCalla as Uche Malachi Richards as Mailman Sam Sarpong as Paul Unanga Michael Scratch as ICE Agent Castello Joshua Teixeira as Chris

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The cast of Hai shang ming zhu - 1976 includes: Qiang Chen as Guo Laoda Shaokang Ding as Uncle Hai Suya Wang as Ling Yanzi

What actors and actresses appeared in Jue lie - 1976?

The cast of Jue lie - 1976 includes: Zhenqing Guo as Long Guozheng Suya Wang as Li Jinfeng Xiying Wen as Deputy Secretary Tang Zhan Xu as Xu Niuzai Zheng Zhang as Old Representative

What actors and actresses appeared in You yuan - 1984?

The cast of You yuan - 1984 includes: Yan Hua Chen as Zhou Quin Kai Min Guo as Ding Da Sen Tseng Shang as Dou Xiao Ho Suya Wang as Mother Ding Min Zhang as Ding Hui Yuan

What actors and actresses appeared in Xue ran tao hua shui - 1993?

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What actors and actresses appeared in Ah Q zheng zhuan - 1982?

The cast of Ah Q zheng zhuan - 1982 includes: Xi Chen as Candidate Bai Yikang Jin as The Fake Foreign Devil Yilan Ni as Zou Qi Sao Suya Wang Shunkai Yan as A Qiu Youyun Zhang as The Little Nun