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swat is a team of people that fight strong criminals violently.

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Q: What is swats?
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What is swats job outlook?

go to to do that

What do wasps use there sting for?

To protect themselves if someone swats at them

When a horse swats a fly with its tail the fly is a?

A horse fly

What is the component of exercise that's most often overlooked?


How can the law making process improve?

With more cops; pigs and swats

How can you tame your iguana evertime you get close he flares up and swats his tail at you?


What nicknames did Carl Sawatski go by?

Carl Sawatski went by Swish, Swisher, and Swats.

Is an Elephant's Tail helpful?


What are the release dates for Quick Draw McGraw - 1959 Elephant Boy Oh Boy Swats the Matter Doggone Dog Gone?

Quick Draw McGraw - 1959 Elephant Boy Oh Boy Swats the Matter Doggone Dog Gone was released on: USA: 27 February 1960

How much walking does it take to induce labor?

usually it takes about two and a half hours. well for me it did but u can also try to do swats and that will help

What episode of Hey Arnold is it when his grandma says We eat what we kill then swats a fly?

It was either Gerald Comes Over or Helga Blabs It All.

What is the most effective gun for swats?

I prefer the P90 sub-machine gun because it is accurate and has 50 rounds in one magazine. P90 Rocks!

Why does a house cat bite its owner in a calm environment?

Probably to attract attention. My cat swats my hand with his paws (claws retracted) when he wants attention.

How much Swats make an hour? You can check there, they make about as much as a Police Officer or Security... In the movie swat he said that they made 85,000 a year./

What does a cat do when it's unhappy?

twitches its tail to indicate moderate unhappinesshisses at what it believes is upsetting it as a warning to give it spaceswats with or without extending its claws

Do fraternity pledges get paddled?

2 Years ago in my fraternity they did. I got about 50 swats for my initiation week. Most brothers would still trade licks after initiation.

Is runner out if he misses touching home plate and catcher drops ball and runner swats it away?

Yes, runner cannot intentionally dislodge ball from fielders glove.

Can you unscramble these letters into two words - stwoasgh?

The word pairs include: saw ghost show tags wash togs shags two shot wags swats hog

How do you get pleasure from spanking yourself?

Give yourself a set routine full of painful swats

How do you spanking your kids?

Put them over your knee and give them a couple of swats with your open hand on thair bottom with underwear but be careful not to hit too hard and leave a mark. Never spank in anger.

When does change of possession occur in Ultimate Frisbee?

The possession changes when the defending team swats the disc to the ground or catches it. Also, if the offensive team drops the disc or throws it out of bounds or into the ground, then possession is changed.

What rhymes with shots?

bots, blots, cots, clots, dots, jots, knots, lots, pots, plots, rots, sots, Scots, slots, snots, spots, squats, swats, tots, trots, watts, yachts

What is the basketball goal tending rule?

if the shot is on the way down and a player swats the ball. also imagine the rim as a tube up to the ceiling, if the ball is in that cylinder on the rim and a player grabs the ball it is also goal tending.

What is the best way to dicipline a child?

It really depends on the parenting style. If the parent has a young child, then over the knee swats on the buttox can be used, or a time-out in the corner. For older kids, grounding, and sending to their room seems to work best.

Does getting a paddling in high school hurt?

The usual paddling consists of 2 to 4 hard swats administered to the clothed buttocks. Since the paddle is heavy, yes the punishment hurts very much and bruising is quite common.