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What is swl?

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The SWL stands for - Safe Working Load

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What does SWL mean in slang?

SWL means Safe Working Load

What do the initials SWL mean?

The initials SWL mean Safe Working Load

How do you calculate SWL?


What do the initials SWL?

Sean Walter Lopez

SWL for 10mm diameter wire rope?


Write an employment advertisement for a new systems analyst position at swl?


What is factor of safety in Crane load lifting?

If SLI is in operating condition then sLI itself will indicates that whether load is in safe mode. But if SLI is not working then one must be considered 40 % factor of safety of crane SWL and in SLI working condition it will be considered 20 % of its SWL.

How do you calculate swl of crane?

Cranes typically are designed with a FoS (Factor of Safety) of 5x the MBL (Minimum Breaking Load). So if the weakest part of the structure failed (e.g. in tension, compression or shear) at e.g. 100kN (10 metric tons), then the swl would be 10t / 5 = 2 tons

What is the SWL of FSWR?

Flexible steel wire rope (FSWR) To calculate the SWL in kilograms of FSWR square the rope diameter (D) in millimetres (mm) and multiply by 8. Formula: SWL (kg) = D2(mm) x 8 For example: Rope dia (D) = 12 mm SWL(kg) =D2 (mm)x8 = D (mm) x D (mm) x 8 = 12 x 12 x 8 = 1152 kg SWL (t) = 1.15 tonnes The above equation can be reversed to calculate the diameter (D) in millimetres of FSWR needed to lift a given load. To do this, divide the load (L) in kilograms by 8 and find the square root of the result. Formula: D(mm) = √L(kg) 8 For example: Load = 1152 kg D (mm) = √1152 ÷ 8 = √144 = 12 (mm) Therefore a FSWR sling of at least 12 mm in diameter is required to lift a 1152 kg load for a straight lift.

What has the author J C Gillespie written?

J. C. Gillespie has written: 'SWL address book' -- subject- s -: Directories, Shortwave radio stations

How do you calculate safe working load?

SWL = Ultimate (Breaking) Strength/Design (Safety) Factor Usually the safety factor used in lifting equipment is 5:1. Example: If you are using a 0.5" Improved Plow Wire Rope the ultimate strength is 11.5 tons. SWL = 11.5/5 = 2.3 tons The safety factor should go higher if there is possibility of injury or death. Example: Elevators use a 20:1 safety factor.

Can short wave listening be done on a radio scanner?

No. SWL (shortwave listening) can not be done with a typical radio scanner. A typical radio scanner receives FM signals. Most shortwave is either AM or SSB, neither of which can be received by FM radios. Receivers that can be used for SWL are very common and are not very expensive. I've bought several at yard sales for only a few bucks. There are scanning radios that will do all modes (FM, AM, SSB, etc), but they cost more, and you're much less likely to find them at yard or garage sales. only with a bc330t

How do you calculate the swl of a steel beam?

Ask a mechanical engineer. People's lives often depend on the answer and some random guy on the internet that isn't bonded, licensed, or hasn't even graduated high school could provide you with an answer indistinguishable from a real equation.

What is end-point scaling in reservoir simulation?

Oil-WaterSWL = 0.2 SWCR = 0.22 SOWCR = 0.2 KRO = 0.9 KRW = 1 SORW = 0.2 KRORW = 0.8Saturation table end-point scaling (SWCR, SGCR, SOWCR, SOGCR, SWL)SWCR - critical water saturation (that is the largest water saturation for which the water relative permeability is zero)SOWCR - critical oil-in-water saturation (that is the largest oil saturation for which the oil relative permeability is zero in an oil-water system)SWL - connate water saturation (that is the smallest water saturation in a water saturation function table)Relative permeability end-point scaling (KRW, KRG, KRO, KRWR, KRGR, KRORG, KRORW)KRW - relative permeability of water at maximum water saturation parameterKRO - relative permeability of oil at maximum oil saturation parameterKRWR - relative permeability of water at residual oil saturation (or residual gas saturation in a gas-water run) parameterKRORW - relative permeability of oil at critical water saturation parameter

Can you stream media directly to your tv?

Yes and No. I am able to do this because i have a samsung LED tv with SWL (samsung wireless link) so i can stream using Allshare. You can do this on SOME sony bravias but only a few. So unless you have a samsung tv or one of the rare bravias you can't stream directly to your tv. P.S some Blu-rays do using BD live (check manual first) Wireless network required

What is the value of a 1952 Canadian silver dollar king george v?

The silver in the coin is $17.29. In 1952 there were some special variants to the coin. There is the "SWL" variant, whose value ranges from $20 to $55. The "NWL" ranges from $17.29 to $27. The "WL" variant ranges from $17.29 to $24. In the future please add the condition of the coin so I can value it more precisely for you.P.S. King George VI was on coins from 1952, not King George V.

What is the disadvantages of a hydra?

Well i m here pen down my opinion .- Hydra is such a crane that that is often imbalance while working . It can easily toppled if the load is little much heavy that SWL. The counter weight also not technically sound if there any unwanted happening going on. It also proof that the pivot point is not in right position. Let i here better to tell hydra is designed with a unplanned way. Hydra should band from India. The accident protential rate is also much higher.

What does QSO stand for?

probably one of these: * A quasi-stellar object (Quasar) * The post-nominals of the Queen's Service Order * The Queensland Symphony Orchestra * The Quincy Symphony Orchestra based in Quincy, Massachusetts, United States * A Q code for the exchange between two amateur radio operators or an SWL and an amateur radio operator or a commercial HF radio station * The IATA airport code for Sousse, Tunisia * Geology code for glacial Sumas Outwash sediment * The Quantic Soul Orchestra [ ]

Have any amateur radio operators made contact with a UFO has this been publicized?

There is some evidence that amateur SWL operators (receiving only) intercepted NASA communications dealing with Astronauts sighting UFO"s from space craft. The once-popular Ham radio magazines (on the general newstand market) plugged upcoming space shots with some gusto in the late sixties- (Apollo the ultimate DX ( distance reception)) was a frequent cover story with a picture of a space capsule.The subject occasionally flares up in UFO publications, rarely seen on the newstands or magazine stores.

Who are the 'Old Masters' of science fiction?

Chronologically: Jules Verne, H.G. Wells, HUgo Gernsback (also edited radio magazines and oftenworked in sci-fi ideas like interplanetary radio odd in technical stuff on three-tube converters, but good icing.,) Robert Heinlein, Ray Bradbury (whose stories often abow a lack of scientific content) Isaac Asimov and Arthur C., Clarke are among the (Old masters)/. Gernsback is the namesake of the Hugo awards, which correspond to literary prizes for sci fi writers, he was also very active in the Short Wave radio hobby and its variants such as Hamj radio, SWL, etc.Asimov and Clarke were legit scientists as well as sci-fi men.

What is value of a Iver Johnson 5 inch barrel 6 shot 32 swl?

Because Iver Johnson made so many guns in that caliber (and so many in other calibers) much more detail is needed. Some questions to answer are: Is it a 'top break' revolver? What kind of 'grips' does it have? Does it have an 'exposed hammer' (one that you can see) Or is it a 'hammerless' (one you cannot see) Numeric markings, exact copyright wording, other wording on frame? Is it nickel plated? Blued? Engraved? And of course, with all the other info, the serial number. Note: It is very important to find out when this pistol was made before any attempt to fire it. Some were made for black powder and modern smokeless powders are way too powerful for the models not designed for it. Also, Iver Johnson made pistols from the late 1800's through the 1970's, maybe a few after that, and while they did a pretty good job, any gun should be examined by a gunsmith if you don't know it's age. But to give you a range of possible prices $75 to $600.

Advantages and disadvantages on plasma display?

advantages1. picture quality2. Capable of producing deeper blacks allowing for superior contrast ratio83. Wider viewing angles than those of LCD; images do not suffer from degradation at high angles like LCD's4. Less visible motion blur, thanks in large part to very high refresh rates and a faster response time, contributing to superior performance when displaying content with significant amounts of rapid motiondisadvantages1.Picture quality Earlier generation displays were more susceptible to screen burn-in and image retention, although most recent models have a pixel orbiter that moves the entire picture slower than is noticeable to the human eye, which reduces the effect of burn-in but does not prevent it.[11]Earlier generation displays (2006 and prior) had phosphors that lost luminosity over time, resulting in gradual decline of absolute image brightness (newer models are less susceptible to this, having lifespans exceeding 100,000 hours, far longer than older CRTtechnology)[5][8]Earlier generation (circa 2001 and earlier) models were susceptible to "large area flicker"[12]Heavier screen-door effect when compared to LCD or OLED based TVs[citation needed]Physical Generally do not come in smaller sizes than 37 inches[6][7]Heavier than LCD due to the requirement of a glass screen to hold the gasesOther Use more electricity, on average, than an LCD TVDo not work as well at high altitudes due to pressure differential between the gases inside the screen and the air pressure at altitude. It may cause a buzzing noise. Manufacturers rate their screens to indicate the altitude parameters.[13]For those who wish to listen to AM radio, or are Amateur Radio operators (Hams) or Shortwave Listeners (SWL), the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from these devices can be irritating or disabling.[14]Due to the strong infrared emissions inherent with the technology, standard IR repeater systems can not be used in the viewing room. A more expensive "plasma compatible" sensor must be used.[citation needed][edit]

Seminar report on plasma display?

A type of flat-panel display that works by sandwiching a neon/xenon gas mixture between two sealed glass plates with parallel electrodes deposited on their surfaces. The plates are sealed so that the electrodes form right angles, creating pixels. When a voltage pulse passes between two electrodes, the gas breaks down and produces weakly ionized plasma, which emits UV radiation. The UV radiation activates color phosphors and visible light is emitted from each pixel. Also called "gas discharge display," a flat-screen technology that uses tiny cells lined with phosphor that are full of inert ionized gas (typically a mix of xenon and neon). Three cells make up one pixel (one cell has red phosphor, one green, one blue). The cells are sandwiched between x- and y-axis panels, and a cell is selected by charging the appropriate x and y electrodes. The charge causes the gas in the cell to emit ultraviolet light, which causes the phosphor to emit color. The amount of charge determines the intensity, and the combination of the different intensities of red, green and blue produce all the colors required.Today, Plasma displays are becoming more and more popular. Compared to conventional CRT displays, plasma displays are about one-tenth the thickness--around 4'', and one-sixth the weight--less than 67 pounds for a 40" display. They use over 16 million colors and have a 160 degree-viewing angle. Companies such as Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Pioneer manufacture plasma displays. Plasma displays were initially monochrome, typically orange, but color displays have become very popular and are used for home theater and computer monitors as well as digital signs. The plasma technology is similar to the way neon signs work combined with the red, green and blue phosphor technology of a CRT. Plasma monitors consume significantly more current than LCD-based monitors.Plasma displays are bright (1,000 lux or higher for the module), have a wide color gamut, and can be produced in fairly large sizes-up to 150 inches (3.8 m) diagonally. They have a very low-luminance "dark-room" black level compared to the lighter grey of the illuminated parts of an LCD screen (i.e. the blacks are blacker on plasmas and greyer on LCDs). LED-backlit LCD televisions have been developed to reduce this distinction. The display panel itself is about 6 cm (2.5 inches) thick, generally allowing the device's total thickness (including electronics) to be less than 10 cm (4 inches). Plasma displays use as much power per square meter as a CRT or an AMLCD television. Power consumption varies greatly with picture content, with bright scenes drawing significantly more power than darker ones - this is also true of CRTs. Typical power consumption is 400 watts for a 50-inch (127 cm) screen. 200 to 310 watts for a 50-inch (127 cm) display when set to cinema mode.Most screens are set to 'shop' mode by default, which draws at least twice the power (around 500-700 watts) of a 'home' setting of less extreme brightness. Panasonic has greatly reduced power consumption ("1/3 of 2007 models") Panasonic states that PDPs will consume only half the power of their previous series of plasma sets to achieve the same overall brightness for a given display size. The lifetime of the latest generation of plasma displays is estimated at 100,000 hours of actual display time, or 27 years at 10 hours per day. This is the estimated time over which maximum picture brightness degrades to half the original value.Plasma display screens are made from glass, which reflects more light than the material used to make an LCD screen. This causes glare from reflected objects in the viewing area. Companies such as Panasonic coat their newer plasma screens with an anti-glare filter material. Currently, plasma panels cannot be economically manufactured in screen sizes smaller than 32 inches. Although a few companies have been able to make plasma Enhanced-definition televisions (EDTV) this small, even fewer have made 32in plasma HDTVs. With the trend toward large-screen television technology, the 32in screen size is rapidly disappearing. Though considered bulky and thick compared to their LCD counterparts, some sets such as Panasonic's Z1 and Samsung's B860 series are as slim as one inch thick making them comparable to LCDs in this respect.HistoryIn 1936 Kálmán Tihanyi described the principle of "plasma television" and conceived the first flat-panel display system.The monochrome plasma video display was co-invented in 1964 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign by Donald Bitzer, H. Gene Slottow, and graduate student Robert Willson for the PLATO Computer System. The original neon orange monochrome Digivue display panels built by glass producer Owens-Illinois were very popular in the early 1970s because they were rugged and needed neither memory nor circuitry to refresh the images. A long period of sales decline occurred in the late 1970s because semiconductor memory made CRT displays cheaper than the 2500 USD 512 x 512PLATO plasma displays. Nonetheless, the plasma displays' relatively large screen size and 1 inch thickness made them suitable for high-profile placement in lobbies and stock exchanges.Electrical engineering student Larry F. Weber became interested in plasma displays while studying at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in the 1960s, and pursued postgraduate work in the field under Bitzer and Slottow. His research eventually earned him 15 patents relating to plasma displays. One of his early contributions was development of the power-saving "energy recovery sustain circuit", now included in every color plasma display.Burroughs Corporation, a maker of adding machines and computers, developed the Panaplex display in the early 1970s. The Panaplex display, generically referred to as a gas-discharge or gas-plasma display, uses the same technology as later plasma video displays, but began life as seven-segment display for use in adding machines. They became popular for their bright orange luminous look and found nearly ubiquitous use in cash registers, calculators, pinball machines, aircraft avionics such as radios, navigational instruments, and storm scopes; test equipment such as frequency counters and multimeters; and generally anything that previously used nixie tube or numitron displays with a high digit-count throughout the late 1970s and into the 1990s. These displays remained popular until LEDs gained popularity because of their low-current draw and module-flexibility, but are still found in some applications where their high-brightness is desired, such as pinball machines and avionics. Pinball displays started with six- and seven-digit seven-segment displays and later evolved into 16-segment alphanumeric displays, and later into 128x32 dot-matrix displays in 1990, which are still used today.1983In 1983, IBM introduced a 19-inch (48 cm) orange-on-black monochrome display (model 3290 'information panel') which was able to show up to four simultaneous IBM 3270 terminal sessions. Due to heavy competition from monochrome LCD's, in 1987 IBM planned to shut down its factory in upstate New York, the largest plasma plant in the world, in favor of manufacturing mainframe computers. Consequently, Larry Weber co-founded a startup company Plasmaco with Stephen Globus, as well as James Kehoe, who was the IBM plant manager, and bought the plant from IBM. Weber stayed in Urbana as CTO until 1990, then moved to upstate New York to work at Plasmaco.1992In 1992, Fujitsu introduced the world's first 21-inch (53 cm) full-color display. It was a hybrid, the plasma display created at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories.1994In 1994, Weber demonstrated color plasma technology at an industry convention in San Jose. Panasonic Corporation began a joint development project with Plasmaco, which led in 1996 to the purchase of Plasmaaco, its color AC technology, and its American factory.1997In 1997, Fujitsu introduced the first 42-inch (107 cm) plasma display; it had 852x480 resolution and was progressively scanned. Also in 1997, Philips introduced a 42-inch (107 cm) display, with 852x480 resolution. It was the only plasma to be displayed to the retail public in 4 Sears locations in the US. The price was US$14,999 and included in-home installation. Later in 1997, Pioneer started selling their first plasma television to the public, and others followed.2006In late 2006, analysts noted that LCDs overtook plasmas, particularly in the 40-inch (1.0 m) and above segment where plasma had previously gained market share. Another industry trend is the consolidation of manufacturers of plasma displays, with around fifty brands available but only five manufacturers. In the first quarter of 2008 a comparison of worldwide TV sales breaks down to 22.1 million for direct-view CRT, 21.1 million for LCD, 2.8 million for Plasma, and 0.1 million for rear-projection.Until the early 2000s, plasma displays were the most popular choice for HDTV flat panel display as they had many benefits over LCDs. Beyond plasma's deeper blacks, increased contrast, faster response time, greater color spectrum, and wider viewing angle; they were also much bigger than LCDs, and it was believed that LCD technology was suited only to smaller sized televisions. However, improvements in VLSI fabrication technology have since narrowed the technological gap. The increased size, lower weight, falling prices, and often lower electrical power consumption of LCDs now make them competitive with plasma television sets.Screen sizes have increased since the introduction of plasma displays. The largest plasma video display in the world at the 2008 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, was a 150-inch (381 cm) unit manufactured by Matsushita Electric Industrial (Panasonic) standing 6 ft. (180 cm) tall by 11 ft. (330 cm) wide. At the 2010 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Panasonic introduced their 152" 2160p 3D plasma. In 2010 Panasonic shipped 19.1 million plasma TV panels.In 2010, the shipments of plasma TVs reached 18.2 million units globallyHow plasma displays workA panel typically has millions of tiny cells in compartmentalized space between two panels of glass. These compartments, or "bulbs" or "cells", hold a mixture of noble gases and a minuscule amount of mercury. Just as in the fluorescent lamps over an office desk, when the mercury is vaporized and a voltage is applied across the cell, the gas in the cells form a plasma. With flow of electricity (electrons), some of the electrons strike mercury particles as the electrons move through the plasma, momentarily increasing the energy level of the molecule until the excess energy is shed. Mercury sheds the energy as ultraviolet (UV) photons. The UV photons then strike phosphor that is painted on the inside of the cell. When the UV photon strikes a phosphor molecule, it momentarily raises the energy level of an outer orbit electron in the phosphor molecule, moving the electron from a stable to an unstable state; the electron then sheds the excess energy as a photon at a lower energy level than UV light; the lower energy photons are mostly in the infrared range but about 40% are in the visible light range. Thus the input energy is shed as mostly heat (infrared) but also as visible light. Depending on the phosphors used, different colors of visible light can be achieved. Each pixel in a plasma display is made up of three cells comprising the primary colors of visible light. Varying the voltage of the signals to the cells thus allows different perceived colors.A plasma display panel is an array of hundreds of thousands of small, luminous cells positioned between two plates of glass. Each cell is essentially a tiny neon lamp filled with rarefied neon, xenon, and other inert gases; the cells are luminous when they are electrified through "electrodes".The long electrodes are stripes of electrically conducting material that also lie between the glass plates, in front of and behind the cells. The "address electrodes" sit behind the cells, along the rear glass plate, and can be opaque. The transparent display electrodes are mounted in front of the cell, along the front glass plate. As can be seen in the illustration, the electrodes are covered by an insulating protective layer. Control circuitry charges the electrodes that cross paths at a cell, creating a voltage difference between front and back. Some of the atoms in the gas of a cell then lose electrons and become ionized, which creates an electrically conducting plasma of atoms, free electrons, and ions. The collisions of the flowing electrons in the plasma with the inert gas atoms lead to light emission; such light-emitting plasmas are known as glow discharges.In a monochrome plasma panel, the gas is usually mostly neon, and the color is the characteristic orange of a neon-filled lamp (or sign). Once a glow discharge has been initiated in a cell, it can be maintained by applying a low-level voltage between all the horizontal and vertical electrodes-even after the ionizing voltage is removed. To erase a cell all voltage is removed from a pair of electrodes. This type of panel has inherent memory. A small amount of nitrogen is added to the neon to increase hysteresis.In color panels, the back of each cell is coated with a phosphor. The ultraviolet photons emitted by the plasma excite these phosphors, which give off visible light with colors determined by the phosphor materials. This aspect is comparable to fluorescent lamps and to the neon signs that use colored phosphors.Every pixel is made up of three separate sub pixel cells, each with different colored phosphors. One sub pixel has a red light phosphor, one sub pixel has a green light phosphor and one sub pixel has a blue light phosphor. These colors blend together to create the overall color of the pixel, the same as a triad of a shadow mask CRT or color LCD. Plasma panels use pulse-width modulation (PWM) to control brightness: by varying the pulses of current flowing through the different cells thousands of times per second, the control system can increase or decrease the intensity of each sub pixel color to create billions of different combinations of red, green and blue. In this way, the control system can produce most of the visible colors. Plasma displays use the same phosphors as CRTs, which accounts for the extremely accurate color reproduction when viewing television or computer video images (which use an RGB color system designed for CRT display technology).Plasma displays should not be confused with liquid crystal displays (LCDs), another lightweight flat-screen display using very different technology. LCDs may use one or two large fluorescent lamps as a backlight source, but the different colors are controlled by LCD units, which in effect behave as gates that allow or block the passage of light from the backlight to red, green, or blue paint on the front of the LCD panel.Contrast ratioContrast ratio is the difference between the brightest and darkest parts of an image, measured in discrete steps, at any given moment. Generally, the higher the contrast ratio, the more realistic the image is (though the "realism" of an image depends on many factors including color accuracy, luminance linearity, and spatial linearity.) Contrast ratios for plasma displays are often advertised as high as 5,000,000:1. On the surface, this is a significant advantage of plasma over most other current display technologies, a notable exception being organic light-emitting diode. Although there are no industry-wide guidelines for reporting contrast ratio, most manufacturers follow either the ANSI standard or perform a full-on-full-off test. The ANSI standard uses a checkered test pattern whereby the darkest blacks and the lightest whites are simultaneously measured, yielding the most accurate "real-world" ratings. In contrast, a full-on-full-off test measures the ratio using a pure black screen and a pure white screen, which gives higher values but does not represent a typical viewing scenario. Some displays, using many different technologies, have some "leakage" of light, through either optical or electronic means, from lit pixels to adjacent pixels so that dark pixels that are near bright ones appear less dark than they do during a full-off display. Manufacturers can further artificially improve the reported contrast ratio by increasing the contrast and brightness settings to achieve the highest test values. However, a contrast ratio generated by this method is misleading, as content would be essentially unwatchable at such settings.Plasma is often cited as having better (i.e. darker) black levels (and higher contrast ratios), although both plasma and LCD each have their own technological challenges.Each cell on a plasma display has to be pre charged before it is due to be illuminated (otherwise the cell would not respond quickly enough) and this pre charging means the cells cannot achieve a true black, whereas an LED backlit LCD panel can actually turn off parts of the screen. Some manufacturers have worked hard to reduce the pre charge and the associated background glow, to the point where black levels on modern plasmas are starting to rival CRT. With LCD technology, black pixels are generated by a light polarization method; many panels are unable to completely block the underlying backlight. However, more recent LCD panels (particularly those using white LED illumination) can compensate by automatically reducing the backlighting on darker scenes, though this method - analogous to the strategy of noise reduction on analog audio tape - obviously cannot be used in high-contrast scenes, leaving some light showing from black parts of an image with bright parts, such as (at the extreme) a solid black screen with one fine intense bright line. This is called a "halo" effect which has been almost completely minimized on newer LED backlit LCD's with local dimming. Edge lit models cannot compete with this as the light is reflected via a light funnel to distribute the light behind the panel.Screen burn-inImage burn-in occurs on CRTs and plasma panels when the same picture is displayed for long periods of time. This causes the phosphors to overheat, losing some of their luminosity and producing a "shadow" image that is visible with the power off. Burn-in is especially a problem on plasma panels because they run hotter than CRTs. Early plasma televisions were plagued by burn-in, making it impossible to use video games or anything else that displayed static images.Plasma displays also exhibit another image retention issue which is sometimes confused with screen burn-in damage. In this mode, when a group of pixels are run at high brightness (when displaying white, for example) for an extended period of time, a charge build-up in the pixel structure occurs and a ghost image can be seen. However, unlike burn-in, this charge build-up is transient and self corrects after the image condition that caused the effect has been removed and a long enough period of time has passed (with the display either off or on).Plasma manufacturers have tried various ways of reducing burn-in such as using gray pillarboxes, pixel orbiters and image washing routines, but none to date have eliminated the problem and all plasma manufacturers continue to exclude burn-in from their warranties.Advantagesü Picture qualityü Capable of producing deeper blacks allowing for superior contrast ratioü Wider viewing angles than those of LCD; images do not suffer from degradation at high angles like LCDsü Less visible motion blur, thanks in large part to very high refresh rates and a faster response time, contributing to superior performance when displaying content with significant amounts of rapid motionü Physicalü Slim profileü Can be wall mountedü Less bulky than rear-projection televisionsDisadvantages? Picture quality? Earlier generation displays were more susceptible to screen burn-in and image retention, although most recent models have a pixel orbiter that moves the entire picture faster than is noticeable to the human eye, which reduces the effect of burn-in but does not prevent it? Earlier generation displays (2006 and prior) had phosphors that lost luminosity over time, resulting in gradual decline of absolute image brightness (newer models are less susceptible to this, having lifespans exceeding 100,000 hours, far longer than older CRT technology)? Earlier generation (circa 2001 and earlier) models were susceptible to "large area flicker"? Heavier screen-door effect when compared to LCD or OLED based TVs? Physical? Generally do not come in smaller sizes than 37 inches? Heavier than LCD due to the requirement of a glass screen to hold the gases? Other? Use more electricity, on average, than an LCD TV? Do not work as well at high altitudes due to pressure differential between the gases inside the screen and the air pressure at altitude. It may cause a buzzing noise. Manufacturers rate their screens to indicate the altitude parameters.? For those who wish to listen to AM radio, or are Amateur Radio operators (Hams) or Shortwave Listeners (SWL), the Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) from these devices can be irritating or disabling.? Due to the strong infrared emissions inherent with the technology, standard IR repeater systems cannot be used in the viewing room. A more expensive "plasma compatible" sensor must be used.

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?4U I have a question for you ;S Gentle warning, like "Hmm? what did you say?" ^^ Meaning "read line" or "message above" <3 Meaning "sideways heart" (love, friendship) <33 Meaning "heart or love" (more 3s is a bigger heart) @TEOTD At the end of the day .02 My (or your) two cents worth 121 One-to-one (private chat initiation) 1337 Leet, meaning 'elite' 143 I love you 14AA41 One for all, and all for one 19 Zero hand (online gaming) 10X Thanks 1CE Once 1DR I wonder 2 Meaning "to" in SMS 20 Meaning "location" 2EZ Too easy 2G2BT Too good to be true 2M2H Too much too handle 2MI Too much information 2MOR Tomorrow 2NTE Tonight 4 Short for "for" in SMS 411 Meaning "information" 404 I don't know 411 Meaning 'information' 420 Lets get high 420 Meaning "Marijuana" 459 Means I love you (ILY is 459 using keypad numbers) 4COL For crying out loud 4EAE Forever and ever 4NR Foreigner ^5 High-five 6Y Sexy 7K Sick 831 I love you (8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning) 86 Over 88 Hugs and kisses 9 Parent is watching Meaning "smile" *s* Meaning "smile" *w* Meaning "wink" A A3 Anytime, anywhere, anyplace AA As above AAF As a matter of fact AAF As a friend AAK Asleep at keyboard AAK Alive and kicking AAMOF As a matter of fact AAMOI As a matter of interest AAP Always a pleasure AAR At any rate AAS Alive and smiling AASHTA As always, Sheldon has the answer (Bike mechanic Sheldon Brown) AATK Always at the keyboard ABC Already been chewed ABT About ABT2 Meaning 'About to' ABTA Meaning Good-bye (signoff) ACD ALT / CONTROL / DELETE ACDNT Accident (e-mail, Government) ACK Acknowledge ACPT Accept (e-mail, Government) ACQSTN Acquisition (e-mail, Government) ADAD Another day, another dollar ADBB All done, bye-bye ADD Address ADDY Address ADIH Another day in hell ADIP Another day in paradise ADMIN Administrator ADMINR Administrator (Government) ADN Any day now ADR Address AE Area effect (online gaming) AEAP As early as possible AF April Fools AFC Away from computer AFAIAA As far as I am aware AFAIC As far as I am concerned AFAIK As far as I know AFAIUI As far as I understand it AFAP As far as possible AFJ April Fool's joke AFK Away from keyboard AFZ Acronym Free Zone AFPOE A fresh pair of eyes AH At home AIAMU And I am a money's uncle AIGHT Alright AIR As I remember AISB As it should be AISB As I said before AISI As I see it AITR Adult in the room AKA Also known as ALCON All concerned ALOL Actually laughing out loud AMAP As much as possible AMBW All my best wishes AML All my love AMOF As a matter of fact AO Anarchy Online (online gaming) AOE Area of effect (online game) AOM Age of majority AOM Age of Mythology (online gaming) AOTA All of the above AOYP Angel on your pillow APAC All praise and credit AQAP As quick (or quiet) as possible ARE Acronym rich environment ASIG And so it goes ASAP As soon as possible A/S/L Age/sex/location ASL Age/sex/location ASLA Age/sex/location/availability AT At your terminal ATB All the best ATEOTD At the end of the day ATM At the moment ATSITS All the stars in the sky ATSL Along the same line (or lines) AWC After awhile crocodile AWESO Awesome AWOL Away without leaving AYDY Are you done yet? AYEC At your earliest convenience AYOR At your own risk AYSOS Are you stupid or something? AYS Are you serious? AYT Are you there? AYTMTB And you're telling me this because AYV Are you vertical? AZN Asian B B Back B& Banned B2W Back to work B8 Bait (person teased or joked with, or under-aged person/teen) B9 Boss is watching B/F Boyfriend B/G Background (personal information request) B4 Before B4N Bye for now BAG Busting a gut BA Bad *a* BAK Back at keyboard BAS Big 'butt' smile BASOR Breathing a sigh of relief BAU Business as usual BAY Back at ya BB Be back BB Bebi / Baby (Spanish SMS) BBC Big bad challenge BBIAB Be back in a bit BBIAF Be back in a few BBIAM Be back in a minute BBIAS Be back in a sec BBL Be back later BBN Bye, bye now BBQ Barbeque, "Ownage", shooting score/frag (online gaming) BBS Be back soon BBT Be back tomorrow BC Because B/C Because BC Be cool BCNU Be seeing you BCOS Because BD Big deal BDAY Birthday B-DAY Birthday BDN Big darn number BEG Big evil grin BF Boyfriend BFAW Best friend at work BF2 Battlefield 2 (online gaming) BF Best friend BFF Best friends forever BFFL Best friends for life BFFLNMW Best friends for life, no matter what BFD Big freaking deal BFG Big freaking grin BFFN Best friend for now BFN Bye for now BG Big grin BGWM Be gentle with me BHL8 Be home late BIB Boss is back BIBO Beer in, beer out BIF Before I forget BIH Burn in hell BIL Brother in law BION Believe it or not BIOYA Blow it out your *a* BIOYN Blow it out your nose BISFLATM Boy, I sure feel like a turquoise monkey! (unverified) BITMT But in the meantime BL Belly laugh BLNT Better luck next time BM Bite me BME Based on my experience BM&Y Between me and you BOB Back off *buddy* BOE Meaning "bind on equip" (online gaming) BOL Best of luck BOLO Be on the look out BOOMS Bored out of my skull BOP Meaning "bind on pickup" (online gaming) BOSMKL Bending over smacking my knee laughing BOT Back on topic BOT Be on that BOYF Boyfriend BPLM Big person little mind BRB Be right back BRBB Be right back *babe* BRNC Be right back, nature calls BRD Bored BRH Be right here BRT Be right there BSF But seriously folks BSOD Blue screen of death BSTS Better safe than sorry BT Bite this BT Between technologies BTA But then again BTDT Been there, done that BTW By the way BTYCL Meaning 'Bootycall' BUBU Slang term for the most beautiful of women BWL Bursting with laughter BYOB Bring your own beer BYOC Bring your own computer BYOP Bring your own paint (paintball) BYTM Better you than me C C&G Chuckle & grin C4N Ciao for now CAD Control + Alt + Delete CAD Short for Canada/Canadian CAM Camera (SMS) CB Coffee break CB Chat break CB Crazy *b* CD9 Code 9, Meaning "parents are around" CFS Care for secret? CFY Calling for you CIAO Good-bye (Italian word) CICO Coffee in, coffee out CID Crying in disgrace CID Consider it done CLAB Crying like a baby CM Call me CMB Call me back CMAP Cover my *a* partner (online gaming) CMIIW Correct me if I'm wrong CMON Come on CNP Continued (in) next post COB Close of business COH City of Heroes (online gaming) COS Because C/P Cross post CP Chat post (or continue in IM) CR8 Create CRAFT Can't remember a *freaking* thing CRB Come right back CRBT Crying really big tears CRIT Meaning "critical hit" (online gaming) CRS Can't remember *stuff* CSG Chuckle, snicker, grin CSL Can't stop laughing CSS Counter-Strike Source (online gaming) CT Can't talk CTC Care to chat? CTHU Cracking the *heck* up CU See you too CU See you CU2 See you CUA See you around CUL See you later CULA See you later alligator CUL8R See you later CUMID See you in my dreams CURLO See you around like a donut CWOT Complete waste of time CWYL Chat with you later CYA See you CYAL8R See you later CYE Check your e-mail CYEP Close your eyes partner (online gaming) CYO See you online D D2 Dedos / fingers (Spanish SMS) D46? Down for sex? DA Meaning "The" DAoC Dark Age of Camelot (online gaming) DBAU Doing business as usual DC Disconnect DD Dear (or Darling) daughter DD Due diligence DEGT Dear (or Darling) daughter DF Don't even go there DFL Dead *freaking* last (online gaming) DGAF Don't give a *freak* DGTG Don't go there girlfriend DH Dear (or Darling) husband DHU Dinosaur hugs (used to show support) DIIK Darned if I know DIKU Do I know you? DILLIGAF Do I look like I give a *freak*? DILLIGAS Do I look like I give a sugar? DIS Did I say? DITYID Did I tell you I'm distressed? DIY Do it yourself DKDC Don't know, don't care DKP Dragon kill points (online gaming) D/L Download DL Download DL Down low DLBBB Don't let (the) bed bugs bite DLTBBB Don't let the bed bugs bite DM Doesn't matter DM Direct message DN Down DNC Do not compute (meaning I do not understand) DNR Dinner (SMS) DNT Don't d00d Dude DOE Daughter of Eve DP Display Picture (Yahoo Messenger Chat) DPS Damage per second (online gaming) DQMOT Don't quote me on this DR Didn't read DS Dear (or Darling) son DTR Define the relationship DTRT Do the right thing DTS Don't think so DTTD Don't touch that dial DUPE Duplicate DUR Do you remember? DV8 Deviate DW Dear (or Darling) wife DWF Divorced white female DWM Divorced white male DXNRY Dictionary DYNWUTB Do you know what you are talking about? DYFI Did you find it? DYOR Do your own research (common stock market chat slang) E E Ecstasy E Enemy (online gaming) E1 Everyone E123 Easy as one, two, three E2EG Ear to ear grin EAK Eating at keyboard EBKAC Error between keyboard and chair ED Erase display EF4T Effort EG Evil grin EI Eat it EIP Editing in progress EMA E-mail address EMFBI Excuse me for butting in EMFBI Excuse me for jumping in EMSG E-mail message ENUF Enough EOD End of day EOD End of discussion EOL End of lecture EOL End of life EOM End of message EOS End of show EOT End of transmission EQ EverQuest (online gaming) ERS2 Eres tz / are you (Spanish SMS) ES Erase screen ETA Estimated time (of) arrival EVA Ever EVO Evolution EWG Evil wicked grin (in fun, teasing) EYC Excitable, yet calm EZ Easy EZY Easy F F Meaning female F2F Face to face F2F Face to face F2P Free to play (online gaming) FAAK Falling asleep at keyboard FAF Funny as *freak* FAQ Frequently asked questions FBF Fat boy food (e.g. pizza, burgers, fries) FBM Fine by me FBOW For better or worse FC Fingers crossed FC Full card (online gaming) FC'INGO For crying out loud FEITCTAJ *Freak* 'em if they can't take a joke FFA Free for all (online gaming) FFS For *freak'*sakes FICCL Frankly I couldn't care a less FIIK *Freaked* if I know FIIOOH Forget it, I'm out of here FIL Father in law FIMH Forever in my heart FISH First in, still here FITB Fill in the blank FOMC Falling off my chair FOAD *Freak* off and die FOAF Friend of a friend FOMCL Falling off my chair laughing FRT For real though FTBOMH From the bottom of my heart FTW For the win FUBAR Fouled up beyond all recognition FUBB Fouled up beyond belief FUD Face up deal (online gaming) FW Forward FWIW For what it's worth FWM Fine with me FYEO For your eyes only FYA For your amusement FYI For your information G G Grin G Giggle G/F Girlfriend G2CU Good to see you G2G Got to go G2R Got to run G4C Going for coffee G9 Genius GA Go ahead GAL Get a life GAS Got a second? GB Goodbye GBTW Get back to work GBU God bless you GDR Grinning, ducking, and running GD/R Grinning, ducking, and running GFI Go for it GF Girl friend GFN Gone for now GG Gotta Go GG Good Game (online gaming) GG Brother (Mandarin Chinese txt msgs) GGA Good game, all (online gaming) GGMSOT Gotta get me some of that GGOH Gotta Get Outa Here GGP Got to go pee GH Good hand (online gaming) GIAR Give it a rest GIC Gift in crib (online gaming) GIGO Garbage in, garbage out GIRL Guy in real life GJ Good job GL Good luck GL2U Good luck to you (online gaming) GL/HF Good luck, have fun (online gaming) GLE1 Good luck everyone (online gaming) GLNG Good luck next game (online gaming) GMBA Giggling my butt off GMTA Great minds think alike GN Good night GNIGHT Good night GNITE Good night GNSD Good night, sweet dreams GOI Get over it GOL Giggling out loud GR8 Great GRATZ Congratulations GRL Girl GRWG Get right with God GR&D Grinning, running and ducking GS Good shot GS Good split (online gaming) GT Good try GTFO Get the *freak* out GTG Got to go GTRM Going to read mail GTSY Great (or good) to see you GUD Good H H Hug H8 Hate H8TTU Hate to be you HAG1 Have a good one HAK Hug and kiss HAU How about you? H&K Hugs & kisses H2CUS Hope to see you soon HAGN Have a good night HAGO Have a good one HAND Have a nice day HB Hurry back HB Hug back H-BDAY Happy Birthday HBU How about you? HF Have fun HFAC Holy flipping animal crackers H-FDAY Happy Father's Day HHIS Head hanging in shame HL Half Life (online gaming) HLA Hola / hello (Spanish SMS) H-MDAY Happy Mother's Day HNL (w)Hole 'nother level HOAS Hold on a second HP Hit points / Health points (online gaming) HRU How are you? HTH Hope this helps HUB Head up butt HUYA Head up your *butt* HV Have HVH Heroic Violet Hold (online gaming) HW Homework I I2 I too (me too) IA8 I already ate IAAA I am an accountant IAAD I am a doctor IAAL I am a lawyer IAC In any case IAE In any event IANAC I am not a crook IANAL I am not a lawyer IAO I am out (of here) IB I'm back IB I'm back IC I see ICAM I couldn't agree more ICBW It could be worse ICEDI I can't even discuss it ICFILWU I could fall in love with you IDC I don't care IDK I don't know IDTS I don't think so IDUNNO I don't know IFYP I feel your pain IG2R I got to run IGHT I got high tonight IGN I (I've) got nothing IGP I got to (go) pee IHNI I have no idea IIRC If I remember correctly IIIO Intel inside, idiot outside IK I know IKR I know, right? ILBL8 I'll be late ILU I love you ILUM I love you man ILY I love you IM Instant message IMAO In my arrogant opinion IMHO In my humble opinion ImL (in Arial font) Means I love you (a way of using the American sign language in text) IMNSHO In my not so humble opinion IMO In my opinion IMS I am sorry IMSB I am so bored IMTM I am the man IMU I miss u (you) INAL I'm not a lawyer INC Meaning "incoming" (online gaming) IOMH In over my head IOW In other words IRL In real life IRMC I rest my case ISLY I still love you ITAM It's The Accounting, Man (financial blogs) ITYK I thought you knew IUSS If you say so IWALU I will always love you IWAWO I want a way out IWIAM Idiot wrapped in a moron IYKWIM If you know what I mean IYO In your opinion IYSS If you say so J j00 You j00r Your JAC Just a sec JAM Just a minutes JFF Just for fun JFGI Just *freaking* Google it JIC Just in case JJA Just joking around JK Just kidding JLMK Just let me know JMO Just my opinion JP Just playing JP Jackpot (online gaming, bingo games) JTLYK Just to let you know JW Just wondering K K Okay KK Knock, knock KK Okay, Okay! K8T Katie k/b Keyboard KB Keyboard KB Kick butt (online gaming) KDFU Means Cracking (K) the (D as in Da) *freak* up KEWL Cool KEYA I will key you later KEYME Key me when you get in KFY Kiss for you KIA Know it all KISS Keep it simple, stupid KIT Keep in touch KOC Kiss on cheek KOL Kiss on lips KOTC Kiss on the cheek KOTL Kiss on the lips KNIM Know what I mean? KPC Keeping parents clueless KS Kill then steal (online gaming) KT Katie KUTGW Keep up the good work L2G Like to go? L2G (would) Love to go L2K Like to come l33t Leet, meaning 'elite' L8R Later L8RG8R Later, gator LBAY Laughing back at you LD Later, dude / Long distance LEMENO Let me know LERK Leaving easy reach of keyboard LFG Looking for group (online gaming) LFG Looking for guard (online gaming) LFM Looking for more (online gaming) LGH Lets get high LH6 Lets have sex LHSX Lets have sex LHM Lord help me LHO Laughing head off LIC Like I care LIK Meaning liquor LIMT Laugh in my tummy LMAO Laughing my *a* off LMBO Laughing my butt off LMFAO Laughing my freaking *a* off LMIRL Lets meet in real life LMK Let me know LMNK Leave my name out LOA List of acronyms LOL Laughing out loud LOL Laugh out loud LOL Lots of love LOLH Laughing out loud hysterically LOLO Lots of love LOLWTF Laughing out loud (saying) "What the *freak*?" LOTI Laughing on the inside LOTR Lord of The Rings (online gaming) LQTM Laughing quietly to myself LSHMBH Laugh so hard my belly hurts LSV Language, sex and violence LTD Living the dream LTLWDLS Let's twist like we did last summer LTNS Long time no see LTOD Laptop of death LTS Laughing to self LULT Love you long time LULZ Slang for LOL LVM Left voice mail LWOS Laughing without smiling LY Love ya LYLAS Love you like crazy LYLC Love you like a sis LYSM Love you so much M M8 Mate MC Merry Christmas MEGO My eyes glaze over MEH Meaning a "shrug" or shrugging shoulders MEHH Meaning a "sigh" or sighing MEZ Meaning "mesmerize" (online gaming) MFI Mad for it MGB May God bless MIRL Meet in real life MKAY Meaning "Mmm, okay" MLM Meaning give the middle finger MM Sister (Mandarin Chinese txt msg) MMK Meaning okay? (as a question) MNC Mother nature calls MNSG Mensaje (message in Spanish) MorF Male or female? MOOS Member of the opposite sex MOS Mother over shoulder MOSS Member of same sex MP Mana points (online gaming) MSG Message MTF More to follow MTFBWU May the force be with you MUAH Multiple unsuccessful attempts (at/to) humor MUSM Miss you so much MYO Mind your own (business) MYOB Mind your own business N n00b Newbie N1 Nice one N2M Nothing too much NADT Not a darn thing NALOPKT Not a lot of people know that NANA Not now, no need NBD No big deal NBFAB No bad for a beginner (online gaming) NC Nice crib (online gaming) ND Nice double (online gaming) NE Any NE1 Anyone NFM None for me / Not for me NFM Not for me NFS Need for Speed (online gaming) NFS Not for sale NFW No *freaking* way NFW Not for work NFWS Not for work safe NH Nice hand (online gaming) NIFOC Naked in front of computer NIGI Now I get it NIMBY Not in my back yard NIROK Not in reach of keyboard NLT No later than NM Nothing much NM Never mind NM Nice meld (online gaming) NMH Not much here NMU Not much, you? NO1 No one NOOB Meaning someone who is bad at (online) games NOYB None of your business NP No problem NPC Non-playing character (online gaming) NQT Newly qualified teacher NR Nice roll (online gaming) NRN No response/reply necessary NS Nice score (online gaming) NS Nice split (online gaming) NSA No strings attached NSFW Not safe for work NSISR Not sure if spelled right NT Nice try NTHING Nothing (SMS) NVM Never mind NVR Never NW No way NWO No way out O O4U Only for you O Opponent (online gaming) O Meaning "hugs" O Over OA Online auctions (see more auction abbreviations) OATUS On a totally unrelated subject OB Oh baby OB Oh brother OI Operator indisposed OIC Oh, I see OJ Only joking OL Old lady OM Old man OM Oh, my OMDB Over my dead body OMFG Oh my *freaking* God omfglmaobbqrofl copteriss oh my *freaking* god, laugh my *a* off, owned, roll on floor spinning around I'm so sad OMG Oh my God OMGYG2BK Oh my God, you got to be kidding OMW On my way ONL Online OO Over and out OOC Out of character OOH Out of here OOTD One of these days OOTO Out of the office OP On phone ORLY Oh really? OT Off topic (discussion forums) OTB Off to bed OTFL On the floor laughing OTL Out to lunch OTOH On the other hand OTP On the phone OTT Over the top OTTOMH Off the top of my head OTW Off to work OVA Over OYO On your own P P Partner (online gaming) P2P Parent to parent P2P Peer to peer P2P Pay to play (online gaming) P911 Parents coming into room alert PAT Meaning "patrol" (online gaming) PAW Parents are watching PBOOK Phonebook (e-mail) PC Player character (online gaming) PCM Please call me PDH Pretty darn happy PDS Please don't shoot PDQ Pretty darn quick PEEPS People PFT Pretty *freaking* tight PIC Picture PIP Peeing in pants (laughing hard) PIR Parents in room PISS Put in some sugar PITA Pain in the *butt* PKMN Pokemon (online gaming) PL8 Plate PLD Played PLMK Please let me know PLS Please PLU People like us PLZ Please PM Private Message PMFI Pardon me for interrupting PMFJI Pardon me for jumping in PMSL Pee myself laughing POAHF Put on a happy face POS Parent over shoulder POV Point of view POV Privately owned vehicle (originally used to differentiate an individual's vehicle from a military vehicle) PPL People PPU Pending pick-up PROLLY Probably PROGGY Meaning computer program PRON Meaning pornography PRT Party PRW People/parents are watching PSOS Parent standing over shoulder PSP PlayStation Portable PST Please send tell (online gaming) PTL Praise the Lord PTMM Please tell me more PUG Pick up group (online gaming) PWN Meaning "own" PXT Please explain that PU That stinks! PUKS Pick up kids (SMS) PZ Peace PZA Pizza Q Q Queue QFE Question for everyone QFI Quoted for idiocy QFI Quoted for irony QIK Quick QL Quit laughing QQ (qq) Meaning "crying eyes" QQ Quick question QSL Reply QSO Conversation QT Cutie QTPI Cutie pie R R8 Rate (SMS) RBAY Right back at you RIP Rest in peace RL Real life RLY Really RME Rolling my eyes RMLB Read my lips baby RMMM Read my mail man ROFL Rolling on floor laughing ROFLCOPTER Rolling on floor laughing and spinning around ROFLMAO Rolling on the floor, laughing my *butt* off ROTFL Rolling on the floor laughing ROTFLUTS Rolling on the floor laughing unable to speak RS Runescape (online gaming) RSN Real soon now RTBS Reason to be single RTFM Read the *freaking* manual RTFQ Read the *freaking* question RTMS Read the manual, stupid RTNTN Retention (e-mail, Government) RTRCTV Retroactive (e-mail, Government) RTRMT Retirement (e-mail, Government) RTSM Read the stupid manual RTWFQ Read the whole *freaking* question RU Are you? RUMOF Are you male or female? RUT Are u (you) there? RUOK Are you okay? RX Regards RW Real world RX Meaning drugs or prescriptions RYB Read your Bible RYS Read your screen RYS Are you single? S S2R Send to receive (meaning send me your picture to get mine) S2S Sorry to say SAL Such a laugh SBT Sorry 'bout that SC Stay cool SDMB Sweet dreams, my baby SETE Smiling Ear-to-Ear SFAIK So far as I know SH Same here SH^ Shut up SHID Slapping head in disgust SICNR Sorry, I could not resist SIG2R Sorry, I got to run SIHTH Stupidity is hard to take SIMYC Sorry I missed your call SIR Strike it rich SIS Snickering in silence SIT Stay in touch SK8 Skate SK8NG Skating SK8R Skater SK8RBOI Skater Boy SLAP Sounds like a plan SMHID Scratching my head in disbelief SNAFU Situation normal all fouled up SNERT Snot nosed egotistical rude teenager SO Significant other SOAB Son of a *B* SOL Sooner or later SOMY Sick of me yet? SorG Straight or Gay? SOS Meaning help SOS Son of Sam SOT Short of time SOTMG Short of time, must go SOWM Someone with me SPK Speak (SMS) SRSLY Seriously SPST Same place, same time SPTO Spoke to SQ Square SRY Sorry SS So sorry SSDD Same stuff, different day SSIF So stupid it's funny SSINF So stupid it's not funny ST&D Stop texting and drive STFU Shut the *freak* up STR8 Straight STW Search the Web SUITM See you in the morning SUL See you later SUP What's up? SUX Meanings sucks or "it sucks" SWAK Sent (or sealed) with a kiss SWALK Sealed (or sealed) with a loving kiss SWAT Scientific wild *butt* guess SWL Screaming with laughter SWMBO She who must be obeyed. Meaning wife or partner SYL See you later SYS See you soon T T+ Think positive T4BU Thanks for being you T:)T Think happy thoughts TA Thanks a lot TAFN That's all for now TANK Meaning really strong TANKED Meaning "owned" TANKING Meaning "owning" TAM Tomorrow a.m. TAU Thinking about u (you) TAUMUALU Thinking about you miss you always love you TBAG Process of disgracing a corpse, taunting a fragged/killed player (online gaming) TBC To be continued TBD To be determined TBH To be honest TBL Text back later TC Take care TCB Take care of business TCOY Take care of yourself TD Tower defense (online gaming) TDTM Talk dirty to me TFS Thanks for sharing TGIF Thank God it's Friday THX Thanks THT Think happy thoughts THNX Thanks THNQ Thank-you (SMS) TIA Thanks in advance TIAD Tomorrow is another day TIC Tongue-in-cheek TILIS Tell it like it is TLK2UL8R Talk to you later TL Too long TMB Text me back TMI Too much information TMOT Trust me on this TMTH Too much to handle TMWFI Take my word for it TNSTAAFL There's no such thing as a free lunch TNT Til next time TOJ Tears of joy TOS Terms of service TOU Thinking of you TOY Thinking of you TPM Tomorrow p.m. TPTB The powers that be TQ Te quiero / I love you (Spanish SMS) TSNF That's so not fair TSTB The sooner, the better TTFN Ta ta for now TTLY Totally TTTT These things take time TTUL Talk to you later TU Thank you TWSS That's what she said TTG Time to go TTYAFN Talk to you awhile from now TTYL Talk to you later TTYS Talk to you soon TY Thank you TYFC Thank you for charity (online gaming) TYFYC Thank you for your comment TYS Told you so TYT Take your time TYSO Thank you so much TYAFY Thank you and *freak* you TYVM Thank you very much U ^URS Up yours UCMU You crack me up UDI Unidentified drinking injury (meaning bruise, scratch, ache and so on) UDM U (You) da (the) man UDS Ugly domestic scene UFB Un *freaking* believable UFN Until further notice UGTBK You've got to be kidding UKTR You know that's right UL Upload U-L Meaning "You will" UNA Use no acronyms UN4TUN8 Unfortunate UNBLEFBLE Unbelievable UNCRTN Uncertain UNPC Un- (not) politically correct UOK (Are) You ok? UR Your / You're UR2YS4ME You are too wise for me URA* You are a star URH You are hot (U R Hot) URSKTM You are so kind to me URTM You are the man URW You are welcome USBCA Until something better comes along USU Usually UT Unreal Tournament (online gaming) UT2L You take too long UV Unpleasant visual UW You're welcome V VBS Very big smile VEG Very evil grin VFF Very freaking funny VFM Value for money VGC Very good condition VGG Very good game (online gaming) VGH Very good hand (online gaming) VIP Very important person VM Voice mail VN Very nice VNH Very nice hand (online gaming) VRY Very VSC Very soft chuckle VSF Very sad face VWD Very well done (online gaming) W W@ What? W/ With W3 WWW (Web address) W8 Wait WAH Working at home WAJ What a jerk WAM Wait a minute WAN2 Want to? (SMS) WAN2TLK Want to talk WAREZ meaning pirated (illegally gained) software WAS Wait a second WAS Wild *a* guess WAWA Where are we at? WAYF Where are you from? W/B Write back WB Welcome back WBS Write back soon WBU What about you? WC Welcome WC Who cares WCA Who cares anyway W/E Whatever W/END Weekend WE Whatever WEP Weapon (online gaming) WH5 Who, what, when, where, why WIBNI Wouldn't it be nice if WDALYIC Who died and left you in charge WDYK What do you know? WDYT What do you think? WIIFM What's in it for me? WISP Winning is so pleasurable WITP What is the point? WITW What in the world WIU Wrap it up WK Week WKD Weekend WRT With regard to WL Whatta loser W/O Without WOMBAT Waste of money, brains and time WOW World of Warcraft (online gaming) WRK Work WRU@ Where are you at? WRUD What are you doing? WTB Want to buy (online gaming) WTF What the *freak* ? WTFE What the *freak* ever WTFO What the *freak* ?, over. WTG Way to go WTGP Want to go private (talk out of public chat area) WTH What the heck? WTM Who's the man? WTS Want to sell? (online gaming) WTT Want to trade? (online gaming) WU What's up? WUCIWUG What you see is what you get WUF Where are you from? WUP What's up? WUW What u (you) want? WUU2 What are you up to? WWJD What would Jesus do? WWJD What Would Judd Do? (Artist Donald Judd, who was known to do things in his own compulsive way.) WWNC Will wonders never cease WWYC Write when you can WYCM Will you call me? WYD What (are) you doing? WYGAM When you get a minute WYHAM When you have a minute WYLEI When you least expect it WYSIWYG What you see is what you get X X-1-10 Meaning "Exciting" X Kiss X! Meaning "a typical woman" XD Meaning "really hard laugh" (where D is a smiley mouth) XD Meaning a "devilish smile" XME Excuse Me XOXOXO Hugs & Kisses XLNT Excellent XYL Ex-young lady, meaning wife. (amateur radio) XYZ Examine your zipper Y Y? Why? Y Meaning Yawn Y2K You're too kind YA Your YAA Yet another acronym YABA Yet another bloody acronym YARLY Ya, really? YBIC Your brother in Christ YBS You'll be sorry YCDBWYCID You can't do business when your computer is down YCHT You can have them YCLIU You can look it up YCMU You crack me up YF Wife YG Young gentleman YGTBKM You've got to be kidding me YGG You go girl YHBT You have been trolled YHBW You have been warned YHL You have lost YIU Yes, I understand YKW You know what YKWYCD You know what you can do YL Young lady YMMV Your mileage may vary YNK You never know YR Your YR Yeah right YRYOCC You're running your own cuckoo clock YSIC Your sister in Christ YSYD Yeah sure you do YT You there? YTTL You take too long YTG You're the greatest YW You're welcome YWHNB Yes, we have no bananas YWHOL Yelling "woohoo" out loud YWSYLS You win some, you lose some YYSSW Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, whatever Z Z Zero Z Z's are calling (meaning going to bed/sleep) Z Meaning "Said" Z% Zoo ZH Sleeping Hour ZOMG Used in World of Warcraft to mean OMG (Oh My God) ZOT Zero tolerance ZUP Meaning "What's up?" ZZZZ Sleeping (or bored)

What type of files is required to support Active Directory functions?

.### Temporary File .#24 Locoscript 24-pin Printer Data File .#IB Locoscript Dot Matrix Data File .#SC Locoscript Dot Matrix Data File .#ST Locoscript Dot Matrix Printer Definition File .~ Temporary File .~AP Borland C++ AppExpert Project Database File .~DE Borland C++ Project Backup File .~MN Norton Menu Backup .~PR Terramodel Project Backup .~SG TapCIS Message Index File .~$~ 1st Reader Temporary File .?q? Squeeze .??? ANY three character audio file: May be a dictation file where the extension is the dictator's initials; playable by BCB Voice Systems software. .$$$ Temporary File (various) .$$A OS/2 .$$F OS/2 Database .$$P OS/2 Notes .$$S OS/2 Spreadsheet .$D$ OS/2 Planner Data File .$DB dBase Temp File .$ED MS C/C++ Temporary Editor File .$LN Borland C++ TLink Response File .$VM MS Windows Virtual Manager Temp File .@@@ Screen Files (shown during various installations) ._DD Norton Disk Doctor Recovered File ._DM Nuts n Bolts Disk Minder Recovered File (Helix Software now part of McAfee) Top of Page .000 (000-999) Sequentially Numbered Backup Files MS Doublespace Compressed Data File Geoworks Data File .001 Fax Data File (various) .075 Ventura Publisher 75dpi Screen Characters .085 Ventura Publisher 85dpi Screen Characters .091 Ventura Publisher 91dpi Screen Characters .096 Ventura Publisher 96dpi Screen Characters .0B PageMaker Printer Font LineDraw Characters .10X Gemini Bitmap Printer Graphics File .113 Iomega Backup File .123 Lotus File .12M Lotus Smartmaster File .12U PageMaker Font File .15U PageMaker Printer Font .196 Computer Snooper Log File (inactive domain: .1PE TurboTax Form File .1ST Information (e.g., README.1ST) .24B 24-bit Graphic File .286 Windows Standard Mode Driver .2D 2D VersaCAD Drawing File .2GR Windows EGA/VGA Screen Grabber [EGA] [VGA] .301 Fax Data .303 Seq-303 Settings .320 Chromelion Demo Data File .323 H.323 Internet Telephony .340 Chromelion Demo Data File .386 Windows Enhanced Mode Driver or Swap File .3D VersaCAD 3D Drawing File .3DM 3D Modeler File .3DP Serif 3D Plus .3DS 3D Studio Graphic .3DT The database in InterBase 6.0 format (the open source version) in which a 3D Topicscape is held. URL: (added 2005-09-22) .3FX Corel Chart 3D Effect .3GR Windows SVGA/XVGA Screen Grabber [SVGA] .3IN MSN Setup Information .411 Sony Mavica Data File .4GE Informix 4GL Compiled Code .4GL Informix 4GL Source .4SW 4DOS Swap File .4TH FORTH Program .4V Quartet Music File .669 669 Tracker Module Unis Composer Music File .8 A86 Assembler Program File .8BA Adobe PhotoDeluxe Plugin (also ends in E, F, I, X, & Y) .8BF Filter Factory File [Viewer] .8M PageMaker Math 8 Printer Font .8U PageMaker Roman 8 Printer Font .906 Calcomp Plotter File Top of Page .A UNIX Library [UNIX] ADA Program .A01 ARJ Multi-volume Compressed Archive (can be 01 to 99) .A11 Graphic .A3K Yamaha A3000 Sampler File .A3L Authorware 3.x Library .A3M Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh File .A3W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File .A4L Authorware 4.x Library .A4M Unpackaged Authorware MacIntosh File .A4P Authorware File Without Runtime .A4W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File .A5L Authorware 5.x Library .A5W Unpackaged Authorware Windows File .A86 A86 Assembler Program File .A_T A-Train .AA Audio Book File .AAM Authorware Shocked File .AAS Authorware Shocked Packet .AB Applix Builder File .AB6 AB Stat Data .AB8 AB Stat Data .AB$ AutoCAD Spooled Plot File .ABC Flowchart .ABD AmBiz Bonus Calculator Data File .ABF Adobe Binary Screen Font .ABK Corel Draw AutoBackup Any Automatic Backup .ABM HitPlayer Audio Album File Album File (various) .ABO Applix Builder Turbo File .ABR Photoshop Brush .ABS Abstracts MPEG Audio Sound File [MPEG] PC GNU Compiler Output Abscissa Data File .ABW AbiWord Document File .ACA MS Agent Character File Project Manager Workbench File .ACB ACBM Graphic Image Archived Data File .ACC DR-DOS Viewmax File .ACD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data Sonic Foundry Acid Music File MS Agent Character Definiton File .ACE The Ace Archiver Compressed File .ACF MS Agent Character File Photoshop Custom Filter .ACG MS Agent Preview File .ACI ACI Development Appraisal .ACL Corel Draw 6 Keyboard Accelerator .ACM Audio Compression Manager Driver (Windows) Photoshop Command Button Windows System File ACBM Image File Interplay Compressed Sound File .ACO Photoshop Color Swatch File .ACP MS Office Assistant Preview File .ACR American College of Radiology File .ACS MS Agent Character File .ACT MS Office Actor Program File FoxPro Documenting Wizard Action Diagram Photoshop Color Table .ACV OS/2 Audio Drivers Photoshop Saved Curve Also see .AD AfterDark Screen Saver .ADA ADA Program File .ADB ADA Package Body HP Organizer Appointment Database .ADC Chromeleon Demo Data File Scanstudio 16-color Bitmap Graphic File Lingvo Dictionary Text File .ADD OS/2 Adapter Device Driver Adobe Pagemaker File .ADE MS Access Project Extension ADC Audio File .ADF Adapter Description File Admin Config File Amiga Disk File (Uncompressed 901120 byte DD Diskimage) .ADI AutoCAD Plotter File .ADL QEMM MCA Adapter Description Library [MCA] .ADM After Dark Screen Saver Module Windows NT Policy Template .ADN 1-2-3 Add In Utility MS Access Blank Project Template .ADO Photoshop Duotone Options .ADP FaxWorks Modem Setup File Astound Dynamite File MS Access Project AOLserver Dynamic Page File [AOL] .ADR After Dark Random Screen Saver Module Smart Address Address Book .ADS ADA Package Specification .ADT HP NewWave Card Application Data File Lingvo Dictionary File AdTech Fax File .ADV GUS Virtual Device Driver .ADX Lotus Approach Index File Archetype Designer Document Dynazip Active Delivery Script .ADZ GZ-Packed Amiga Disk File (see ADF) .AE SoftQuad Author/Editor File .AEH iPer Advanced Embedded Hypertext .AEP ArcExplorer Project File .AEX PGP Armored Extracted Public Encryption Key [PGP] .AF2 ABC Flowchart .AF3 ABC Flowchart .AFC Apple Sound File .AFI Truevision Bitmap Graphic .AFL Lotus Font .AFM Outline Font Metric HP NewWave Cardfile Application .AFP Flowchart Symbol Palette .AFS Filter Factory Photoshop Filter .AFT Flowchart Template .AFW Flowchart Work Area .AG Applix Graphic .AG4 Access G4 File .AHS Photoshop Halftone Screens .AI Adobe Illustrator Vector Graphic Corel Trace Drawing .AIF Knowledgeware Setup Information Audio Interchange File [Viewer] .AIM AOL Instant Messenger File [AOL] .AIN AIN Compressed Archive .AIO APL File Transfer Format .AIR Align It! Resource File .AIS Array of Intensity Samples (Graphic) Velvet Studio Instruments ACDSee Image Sequence File .AIX HP NewWave Cardfile Application Data .AKF Acrobat Key File .AKW RoboHELP Help Project Index File .ALB JASC Image Commander Album .ALC Norton Internet Security Ad Server File .ALL Arts & Letters Symbols and Characters WordPerfect Printer Info .ALS Alias Image .ALT WordPerfect Menu File .ALV Photoshop Levels .AM Applix SHELF Macro .AMF Advanced Module Format Music File DSMIA/Asylum Module Music .AMG AMGC Compressed Archive (alternate site) AMG ACTOR System Image .AMI Cocreate SolidDesigner Annotation File .AMP Photoshop Arbitrary Map Settings .AMS Extreme's Tracker Module Format Photoshop Monitor Setup Velvet Studio Module .AN Groundworks Text File .ANC Canon Computer Pattern Maker File .ANI Animated Cursor [Viewer] .ANL Project Analyzer Saved Analysis .ANM DeluxPaint Animation .ANN Help Annotation .ANS ANSI Graphic [ANSI] MS Word Text and Layout .ANT SimAnt for Windows Saved Game File .AOS Nokia Add-on Software .AOT ZenWorks Application Binary Object Template File .AP Applix Presents File WHAP-Compressed Amiga Archive .APC Lotus Printer Driver Characters Centura Team Developer Compiled Application File .APD Lotus Printer Driver Centura Team Developer Dynamic Application Library File .APF Lotus Printer Driver Fonts Acrobat Profile File Homesite Project File .API Lotus Printer Driver Info Photoshop Ink Colors Setup Application Program Interface .APL Centura Team Developer Application Library File APL Workspace File .APP R:Base, Symphony, DR-DOS, FoxPro (or other) Application Centura Team Developer Normal Mode Application File .APR Lotus Approach 97 File ArcView Project File .APS MS Visual C++ File .APT Centura Team Developer Text Mode Application File Lotus Approach Data View File .APX Lotus Approach Paradox-specific Information File Borland C++ Appexpert Database .AQ Applix Data .ARC Archive File Compressed File .ARF Automatic Response File .ARI Aristotle Audio File Compressed Archive .ARJ Compressed Archive .ARK Compressed Archive .ARL AOL Organizer File [AOL] .ARR Atari Cubase Arrangement .ART Clip Art File Xara Studio Drawing Canon Crayola Art File Another Ray Tracer Format AOL Johnson-Grace Compressed File [AOL] First Publisher Raster Graphic .ARX Compressed Archive .AS Applix Spreadsheet .ASA MS Visual InterDev File Active Server Document .ASC ASCII Text File [ASCII] PGP Armored Encrypted File [PGP] .ASD MS Word Automatic Backup Lotus Screen Driver MS Advanced Streaming Format Description File .ASE Velvet Studio Sample .ASF MS Active Streaming File Statgraphics Data Lotus Screen Font APL*Plus/PC APL Shared File Electronic Arts Music File .ASH TASM Assembler Header .ASI Borland Assembler Include .ASK askSam Database .ASM Assembler Source Language (various) .ASO Assembler Object Astound Dynamite Objects .ASP Active Server Page Procomm Plus ASPECT Program Astound Presentation File Photoshop Photo File Index Photoshop Separation Setup .ASR Automap Route Photoshop Scratch Area .AST Astound Multimedia File Photoshop Separation Tables Claris Works Assistant File .ASV DataCAD Autosave File Photoshop Selective Color .ASX Active Streaming File Cheyenne Backup Script MS Advanced Streaming Redirector File Video File .AT2 Aldus Persuasion 2.0 Auto Template .ATF Photoshop Transfer Function .ATM Adobe Type Manager Data File .ATT AT&T Group 4 Bitmap (fax) .ATW AnyTime Deluxe PIM File [PIM] .AU Music File (various) [Viewer] .AUD Audio File used by Westwood Studios for various games .AUX TeX/LaTeX Auxilliary Reference File ChiWriter Auxilliary Dictionary File .AVA Avagio Publication .AVB Inculan Anti-Virus Virus Infected File .AVI Audio Video Interleave File [Viewer] .AVR Audio Visual Research Sound File .AVS Animation File Application Visualization System Format Stardent AVS-X Image Winamp Advanced Visualization Studio File .AVX ArcView File .AW HP AdvanceWrite Text File Applix Word File .AWD Faxviewer Document .AWK AWK Script .AWM Animation Works Movie .AWR Telsis Digital Audio File .AWS StatGraphics Data File .AXL ArcIMS XML Project File [XML] .AXR Telsis Digital Audio File .AXT ASCII Application Object Template Photoshop Replace Color/Color Range Top of Page .B1J BookJones .B1N 1st Reader Binary Screen Image .B1S BookSmith .B30 Ventura Publisher Printer Font .B3D 3D Builder File .B4 Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee) .B64 Base 64 MIME-encoded File [MIME] .B8 Piclab Raw Graphic File .BAC Backup .BAD Rime Mailer Address File Oracle BAD File .BAK Backup .BAL Ballade Music Score .BAS BASIC Language Source Basic Module .BAT Batch Processing .BB Papyrus Database Backup .BBL TeX/BibTeX Bibliographic Reference File .BBM Deluxe Paint Image File .BBS Bulletin Board Sytem Text .BCH dBase Application Generator Batch Process Object Phoenix Software (Datalex) Entry Point 90 Data File .BCK Backup .BCM MS Works Communications Ffile .BCO Bitstream Fontware File .BCP Borland C++ Makefile .BCW Borland C++ 4.5 Environment Settings .BDB MS Works Dababase File .BDF West Point Bridge Designer File .BDF Egret Data File .BDR MS Publisher Border .BEZ Bitstream Fontware File .BF2 Bradford 2 Font .BFA Blowfish-encrypted File (Extension added to original) .BFC Briefcase File .BFM UNIX Font Metrics File .BFX BitFax Document .BG MS Backgammon for Windows Game .BGA OS/2 Graphic Array .BGI Borland Graphic Interface .BGL Flight Simulator Scenery File .BHF pcAnywhere Host File .BI Binary File .BIB Bibliography TeX/BibTeX Literature Database .BIF GroupWise Initialization File .BIG Chinese (old version) .BIK BioCharter Profile Backup File .BIN Binary File .BIO BioCharter Profile File OS/2 Bios File .BIT Bitmap Image .BK Backup JetFax Faxbook File .BK! Backup .BK$ Backup .BK1 Backup (Can be 1 to 9, usually with WordPerfect) .BKI Backup Index .BKP Backup .BKS Bookshelf Backup IBM BookManager Read Bookshelf MS Works Spreadsheet Backup .BKW FontEdit Fontset Mirror Image .BLB DreamWorks Resource Archive .BLD BASIC Bload Graphics .BLK WordPerfect Temp File Alias Wavefront Image .BLT Wordperfect for DOS File .BM Graphic (bitmap) .BM1 Apogee BioMenace Data File .BMF Image File .BMI Buzz Instrument .BMK Help Bookmark .BMP Windows OS/2 Bitmap Graphics [Viewer] .BMS Backup Magic Backup Set .BMW Buzz Music File with Waves .BMX Buzz Music File .BN AdLib Instrument Bank .BNK Adlib Instrument Bank SimCity Game File (reported to be) Bink Compressed Video/Audio File .BOO Image File Book Compressed Archive File .BOX Notes Mailbox .BPC Business Plan Toolkit Chart .BPL Delphi Library .BPS MS Works Document .BPT Bitmap Master File .BPX Truevision Targa Bitmap .BQY BrioQuery File .BR Bridge Script .BR3 Bryce 3D Scene File .BRC Bryce 2 Scene File .BRD EAGLE Board File .BRI Basic Rate Interface File .BRK Brooktrout Fax-Mail File .BRX Multimedia Browsing Index .BS_ MS Bookshelf Find Menu Shell Extension .BS1 Apogee Blake Stone Data File .BSA BSARC Compressed Archive .BSC Apple II Compressed Archive Boyan Script MS Developer Studio Browser File .BSK Bryce 4 File .BSP Quake Map .BSV BASIC Bsave Graphics .BTM 4DOS Batch To Memory Batch File .BTN ButtonWare File .BTR Btrieve Database File .BUD Quicken Backup .BUG Bug (Problem) File .BUN CakeWalk Audio Bundle File .BUP Backup .BUT Buttons! Button Definition .BUY Movie Data File .BV1 WordPerfect Overflow File (Can be 1 to 9) .BW SGI Black and White Image .BWB Visual Baler Spreadsheet File .BWR Kermit Beware Bug List .BWV Business Wave File .BYU Movie File .BZ Bzip UNIX Compressed File .BZ2 Bzip UNIX Compressed File (Replaces .BZ) Top of Page .C C Program File .C00 Ventura Print File .C01 Typhoon Wave File .C86 C86 C Program .C-- Sphinx C-- Source code .CA Telnet Server Initial Cache Data File .CA7 Beta 44 Job File .CAB Cabinet File (Microsoft installation archive) .CAC dBase IV Executable File .CAD Softdesk Drafix CAD File .CAG MS Clip Gallery Catalog File .CAL SuperCalc Worksheet Calendar File CALS compressed bitmap .CAM Casio Camera Graphic [Viewer] .CAN Navigator Fax .CAP Ventura Caption Telix Session Capture Compressed Music File .CAR AtHome Assistant File .CAS Comma-delimited ASCII File .CAT dBase Catalog Quicken IntelliCharge Categorization File .CB MS Clean Boot File .CBC CubiCalc Fuzzy Logic System File .CBI IBM Mainframe Column Binary Formatted File .CBL COBOL Program .CBM XLib Compiled Bitmap .CBT Computer Based Training .CC C++ Program File Visual dBASE Custom Class File .CCA CC:Mail File .CCB Visual Basic Animated Button Configuration .CCC Chat Curtain Call Native Bitmap Graphic .CCE Calendar Creator Plus Data File .CCF OS/2 Multimedia Viewer Configuration File Symphony Communications Configuration File .CCH Corel Chart .CCL Intalk Communication Command Language .CCM Lotus CC:Mail Mailbox .CCO CyberChat Data File .CCR Chat Room Shortcut .CCT Macromedia Director Shockwave Cast .CDA CD Audio Track .CDB Turbo C Database Clipboard File CardScan Database PowerDesigner Conceptual Model Backup File .CDC Chromeleon Driver Configuration Plugin .CDD Chromeleon Device Driver .CDF Comma Delimited Format Cyberspace Description Format MS Channel Definition Format .CDI Phillips Compact Disk Interactive Format .CDK Atari Calamus Document .CDM PowerDesigner Conceptual Model File Visual dBASE Custom Data Module .CDR Corel Vector Graphic Raw Audio-CD Data .CDT Corel Draw Template .CDX Compound Index Corel Draw Compressed Drawing MS Visual Foxpro Index Active Server Document .CE FarSide Computer Calendar File .CEG Continuous Edge Graphic Tempra Show Bitmap Graphic .CEL Autodesk Animator Graphic CIMFast Event Language File Kiss Paper Doll File .CER Certificate File .CEX The Currency Exchanger Rate File .CF Imake Configurtion File .CFB Comptons Multimedia File .CFG Configuration (various) .CFL Corel Flowchart File .CFM Corel FontMaster Cold Fusion Template File Visual dBASE Windows Customer Form .CFN Atari Calamus Font Data File .CFO TCU Turbo C Utilities C Form Object .CFP Complete Fax Portable Fax File .CGA Ventura CGA Screen Characters .CGI Common Gateway Interface Script .CGM Computer Graphics Metafile .CH Clipper Header OS/2 Configuration File .CH3 Harvard Chart (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .CH4 Charisma 4.0 Presentation .CHA Adobe Pagemaker Kerning Data .CHD FontChameleon Font Descriptor .CHF pcAnywhere Remote Control File .CHI Chiwriter Document .CHJ Help Composer Project .CHK CHKDSK/SCANDISK Output WordPerfect Temp File .CHL Chromeleon Channel Raw Data Configuration History Log .CHM Compiled HTML Help .CHN Ethnograph Data File .CHP Ventura Publisher Chapter .CHR Character or Font File .CHT Cheat Machine Data File ChartViewer dBase Interface File Harvard Graphics Vector File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .CIF Ventura Chapter Information Easy CD Creator Image pcAnywhere Caller File Ventura Converted Image File Colombo Ipermedia File .CIL Clip Gallery Download Package .CIM Sim City 200 File .CIN OS/2 Change Control File .CIR SuperMax E-CAD Save-File Command .CIT Intergraph Scanned Image .CIX TCU Turbo C Utilities Database Index .CK1 iD/Apogee Commander Keen 1 Data File (.CK1 to .CK6) .CKB Borland C++ Keyboard Mapping File .CKP Ingres Checkpoint File .CL Generic LISP Source Code .CL3 Easy CD Creator Layout File .CL4 Easy CD Creator Layout File .CLA Java Class File (usually .CLASS but can be shortened) .CLG Disk Catalog Database .CLL Crick Software Clicker File .CLO Cloe Image .CLP Windows Clipboard/Picture [Viewer] Quattro Pro Clip Art Clipper 5 Compiler Script .CLR WinEdit Colorization Word List 1st Reader Binary Color Screen Image PhotStyler Color Defintion .CLS Visual Basic Class Module C++ Class Definition .CM Craftman Data File .CMA Applix TM1 Database File (text) .CMB Chromeleon Backup Archive .CMD OS/2, WinNT Command File DOS CP/M Command File dBase II Program File 1st Reader External Command Menu .CMF Creative Music File Corel Metafile .CMG Chessmaster Saved Game .CMK Card Shop Plus File .CML Cheat Machine Library File (Windows) PADGen Company Info File .CMP Leadview Bitmap Open Access File Address Document JPEG Bitmap CorelDRAW Postscript Printer Header Route 66 Address Document MS Word for DOS User Dictionary .CMR MediaPlayer Movie .CMU Carnegie Mellon Univeristy Stereo Raster Image .CMV Corel Move Animation .CMX Corel PhotoPaint Image Corel Presentation Exchange Image Apple Viewer File .CNF Configuration (various) SpeedDial .CNM Windows Application Menu Options and Setup File .CNQ Compuworks Design Shop File .CNT Help File Contents (and other contents needs) .CNV MS Word Data Conversion File WS_FTP Pro Upload Conversion File Data WordPerfect Temporary File .COB COBOL Program File Caligari Truespace Format TrueSpace2 Object .COD Code List Compiler Program Code .COD Multiplan Data File dBase Template Source File FORTRAN Compiled Code .COL Autodesk Color Palette Multiplan Spreadsheet Lotus Notes Import Column Description File .COM Command (Executable file) .CON Knowledgeware Consolidation File Simdir Configuration File .CP8 CP8 256 Gray Scale Image .CPD Fax Coversheet Corel PrintOffice File Complaints Desk Script .CPE Fax Coversheet .CPF Complete Fax File .CPH Corel Print House Image .CPI Code Page Information ColorLab Image .CPJ CeQuadrant CD Project .CPL Control Panel Extension Corel Color Palette Compel Presentation .CPO Corel Print House File .CPP C++ Program CA-Cricket Presents Presentation .CPR Corel Presents Presentation Knowledge Access Graphics .CPS Antivirus Checksum File Central Point PC Tools Backup Colored PostScript File .CPT Macintosh Compressed File Corel Photo-Paint Image [Viewer] dBase Encrypted Memo CA Cricket Presents Template .CPX Control Panel Applet CryptaPix Encrypted Image Corel Presentation Exchange Compressed Drawing .CPY Copy Books Data File .CPZ COMPOZ Music Text .CRD Cardfile (Windows 3.x Database) .CRF Zortech C++ Cross-Reference File .CRH MS Golf Image File .CRL Certificate Revocation List .CRP dBase Encrypted Database Visual dBASE Custom Report Corel Presents Run-Time Presentation .CRS WordPerfect 5.1 for Windows File Conversion Resource .CRT Certificate File Oracle Terminal Settings Info UNIX Crontab File (not a required extension for Crontab) .CRU CRUSH Compressed Archive .CRY Crypto Chat II Encrypted Notebook-content .CSA Comma Deliminated Text .CSC Corel Script .CSD Bitstream Fontware File Chemsoft® MSDS Database File .CSF Chemical Sample File - Cache Software .CSH Hamilton Labs C Shell Script File .CSK Claris Works .CSM Borland C++ Symbol File Borland C++ 4.5 Precompiled Header Kodak DC265 Camera Script .CSP PC Emcee On-Screen Image .CSQ Foxpro Queries .CSS Hypertext Cascading Style Sheet Stats+ Datafile Statistica Datasheet .CST Macromedia Director Cast File .CSV Comma-Separated Variables .CT Scitex CT Bitmap .CTF TIFF Compressed File Symphony Character Code Translation .CTL Setup Information (various) User Control (various) .CTX Compressed Text Visual Basic User Control Binary File Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) Ciphertext File MS Online Course Text .CTY SimCity City File .CUE MS Cue Cards Data .CUF Turbo C Utilities Form Definition .CUL IconForge/ImageForge Cursor Library .CUR Cursor [Viewer] .CUT Dr. Halo Bitmap Graphic .CV Corel Versions Archive MS CodeView Information .CV4 Codeview Colors .CVP WinFax Cover Page .CVS Canvas Drawing File .CVT dBase Converted Database .CVW Codeview Colors .CWE Crossword Express .CWK Claris Works Data .CWS Claris Works Template .CXT Macromedia Director Protected Cast File .CXX Zortech C++ Program Top of Page .D Dialect Source Code File .D3D CorelDream 3D File .D64 Commodore 64 Emulator Disk Image .D8A AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog .DAD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data .DAP Omnis5 Application File MS Access Data Access Page .DAT Data (multiple programs) WordPerfect Merge Data (also possibly) MPEG File .DB Paradox Database .DB2 dBase II File .DBC MS Visual Foxpro Database Container .DBF Database (multiple programs) [started as dBASE] Oracle 8.x Tablespace File .DBK dBase Database Backup Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File .DBM Cold Fusion Template .DBO dBase IV Compiled Program File .DBQ Paradox Memo .DBT Database Text File [dBASE] .DBV Flexfile Memo Field File .DBW DataBoss Database File .DBX Database (multiple programs) DataBeam Image MS Visual Foxpro Table .DC DesignCAD CAD File .DC2 DesignCAD CAD File .DC5 DataCAD Drawing File .DCA Visual Basic Active Designer Cache IBM DisplayWrite Document Content Architecture Text File .DCD Document Content Description File .DCF Design Rule for Camera File Systems File .DCM DCM Module Format .DCP Delphi Compiled Packages OS/2 Data CodePage .DCR Shockwave File .DCS Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification ACT! Activity Data File .DCT Dictionary (various) MS Visual Foxpro Database Container .DCU Delphi Compiled Unit .DCX FAX Image [Viewer] Bitmap Graphics [Viewer] Macros MS Visual Foxpro Database Container .DD Macintosh Compressed Disk Doubler Archive .DDB Bitmap Graphics File .DDE Dynamic Data Exchange .DDF BTRIEVE Database Bitstream Fontware File .DDI DiskDupe Image Disk Doubler Image .DDP OS/2 Device Driver Profile File .DEB DOS Debug Script Debian Linux Package .DEF Definitions Defaults SGML Tag Definition SmartWare II Data File C++ Definition Geoworks Assembly Header File .DEL Data .DEM Demonstration USGS Map .DEP Setup Wizard Dependency .DER Certificate File .DES Description Text .DEV Device Driver Device Independent TeX LaTeX File .DEZ DES Encrypted Zip File .DF1 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (also .DF2, .DF3, etc.) .DFD File Flow Diagram Graphic .DFI Digifont Outline Font Description .DFL Signature Default Program Settings .DFM Delphi Forms File Flow Diagram Model .DFS Delight Sound File .DFV Word Print Format Template .DG Autotrol Graphics .DGC TurboTax-related File .DGN Microstation95 CAD Drawing File Intergraph Graphics .DGS AT Advanced Diagnostics File .DH Geoworks Dependency Information File .DHP Dr. Halo PIC .DHT Gauss Data File .DIA Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File .DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic [Viewer] .DIC Dictionary (various) .DIF Data Interchange Format .DIG Text Document Digilink Format Sound Designer Audio File .DIP Graphics File .DIR Procomm Plus Dialing Directory Macromedia Director File DEC VAX Directory .DIS Corel Draw Thesaurus .DIT MS Win2000 Active Directory Schema .DIZ Description In Zip File .DKB DKBTrace Ray-Traced Graphics File .DL Animations file .DLD Lotus File .DLG Dialog Resource Script C++ Dialogue Script .DLL Dynamic Link Library CorelDraw Export/Import Filter .DLS Downloadable Sounds (Interactive Music Architecture) Norton DiskLock Setup File .DMD Visual dBASE Data Module .DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File Packed Amiga Disk Image .DMO Demo .DMP Dump (various) .DMS Compressed Archive .DNE Darn v5+ (Windows) Events List .DOB User Document Form File .DOC Document or Documentation (many programs/formats) MS Word Document .DOG Laughing Dog Screen Saver .DOH Geoworks Dependency Information File .DOS Text File/DOS Specification Info .DOT MS Word Document Template Corel Lines-Definition .DOX Text File MultiMate Document User Document Binary Form File .DOZ VENDINFO Description Out of Zip File .DP Daily Planner Calendar File DataPhile Data File .DPA Serif DrawPlus Animation .DPJ DeskProto CAM Project File .DPK Delphi Package File .DPL Borland Delphi 3 Packed Library .DPP Serif DrawPlus Drawing .DPR Borland C++ (or Delphi) Default Project .DPT Publish-It! Publication File .DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange .DQY MS Excel ODBC Query File .DRC Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File .DRN Darn for DOS .DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource .DRV Device Driver .DRW Drawing (various) Micrografix Vector Graphic Pro/E Drawing .DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4) .DSC Oracle Discard File Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File .DSD DataShaper Database File Document Structure Definition File .DSF Micrografx Designer Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample .DSG Doom Saved Game .DSK Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop File Novell Driver File .DSL Lingvo User Feature Dictionary .DSM Delphi Symbol File Digital Sound Module Tracker Format Dynamic Studio Music Module .DSN ODBC Data Source SureThing Office Labeler (formerly DesignExpress) Document Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File .DSP Signature Display Parameters Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver MS Developer Studio Project .DSQ Corel QUERY File .DSR WordPerfect Driver Active Designer File .DSS Digital Soup Digital Sound File .DST Embroidery Machines Graphics File .DSW MS Developer Studio Workspace Borland C++ Desktop Settings .DSX Active Designer Binary File .DT_ Macintosh Data File Fork .DTA Data (Various) .DTD SGML Document Definition File .DTF Q&A Database .DTM DigiTrekker Module .DTP SecurDesk! Desktop Timeworks Publisher Text Document Pressworks Template File .DUN Dial-Up Network .DUP Duplicate Backup .DV DESQview Script Digital Video File .DVC Lotus File .DVF DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File .DVI Device Independent Document .DVP DESQview Program Information AutoCAD Device Parameter .DVR Device Driver .DW2 DesignCAD Drawing File .DWC Compressed Archive .DWD DiamondWare Digitized File .DWF Autodesk Vector Graphic .DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database .DWP Dweep Game Levels DeScribe Document File .DWS Dyadic Workspace File .DWT AutoCAD Template/Prototype File .DX Document Imaging File Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data Exchange File .DXB Drawing Interchange Binary .DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format .DXN Fujitsu dexNet Fax Document .DXR Macromedia Director Protected Movie File .DYN Lotus File Top of Page .EBJ Geoworks Error Checking Object File .ECC Ecchi Role-playing Format (Generally X-rated Anime File) .ECW Ensoniq Waveset Format .ED5 EDMICS Graphics File .ED6 EDMICS Graphics File .EDA Ensoniq ASR Disk Image .EDB ROOTS3 Geneological Data .EDD FrameMaker Element Definition Document .EDE Ensoniq EPS Disk Image .EDK Ensoniq KT Disk Image .EDQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 Disk Image .EDS Ensoniq SQ80 Disk Image .EDT VAX Edt Default Settings .EDV Ensoniq VFX-SD Disk Image .EEB WordPerfect Equation Editor Button Bar .EFA Ensoniq ASR File .EFE Ensoniq EPS File .EFK Ensoniq KT File .EFQ Ensoniq SQ1/SQ2/KS32 File .EFS Ensoniq SQ80 File .EFT Chiwriter High Res Screen Characters .EFV Ensoniq VFX-SD File .EFX Everex EFax Fax Document .EGA Ventura EGA Screen Characters .EL eMacs Lisp Source Code .ELC eMacs Lisp Byte-compiled Source Code .ELI Encyclopedia Article List .ELM MS FrontPage Theme-Pack File .ELT Event List Text .EMB Everest Embedded Bank File .EMD ABT Extended Module .EMF Extended Windows Metafile Format [Viewer] .EML MS Outlook Express Electronic Mail .EMS PC Tools Enhanced Menu System Config .EMU Emulation .ENC UUENCODEd Encoded File Video File Knowledgeware Encyclopedia Encore Music File .END Corel Arrow Definition .ENG Dictionary .ENR Enroute Toolath .ENV WordPerfect Environment .EPD Express Publisher Publication File .EPI Express Publisher Document File .EPS Encapsulated PostScript [Viewer] Ventura Printer Font .EQN WordPerfect Equation .ER1 ERWin File .ERD Entity Relationship Diagram .ERM Entity Relationship Diagram Model .ERR Error Log (various) .ERX ERWin File .ESF Emblaze Audio File .ESH Extended Shell Batch File .ESI Esri Plot File .ESL MS Visual FoxPro Distributable Support Library .ETH Ethnograph Document File .ETX SetText Structure Enhanced Text .EUC Japanese (Kanji) .EUI Ensoniq EPS Family Compacted Disk Image .EVT PC Tools Event File Scheduler MS WinNT/2000 Event Log .EVY Envoy Document .EWD Express Publisher for Windows Document .EWL MS Encarta Document .EX3 Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .EXC QEMM Exclude File REXX Program MS Word Exclusion Dictionary Text Document .EXE Executable File .EXP ICQ Saved Chat File .EXT Norton Commander Extension File .EYB Encyclopedia Yearbook File .EZP Edify Electronic Workforce Backup Utility .EZS Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Document .EZT Sunburst Technology Easy Sheet Template Top of Page .F Compressed Archive File (UNIX) FORTRAN Program .F01 Perfect Fax Document .F06 DOS 6 Pixel Screen Font .F07 DOS 7 Pixel Screen Font .F08 DOS 8 Pixel Screen Font .F09 DOS 9 pixel Screen Font .F10 DOS 10 Pixel Screen Font .F11 DOS 11 Pixel Screen Font .F12 DOS 12 Pixel Screen Font .F13 DOS 13 Pixel Screen Font .F14 DOS 14 Pixel Screen Font .F15 DOS 15 Pixel Screen Font .F16 DOS 16 Pixel Screen Font .F2R Farandoyle Linear Module Format .F3R Farandoyle Blocked Module Format .F32 Raw 32-bit IEEE Floating Point Values .F64 Raw 64-bit IEEE Floating Point Values .F77 FORTRAN 77 Program .F90 FORTRAN Program .F96 Frecom FAX96 Document .FAC FACE Graphic .FAQ Frequently Asked Questions .FAR Farandoyle Tracker Music Module .FAS 3D Fassade Plus Basic Module .FAV MS Outlook Bar Shortcuts .FAX Fax File .FBC FamilyTree Compressed Backup File .FBK Navison Financials Backup FamilyTree Backup File .FBM Fuzzy Bitmap .FBS File Burner Skin .FC Harvard Dictionary (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .FCD Virtual CD-ROM FastCAD/EasyCAD Output Patton & Patton Flow Charting 3 File .FCT Foxpro Catalog .FD FORTRAN Declarations Dataflex Field Compiler Offsets .FDB Navison Financials Database Art Explosion Portfolio Catalog File .FDF Adobe Acrobat Forms Document .FDX Force Index .FEB WordPerfect Figure Editor Button Bar .FEM CADRE Finite Element Mesh File .FES A file produced when a fileless occurrence in Topicscape is exported to Windows. URL: Company: 3D-Scape Limited (added 2005-09-22) .FEX Focus File .FF AGFA CompuGraphics Outline Font Description .FFA MS Fast Find File .FFF GUS PnP Bank defFax Fax Document .FFL MS Fast Find File PrintMaster Gold Image File .FFO MS Fast Find File .FFT DCA/FFT Final Form Text .FFX MS Fast Find File .FGA Folder Guard Attributes .FGD Folder Guard Data .FGP Folder Guard Passwords File .FH3 Aldus Freehand 3 Drawing .FH4 Aldus Freehand 4 Drawing .FI FORTRAN Interface File .FIF Fractal Image Format .FIG REND386/AVRIL Graphic .FIL dBase Files List Object WordPerfect Overlay .FIN WordPerfect Print Format Text .FIT FITS Graphic .FIX Generic Patch File .FKY Foxpro Macro .FLA Macromedia Flash Movie .FLB Papyrus Format Library .FLC AutoDesk FLIC Animated Picture .FLD Charisma Folder Hijaak Thumbnail Folder .FLF Corel Paradox Form OS/2 Driver File Navison Financials License File .FLI Autodesk FLIC Animation .FLL Foxpro Library .FLM AutoCAD Film .FLR Live3D File .FLT Corel Graphic Filter StarTrekker Music Module MulitGen Open Flight File .FLX Image File Dataflex Ordered Binder .FM Adobe FrameMaker Document FileMaker Pro Spreadsheet .FM1 Lotus Spreadsheet File .FM3 Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) 1-2-3 Format File .FMB WordPerfect File Manager Button Bar Oracle Binary Form Source Code .FMD Open Access File .FML GetRight File Mirror List .FMO dBase Ordered Format .FMP FileMaker Pro Document .FMT Format File Style Sheet Oracle Text Form Format MS Schedule+ Print File MS Visual FoxPro Csreen Format File .FMV Frame Vector Metafile .FMX Oracle Executable Form .FND MS Explorer Saved Search .FNG Font Navigator Group File .FNK FunkTracker Module .FNO Folio Infobase .FNT Font File .FOG Fontographer Font .FON Font File Procomm Plus Call Log .FOR FORTRAN Source .FOT Font-related File .FOX FoxBase File .FP FileMaker Pro File .FP1 Flying Pigs for Windows Data .FP3 FileMaker Pro File .FP5 FileMaker Pro Document .FPC FoxPro Catalog File .FPT FileMaker Pro File FoxPro Memo Fields .FPX FlashPix Bitmap [Viewer] .FRM Form File FrameMaker Document FrameBuilder Document Oracle Executable Form Visual Basic Form WordPerfect Merge Form DataCAD Symbol Report File .FRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver .FRT FoxPro Report File .FRX Visual Basic Binary Form File FoxPro Report File .FSF Convert It! Factor File fPrint Audit Tool File .FSL Borderland's Paradox 7 Forms Corel Paradox Saved Form .FSM Farandoyle Sample Format .FST FastStats Analyzer File .FT Lotus Notes Full Text Index .FTG Windows Help Full-text Search Group File .FTM Family File .FTS Windows Help Full-Text Search Index File .FTV Forest & Trees File .FTW Family File .FW2 Framework II File .FW3 Framework III File .FW4 Framework IV File .FWL FileWrangler EXE Library .FXD WinFax Sent Document (TIFF format) .FXI File-Ex File .FXP FoxPro Compiled Source .FXR WinFax Received Document (TIFF format) .FZB Casio FZ-1 Bank Dump .FZF Casio FZ-1 Full Dump .FZV Casio FZ-1 Voice Dump Top of Page .G3 G3 FAX File [Viewer] .G4 GTX RasterCAD File .GAL Gallery of Pictures Corel Multimedia Manager Album .GB Chinese .GBK Interbase Database Backup .GC Sierra Print Artist File .GCA GOCA Graphics File .GCD Generic CADD Drawing .GCF WinXComp Grouped Compressed File .GCI GTA2 Game File .GCP Ground Control Point File (map projection) .GDB Interbase Database .GDM Bells, Whistles, and Sound Boards Module .GDS Image File .GED GEDCOM Family History File Graphic Environment Document Arts & Letters Graphics File .GEM GEM (a desktop interface) File .GEN Ventura-Generated Text File Chromeleon Generic Driver Configuration .GEO VideoScope File .GFC Patton & Patton Flowcharting 4 File .GFI Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GFX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GHO Symantec Ghost Disk Image File .GID Windows Help Index File .GIF Graphic Interchange Format [Viewer] .GIM Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GIX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GKH Ensoniq EPS Family Disk Image .GKS Gravis GripKey Document .GL Animated Picture .GLY MS Word Glossary .GMP GTA2 Game File .GNA Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GNT Micro Focus Generated Code .GNX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GP3 CCITT Group 3 File (fax) .GP4 CCITT Group 4 File (fax) .GPP Serif GraphicsPlus Object .GR2 Windows 3.0 Screen Driver .GR3 Windows 3.0 Screen Grabber .GRA Flight Simulator File MS Graph Chart .GRB MS-DOS Shell Monitor .GRD Gradebook Power File Map Projection Grid File .GRF Graph Golden Software Graph File Grafix Idea File .GRP Program Manager Group .GRY Picture File .GSM Raw GSM 6.10 Audio Stream US Robotics Modem File .GSP Geometer's Sketchpad Material File .GT2 Graoumftracker Music Module (new) .GTK Graoumftracker Music Module (old) .GTY Gibson Tray File .GWX Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GWZ Genigraphics Graphics Link Presentation .GX1 Show Partner Graphics File .GX2 Show Partner Graphics File .GXT GTA2 Game File .GZ Gzip Compressed Archive Top of Page .H Header (Usually C Compiler) .H! Flambeaux Tutorial Database .H++ C++ Header File .H-- Sphinx C-- Header File .HA Compressed Archive .HAM Image File .HBK Mathcad Handbook .HDF Hierarchical Data Format File .HDL Procomm Plus Alternate Download File Listing .HDR Procomm Plus Message Header PC-File+ Database Header .HDX Help Index (Various) .HED HighEdit Document .HEL MS Hellbender Saved Game .HEX Hex Dump Macintosh BinHex 2.0 File .HFI HP Font Info .HFX HotFax File .HGL HP Graphics Language .HH C++ Header Help Topic Map File .HHC Table of Contents File (HHW Application) TurboTax Contents File .HHH Power C Precompiled Header .HHK Help Workshop Index File .HHP Procomm Plus Help Data .HHP HTML Help Project .HLP Windows Help File .HMM Procomm Plus Alternate Mail Read Option Menu .HOF Hall Of Fame (scores) .HOG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File .HPF PageMaker HP LaserJet Fonts .HPG Hewlett-Packard Graphics (plotter) .HPI Gem Font Information .HPJ Help Project File .HPK Compressed Archive .HPL HP Graphics File .HPP C++ Program Header .HPR RoboHELP Configuration File .HQX Binhex Text Conversion File (Macintosh) .HRL Herolab EasyWin32 .HPM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu .HPP Zortech C++ Header .HPR RoboHelp Configuration .HQX Macintosh BinHex 4 Compressed Archive .HRM Procomm Plus Alternate Main Menu .HRX Herolab EasyWin32 .HRZ Image File .HSS Photoshop Hue/Saturation Information .HST History File Host File .HT HyperTerminal .HTA Hypertext Application (run apps from HTML doc) .HTF WebBase File .HTI WebBase File .HTM Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) .HTT Hypertext Template .HTX Extenended Hypertext Template Internet Database Connector File .HWP Hangul Word Processor File .HXM Procomm Plus Alternate Protocol Selection Menu Descent2 HAM File .HXX C++ Header .HYC WordPerfect Hyphenation File .HYD WordPerfect Hyphenation Dictionary .HYP Hypertext File Hyphenation File Compressed Archive .HZ Chinese Top of Page .IBA mde infoHandler Infobase File .IBM Image File .ICA Citrix File IOCA Graphics File .ICB Targa Bitmap .ICC Kodak Printer Image .ICE Archive File .ICL Icon Library File (various) ImageForge/IconForge [Viewer] .ICM Image Color Matching Profile File .ICN Icon Program .ICO Icon [Viewer] .ICS Outlook Calendar File .ID Disk Identification File .IDB MS Developers Intermediate File .IDD MIDI Instrument Definition .IDE Integrated Development Environment Configuration File .IDF MIDI Instruments Drivers File .IDQ Internet Data Query File .IDX Index (multiple programs) .IEF Image File .IFF Graphic, Sound (Interchangeable File Format) [Viewer] .IFS OS/2 System File IconForge Image EXE Library .IGF Inset Systems Metafile .IGS IGES-Format .IIF QuickBooks for Windows Interchange File .III Intel Phone Compatible .IL Icon Library .IM8 Sun Raster Graphic .IMA WinImage File .IMF ImageForge/ImageForge Image EXE Library .IMG Bitmap Graphic (several programs) [Viewer] .IMP Urban Chaos Game File .IN3 Harvard Input Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .INC Include File (various) .IND dBase IV or DataPerfect Index .INF Information or Setup File .INI Initialization file (many) .INK Pantone Reference File .INP Oracle Source Code .INS Internet Communication Setting WordPerfect File Ensoniq EPS Family Instrument Sample Cell / II Instrument InstallShield Script X-Internet Sign-up File .INT Borland Interface Units Foxpro Code Page Intermediate Code used for syntax checking (various) .INX Foxbase Index .IO Compressed Archive .IOB Imagine File .IOF Findit Document .ION Text Program/Installation Description .IPL Corel Pantone Spot Reference Palette .IPX Interactive Pictures Corporation AV File .IQY Excel Web Query .IRS WordPerfect Resource File .ISD RapidFile Dictionary .ISH Compressed Archive File .ISO File List for CD-ROM .ISP X-Internet Sign-up File Internet Communication Settings .ISS InstallShield Response File .IST Digitrakker Instrument File .ISU InstallShield Uninstall Script Netscape File .IT Impulse Tracker Music Module .ITI Impulse Tracker Instrument .ITS Internet Document Set Impulse Tracker Sample .IV VRML File Open Inventor File .IVF Indeo Video File .IW Iconware Application Idlewild Screensaver .IWA IBM Writing Assistant Text .IWP Wang Text File .IX Framemaker Index File Top of Page .J62 Ricoh Camera File .JAR Java Archive File .JAS Compressed Graphic .JBC Jam Byte-Code Hex File (8051 Microprocessor File) .JBD SigmaScan Data File .JBF Paint Shop Pro Browser File .JBX Project Scheduler File .JFF JPEG Image .JFI Image File .JIF JPEG Image .JIS Japanese .JMP SAS JMPDiscovery Chart-to-statistics File .JMS Voxtron TeleButler Graphical Voice Response Call Flow .JN1 Epic MegaGames Jill of the Jungle Data File .JNB Sigma Plot Workbook File .JNK Junk (temporary file) .JNL Ingres Journal File .JOB Job File Task Scheduler Task Object QuestVision Vector Graphics File (IMG File Conversion) .JOR MS SQL Server Journal File .JPC Picture File (Japanese) .JPE JPEG Image .JPG JPEG Image [Viewer] .JS JavaScript Source Code .JSD eFAX Jet Suite Document .JSL PaintShop Pro File .JSP Java Server Page .JT JT Fax .JTF JPEG Tagged Interchange Format Image .JTK Sun Java ToolKit File .JW Justwrite Text .JWL Justwrite Text File Library .JZZ Jazz Spreadsheet Top of Page .K25 Kurzweil 2500 Sample .KAR Karaoke MIDI File .KB Borland C++ Keyboard Script Knowledge Pro Source Code .KBD Keyboard Script File Layout (various) .KBI Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Index .KBM Reflection Keyboard Script File Layout .KBP Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Profile .KBR Keirsey-Bates Temperament Sorter Data .KCL Kyoto Common LISP Source Code .KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer [Viewer] .KEX KEDIT Profile File .KEY Keyboard Macros Forecast Pro Datafile Program Security or Registration File (various) DataCAD Icon Toolbar File .KFX KoFax Group 4 Image .KIZ Kodak Digital Postcard File .KKW RoboHELP Keyword Help project Index File .KMP Korg Trinity KeyMaP File .KNO Personal Knowbase File .KPP SmartPad Toolpad .KQP Konica Camera File .KR1 Kurzweil 2000 Sample (multi-floppy) .KRZ Kurzweil 2000 Sample .KSC Korg Trinity Script .KSE Keepsake Studio Export File .KSF Korg Trinity Sample .KSH Prodigy Internet Registration File .KTT KeyText Data File .KYB Keyboard Layout .KYE Kye Game Data Top of Page .L LEX Program File Link Instructions LISP Program File .LAB Mailing Labels .LAT Crossword Express Lattice File .LAY Applause Word Chart Layout .LBG dBase IV Label Generator .LBL Labels (various) .LBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap Graphic [Viewer] .LBO dBase IV Ordered Labels .LBR Compressed Archive File Lotus Screen Driver Omnis7 Application File .LBS Omnis Studio Application File .LBT Foxpro Label Memo .LBX Foxpro Label .LCF Linker Control File .LCK MS Frontpage-related File Adobe Pagemaker Database File .LCN WordPerfect Dictionary File .LD Telix Long Distance Codes .LD1 dBase Overlay File .LDB MS Access Lock File TrueVector Log Database .LDF LuraDocument File [Viewer] .LDL Corel Paradox Delivered Library .LEG Legacy Graphic Format .LES Learn Lesson File Logitech Entertainment Game Profile .LET Letter .LEX Lexicon (dictionary file) .LFT Chiwriter Laser Printer Font 3D Studio Loft File .LGC Program Use Log File (for Windows Program Use Optimization) .LGO MS Windows Logo Driver .LGT Urban Chaos Game File .LHA Compressed Archive File (LZH) .LHS Literate Haskell Source File .LHW Compressed Amiga Archive File .LHZ LHA Compressed Archive File .LIB Program Library (diverse programmers' languages) .LIC License File (various Shareware) .LIF Compressed Archive File HP Logical Interchange Format File .LIN AutoCAD Line Art .LIS Program Listing Structured Query Reporting (SQR) Output .LIT MS Reader EBook File .LJ Text File for HP LJ II Printer .LLC LapLink Saved Connection File .LLX Laplink Exchange Agent .LM8 Picture File .LMD Tune Smithy List of Modes for a Musical Scale .LND 3D Landscape Data .LNK Linker File Windows Shortcut File .LOG Log File (many different programs) .LOK FileWrangler/ZipWrangler/SecurDesk! Encrypted Archive .LP LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File .LPB LP88 Linear Programming for the IBM-PC File .LPD Helix Nuts and Bolts File (Helix Software now part of McAfee) .LRC Intel Video Phone File .LRF Linker Response File .LRS WordPerfect Language Resource File .LSC Tune Smithy List of Muscial Scales .LSF Streaming Audio/Video File .LSL Corel Paradox Saved Library .LSP LISP Program File .LST Listing or List (e.g., packing list) PowerPoint File Ingres Dump List File .LSX Streaming Audio/Video Shortcut .LTR Letter .LU ThoughtWing Library Unit File .LVL Parallax Miner Descent/D2 Level Extension .LWF LuraWave-compressed Graphic File [Viewer] .LWP Lotus Wordpro 96/97 File .LWV MS Linguistically Enhanced Sound File .LYR DataCAD Layer File .LYT TurboTax Log File .LZH Compressed Archive File .LZS Compressed Archive File Skyroads Data File .LZW Compressed Amiga Archive File .LZX Compressed File Top of Page .M Matlab Function Macro Source Mathematica File .M?? Ingres Modify Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF) .M18 Accolade Golf Course File .M1V MPEG File .M3 ModuleA 3 Program File .M3A MPEG Archive Enhanced .M3U Playlist File .M3D 3D Animations Macro Corel Motion 3D Animation .M3U MPEG URL .MA3 Harvard Macro (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .MAC MacPaint Bitmap Graphic Macro (various) .MAD MS Access Module Shortcut .MAF MS Access Form Shortcut .MAG Picture File MS Access Diagram Shortcut .MAI Mail .MAK Make File (compiler project file) .MAM MS Access Macro Shortcut .MAN Manual .MAP Image Color Palette Duke Nukem WAD File Ingres Termcap Mapping File Linker Map Micrografx Format Data .MAQ MS Access Query Shortcut .MAR MS Access Report Shortcut .MAS Focus Master Data Definition MS Access Stored Procedures Lotus Freelance Graphics Smartmaster File .MAT Sound File Matlab Variables Binary File MS Access Table Shortcut .MAV MS Access View Shortcut .MAW MS Access Data Access Page .MAX Kinetix's 3D Studio MAX Scene Paperport File OrCAD Layout File .MAZ Hover Maze Data Division's dVS/dVISE File .MB Paradox Memo Holder .MB1 Apogee Monster Bash Data File .MBF MS Money Backup File .MBK dBase IV Multiple Index Backup .MBX Mailbox Message File (Outlook v1-4 or Eudora) .MCC Mathcad Configuration Dialer10 Calling Card Monu-Cad Pro CAD File .MCD Mathcad Document Monu-Cad Pro CAD File .MCF Mathcad Font .MCI Media Control Interface Command Set .MCL Multimedia Manager Collection File .MCP Mathcad Printer Driver .MCR DataCAD Keyboard Macro File .MCS MathCAD Format File .MCW Word for Macintosh Text File .MCX Graphic File .MD Compressed Archive File .MDA MS Access Add-in MS Access 2 Workgroup .MDB MS Access Database MS Access Application .MDE MS Access Database File .MDF Menu Definition File .MDL Digitrakker Music Module Quake Model File .MDM Telix Modem Definition .MDN MS Access Blank Database Template .MDP MS Developer Studio Project .MDT MS Access Add-in Data .MDW MS Access Workgroup Information .MDX dBase IV Multiple Index .MDZ MS Access Wizard Template .ME Information (e.g., READ.ME) .MEB WordPerfect Macro Editor Bottom Overflow File .MED WordPerfect Macro Editor Delete Save OctaMED Tracker Module .MEM WordPerfect Macro Editor Macro Memory File of Variables .MEN Menu .MEQ WordPerfect Macro Editor Print Queue .MER WordPerfect Macro Editor Resident Area Data Interchange Format .MES Message File WordPerfect Macro Editor Work Space .MET WordPerfect Macro Editor Top Overflow File Presentation Manager Meta File OmniPage Document .MEU DOS Shell Menus .MEX Matlab Executable Command WordPerfect Macro Editor Expound File .MF MetaFont Text File .MFF MIDI File Format .MGC MGCSoft Equation Editor File .MGF Image File Micrografx Font Materials and Geometry Format File .MGM MGCSoft Equation Editor Macro File .MH Graphic File .MHG Multimedia File .MHT MS MHTML Document (Archived Web Page) .MI Miscellaneous .MIC MS Image Composer File .MID MIDI File [Viewer] .MIF MIDI Instrument Adobe FrameMaker Interchange Format .MIL Group 4 Fax File .MIM Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File [MIME] .MIX Power C Object File Multilayer Picture File (MS PhotoDraw 2000 & MS Picture It!) Command & Conquer Movie/Sound File .MK Make File .MKE Make File .MKI Picture File .MLB Macro Library .MLI Encyclopedia Media List 3D Studio's Material-Library File .MLS Miles Sound Tools Compressed DLS .MM Macro Mania Macro .MMC Media Catalog .MME Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) File [MIME] .MMF Meal Master Format MS Mail File .MMM Animation MS Multimedia Movie .MMP MindManager Player Play List File .MMS Miles Sound Tools (Midi+DLS/MLS) .MMZ MusicMatch Theme File .MN2 Descent2 Mission File .MND AutoCAD Menu Program File MNI Mandelbrot for Windows .MNG Animation Shop Animation Multi-image Network Graphics .MNT Foxpro Menu Memo .MNU Menu File (various) .MNW Menu File (various) .MNX AutoCAD Compiled Menu File Foxpro Menu .MNY MS Money File .MOB Device Definitions .MOD Music File ModuleA-2 Program File Windows Kernel Module Amiga and PC Tracker Module MS Multiplan Spreadsheet .MOV QuickTime Video Clip [Viewer] Apple QuickTime Audio .MOZ Netscape Temp File .MP Multiplan File .MP1 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I .MP2 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer II .MP3 MPEG Audio Stream, Layer III [Viewer] .MPA MPEG Audio Stream, Layer I, II or III .MPC MS Project Calender .MPD Mini Port Driver .MPE MPEG Movie Clip .MPG MPEG Animation [Viewer] MPEG 1 System Stream .MPJ RoboHTML Project .MPM WordPerfect MathPlan Macro .MPP MS Project File CAD Drawing File .MPQ Blizzard Game Data File .MPR Foxpro Program .MPS Multimedia File .MPT MS Project Template File .MPV MS Project View .MPX Foxpro Compiler Menu MS Project Export File .MRB Multiple Resolution Bitmap Graphic .MRI MRI Scan .MRK Informative Graphics Markup File .MRS WordPerfect Macro Resource File .MS Checksum File for Anti-Virus .MSA Magic Shadow Archive .MSC Microsoft Common Console Document .MSG Program Message OzWin Message/Mail File MS Mail Message .MSH MASH (The Microsoft Agent Scripting Helper) .MSI Windows Installer File .MSK Autodesk Mask File PaintShop Pro Mask File .MSN MS Network Document Descent Mission File .MSP MS Paint Graphic File Windows Installer Patch .MST Minispecification Windows SDK Setup Script .MSW Word Text File .MTH Derive Math File .MTM Sound File MultiTracker Music Module .MTV Picture File .MTW Minitab Data File .MU Quattro Menu .MUL Ultima Online Game .MUP Music Publisher File .MUS Audio File .MVB Database MS Multimedia Viewer File .MVF Movie Stop Frame File .MWP Lotus Wordpro 97 Smartmaster File .MXT MS C .MYS Myst Saved Game .MZ MOZART Music Document .MZT MOZART Template File Top of Page .NAN Nanoscope File .NAP NAP Metafile Vector Image .NAV MSN Application Extension .NB Nota Bene Text File .NCB MS Developer Studio File .NCD Norton Change Directory .NCF Netware Command File Lotus Notes Internal Clipboard .NDL Lotus Notes .NDO 3D Low-polygon Modeler .NDX Index (usually dBase compatible) .NED MSN Application Extension .NET Network Configuration .NEW New Information (e.g., WHATS.NEW) .NFF Image File Neutral File Format .NFO Folio Infobase .NG Norton Guide Online Documentation .NIL Norton Icon Library File .NLB Oracle 7 Data .NLM Netware Loadable Module .NLS Code Page National Language Support .NLU Norton Live Update E-Mail Trigger File .NOL Nokia Operator Logo .NOT Notes .NOW Text File (e.g., README.NOW) .NPM Nokia Picture Message .NRG Norton Registration Entries .NRT Nokia RingTone .NS2 Lotus Notes 2 Database .NS3 Lotus Notes .NSF Lotus Notes Database .NSG Lotus Notes .NSH Lotus Notes .NST Audio File Noise Tracker Music Module .NTF Lotus Notes Database Template .NTS Norton Tutorial .NTX Clipper Index .NW NoteWorthy 2 File .NWC Noteworthy Composer Song File .NWS MS Outlook Express News File .NXA ndxCards data files (added 2004-08-13) .NXB ndxCards data files .NXD ndxCards card decks .NXP ndxCards project file Top of Page .O Object File (various) .O$$ Output File (temporary usually) .O01 Typhoon Voice File .OAB MS Outlook Address Book .OAZ OAZ Fax File .OBD MS Office Binder .OBJ Relocatable Object Code (various) Lightwave Object .OBZ MS Office Binder Wizard .OCA Control Typelib Cache .OCX Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Control Extension .OD1 Omnis5 Database File (also .OD2, .OD3, etc.) .ODF Open Document Interchange BattleZone Cartographers Guild File .ODS MS Outlook Express Mailbox .OFC Open Financial Connectivity File .OFF Vector Graphic (Object File Format) 3D Mesh Object File Format .OFM Adobe Font .OFN MS Office FileNew File .OFT MS Outlook Item Template .OFX Open Financial Exchange File .OKT Oktalyzer Tracker Module .OLB Object Library .OLD Old Version (sometimes used as a backup indicator) .OLE Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) Object .OLI Olivetti Text File .OMF Image File .OND Lotus Notes-related File (unverified) .ONX Onyx Graphics Postershop File .OPC Beta 44 Job File .OPL Psion Organiser Programming Language Source File .OPO OPL Output Executable File .OPT QEMM Optimize Options MS Developer Studio File .OPX MS Orgchart Organization Diagram OPL Extension DLL .OQY MS Excel OLAP Query File .OR2 Lotus Organiser 2 File .OR3 Lotus Organiser 97 File .ORA Oracle 7 Configuration .ORC MIDI File Oracle 7 Script .ORG Lotus Organiser File .ORI Original .OSS MS Office Search .OST MS Exchange/Outlook Offline File .OTL Super NoteTab Template File .OUT Outlines or Output File (various) .OUT Primavera Systems, Inc. project management software - Schedule report text files (can be read in Textpad) .OV1 Program File - Overlay .OV2 Program File - Overlay .OV3 Program File - Overlay .OVL Program File - Overlay .OVR Program File - Overlay .OZM Sharp Organizer Memo Bank .OZP Sharp Organizer Telephone Bank Top of Page .P PASCAL Program File Applause Picture .P10 Tektronix Plot 10 Drawing Certificate Request .P3 Primavera Systems, Inc. project management software - Primavera Project data files (of various types) .P65 Pagemaker 6.5 File .P7C Digital ID File .P7M PKCS #7 MIME Message (see Section 3.2 in RFC 2311 [MIME] .P7R Certificate Request Response .P7S PKCS #7 Signature .PAB MS Personal Address Book .PAC SB Studio II Package .PAD Telemate Keypad Definition .PAG Property Page File .PAK Compressed Archive File Quake WAD File .PAL Color Palette Adobe Pagemaker Library Palette Compressed File .PAN Chromeleon Control Panel .PAR Fractint Parameter File .PAS Pascal Source Code .PAT AutoCAD Hatch Pattern Patch Corel Vector Pattern Advanced Gravis Ultrasound Forte Tech. Patch .PBD PowerBuilder Dynamic Library .PBF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Bank File .PBK MS Phonebook .PBL PowerBuilder Library .PBM UNIX Portable Bitmap .PBR PowerBuilder Resource .PBI Profiler Binary Input .PBM PBM Portable Bit Map Graphic [Viewer] .PBO Profiler Binary Output .PBT Profiler Binary Table .PC PC-specific Text File .PC3 Harvard Custom Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PC5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File .PC8 ASCII Text IBM-8 .PCA PCAnywhere Registry Backup .PCB Protel Technology Advanced PCB Design .PCC Image File .PCD Photo-CD Image [Viewer] P-Code Compiled Test Scripts .PCE Eudora Mailbox Name Map .PCF Profiler Command File .PCH Patch File MS C PreCompiled Header .PCK Turbo Pascal Pick File .PCL HP-PCL Graphic Data File (HP Printer Control Language) .PCM Sound File OKI MSM6376 Synth Chip PCM Format .PCP Symantec Live Update Pro .PCS PICS Animation .PCT Bitmap Graphic (Apple PICT Format Usually) .PCW PC Write Text File .PCX PC Paintbrush Bitmap Graphic [Viewer] .PDB Palmpilot Database File Pegasus DataBase Tact File QuickPOS Database File .PDD Adobe PhotoDeluxe Image .PDF Printer Description Adobe Acrobat File Netware Printer Definition File MS Package Definition File (Inventory-related) .PDG PrintShop Deluxe File .PDI MS Powerpoint File .PDQ Patton & Patton Flowcharting PDQ Lite File .PDR Port or Printer Driver .PDS PDS Graphic Telsis HiCall Program File .PDT ProCite Primary Database .PDV Paintbrush Printer Driver .PDX Paradox Files ProCite Database Keys Acrobat Catalog Index .PEB WordPerfect Program Editor Bottom Overflow File .PED WordPerfect Program Editor Delete Save .PEM WordPerfect Program Editor Macro .PEQ WordPerfect Program Editor Print Queue File .PER WordPerfect Program Editor Resident Area .PES WordPerfect Program Editor Work Space File .PET WordPerfect Program Editor Top Overflow File .PF Monitor or Printer Profile File Aladdin Systems Private Files Encrypted File .PFA Outline Font (ASCII) .PFB Outline Font (Binary) .PFC PF Component .PFE Programmers File Editor .PFK XTree Programmable Function Keys .PFM Printer Font Metrics .PFP Panorama Factory Project File .PFR PaintShop Pro File .PFT Chiwriter Printer Font .PGL Graphics (Plotter) .PGM Portable Graymap Graphic [Viewer] Chromeleon Batch Program .PGP Program Parameter Pretty Good Privacy .PGX Binary Property Page File .PH PERL Header MS Help Compiler Phrase Table .PHD PC Help Desk File .PHO Phone List .PHP PHP Script MS Picture It! Publishing Project File .PHR NoExcuse Phrase Checker .PIC PC Paint Bitmap Graphic Lotus Picture Macintosh PICT Drawing .PIF Windows Program Information File IBM PIF Drawing .PIG Lucas Arts Dark Forces WAD File .PIM PixMaker Project File .PIN Pushpin Set Epic Pinball Data File .PIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File .PIX PrintMaster Graphic File Inset Systems Bitmap .PJ MKS Source Integrity File .PJL ProCite Term Lists and Journal Title Lists .PJT Foxpro Project Memo .PJX Foxpro Project .PKA Compressed Archive File .PKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Keyboard Layout File .PKG MS Developer Studio Application Extension AppleLink Package Compression Format File .PKO PublicKey Security Object .PKR PGP Public Keyring .PL Harvard Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) PERL Program File .PL3 Harvard Chart Palette (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PLB Foxpro Library .PLB LogoShow Screensaver .PLC Lotus Add-in .PLD PLD2 Source File (program due out 1Q2001) .PLG REND386/AVRIL File .PLI Oracle 7 Data Description .PLL Prelinked Library .PLM DisorderTracker2 Module .PLN WordPerfect Spreadsheet File .PLS DisorderTracker2 Sample WinAmp MPEG PlayList File Shoutcast File MYOB Data File .PLT AutoCAD HPGL Vector Graphic Plotter File Gerber Sign-making Software File .PLY Autodesk Polygon .PM PM Graphic or Perl Module .PM3 PageMaker 3 Document .PM4 PageMaker 4 Document .PM5 PageMaker 5 Document .PM6 PageMaker 6 Document .PML NT4 Performance Monitor Log File PADGen Program Information .PN3 Harvard Printer Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PNG Public (Portable) Network Graphic (proposed GIF replacement) [Viewer] PaintShop Pro Browser .PNM PBM Portable Any Map Graphic .PNT MacPaint File .POG Descent2 File .POL Music File AscToHTM Policy File .POP dBase Popup Menu .POS ProCite Output Styles QuickPOS IIF File (see IIF above) .POT PowerPoint Template .POV Persistence of Vision Ray-tracer .PP Compressed Archive File .PP4 Picture Publisher .PP5 Picture Publisher .PPA PowerPoint Add-in .PPB WordPerfect Print Preview Button Bar .PPD PostScript Printer Description .PPF Turtle Beach Pinnacle Program File .PPL Harvard Polaroid Palette Plus ColorKey Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PPM PBM Portable Pixelmap Graphic [Viewer] .PPO Clipper Preprocessor Output .PPP Serif PagePlus Publication Parson Power Publisher .PPS PowerPoint Slideshow .PPT PowerPoint Presentation .PPX Serif PagePlus Publication .PQ Adobe Pagemaker Default Printer Style .PQI Power Quest Drive Imaging Software .PR2 Persuasion Presentation .PR2 dBase IV Printer Driver .PR3 dBase IV PostScript Printer Driver .PRC Palmpilot Resource File .PRD Printer Driver .PRE Freelance Presentation .PRF Preferences File (various) dBase IV Printer Driver Profiler Output PICS Rules File .PRG Program File (various) OzWin Purged Messages File WAVmaker Program .PRJ Project File 3D Studio File HitPlayer Advanced Playlist File .PRM Parameter File .PRN Printer Text File DataCAD Windows Printer File XYWrite Printer Driver PostScript File .PRO Profile PROLOG Program File .PRS Printer Resource File WordPerfect Printer Resource Font File dBase Procedure Harvard File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PRT Printer Configuration Printer-formatted File Unigraphics Part File (CAD modeling data) .PRV PsiMail Internet Provider Template Previous Version (used for files that change) .PRX Foxpro Compiler Program .PRX Primavera Systems, Inc. project management software - Archive file of all packaged project datafiles compressed for transfer to another user or for archival purposes. .PRZ Freelance Graphics 97 File .PS PostScript .PSB Pinnacle Sound Bank .PSD Photoshop Format [Viewer] Apple Viewer File .PSF Chiwriter PostScript Printer Font .PSI PSION A-law Audio .PSM Turbo Pascal Symbol Table Protracker Studio Module Format Epic Games Sound Data .PSP PaintShop Pro Image [Viewer] .PST Outlook Personal Folder File .PSY PLD2 System File (program due out 1Q2001) .PT3 Harvard Device Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .PT3 PageMaker Template .PT4 PageMaker Template .PT5 PageMaker Template .PTM PolyTracker Music Module .PUB PGP Public Key Ring Ventura Publication MS Publisher Document .PUF Puffer Encrypted File .PW Professional Write Text File .PWA Password Agent File .PWD Pocket Word Document .PWF ProCite Workforms .PWL Password List .PWP Photoworks Image File .PWZ PowerPoint Wizard .PX Primary Index .PX Paradox Primer Database Index .PXL Pocket Excel Spreadsheet .PY PYTHON Script Yahoo Saved Messages .PYC Compiler PYTHON Script .PZD Pizazz Plus File .PZO Pizazz Plus File Top of Page .Q9Q BladePro Graphic Plugin File .QAD PF QuickArt Document .QAG Norton Desktop Quick Access Group .QBB QuickBooks for Windows Backup File .QBD Keyboard Layout .QBE Example Query (Query By Example) .QBO dBase IV Ordered Query .QBW QuickBooks for Windows File .QCP Qualcomm PureVoice File .QDI Dictionary .QDK Quarterdeck QEMM File .QDT Quicken Data .QEF Excel Query .QEP IRMA Wordstation for Windows .QFL Family Lawyer Document .QFX Quick Link Fax .QIC Backup Set .QIF Quicken Interchange Format QuickTime Image .QLB MS C Quick Library .QLC PostScript Help File .QM Quality Motion File .QMT Quicken Memorized List .QNT Chromeleon Quantification Method .QNX Quicken Indexes .QPR OS/2 Printer Queue Driver Foxpro Relational Query .QPX Foxpro Ordered Query .QRP Centura Report Builder File .QRS WordPerfect Equation Editor .QRT QRT Ray Tracing Graphic .QRY dBase IV Query MS Query .QSC Pxyl Visuals Chart .QST Quake Spy Tab File .QT Quicktime Video .QTI QuickTime Image .QTM QuickTime Movie .QTP QuickTime Preferences .QTS Macintosh PICT Image QuickTime Image .QTX QuickTime Image .QUE Task Scheduler Queue Object CuteFTP Queue File .QW Q&A Write File .QWB Quotes WriteBack Import File (MS Money) .QXD QuarkExpress File Top of Page .R Pegasus Mail Resource File .R?? RAR Compressed File (?? can be 01 to 99) .R8 RAW Graphic File .R8L LaserJet Landscape Font .R8P LaserJet Portrait Font .RA RealMedia File [Viewer] .RAM RealMedia Metafile .RAR RAR Compressed Archive .RAS Sun Raster Graphic [Viewer] .RAT Rating System File .RAW RAW RGB 24-bit Graphic Raw Signed PCM Data .RAX Image File .RB RocketEdition File .RBF R:Base Data File .RBH RoboHelp Configuration .RC Borland C++ Resource Compiler Script File .RD3 Ray Dream Designer Graphics CorelDream 3D .RD4 Ray Dream Designer Graphics .RD5 Ray Dream Designer Graphics .RDB TrueVector Rules Database .RDF Resource Description Framework File Chromeleon Report Definition .RDL Descent Registered Level .RDX Reflex Data File .REC Sprint Record File Windows Recorder Macro RapidComm Voice File .REF Cross Reference .REG Registration Data .REM Annotation (remark) .REP Text Document .REQ Request .RES Resource File (various programs) .REX REXX Program File .REZ Resources .RF Sun Raster Graphic RealFlash Clip .RFD RecogniFORM Form Definition .RFG RFG Research System Database .RFH RFG Household Database .RFT Revisable Format Text .RGB Picture File .RI Lotus File .RIA Alpharel Group IV Raster Graphics File .RIC Ricoh Graphic File .RIF Fractal Painter Bitmap .RIP Remote Imaging Protocol .RIX Colorix File RIX Virtual Screen .RL2 Descent2 Registered Level .RLA Advanced Visualizer File Wavefront Raster Image .RLB Harvard Graphic File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .RLC Image Systems CAD Overlay .RLE Graphic (Run Length Encoded) [Viewer] .RM RealMedia File .RMD RegMaid Document .RMF Rich Map Format (3D Games) .RMI MIDI File [Viewer] .RMK RMake Make File .RMM RealPlayer File .RND AutoCAD Rendering Slide AutoShade Format .RNL GTX Runlength Raster Graphics .RNX RealPlayer File .ROL Adlib Music .ROV Rescue Rover Data .RP RealPix Clip .RPD Rapidfile Database .RPM RedHat Package Manager (Linux) RealMedia Player File .RPT Report (various) .RQY MS Excel OLE DB Query File .RR Railroad Tycoon .RRS Road Rash Save File .RSB Rogue Spear Bitmap .RSL PC Tools Resources Library Borderland's Paradox 7 Report Adobe Pagemaker File .RSP Responce Text File Rockwell Software Logix 5 File .RT RealText Clip .RTA RoboHelp Configuration .RTF Rich Text Format .RTK RoboHelp Configuration .RTL Text File .RTM Real Tracker Music Module .RTP TurboTax Update File .RTS RoboHelp Configuration RealAudio RTSL Document .RUL InstallShield .RUN PC Tools Script Tools Program .RV RealVideo Clip .RVP Microsoft Scan Configuration File .RX Reflex Database Driver .RXD Reflex Database .RXH Reflex Database Help File .RXR Reflex Database Report .RXS Reflex Database Screen Driver Top of Page .S Assembler Source Code .S$$ Temporary Sort File .S01 WordPerfect Distribution File .S02 WordPerfect Distribution File .S03 WordPerfect Distribution File .S3I ScreamTracker v3 Instrument .S3M ScreamTracker v3 Module ScreamTracker v3 Sound File .SAH SETI@Home Data File .SAM AMI Pro Text File Signed 8-bit Sample Data .SAN The Curse of Monkey Island Movie File .SAV Backup Saved File .SB Audio File Raw Signed Byte (8-bit) Data .SBK Emu SoundFont v1.x Bank Files Creative Labs SB AWE 32 .SBL Shockwave Flash Object .SBP Superbase DML Program .SC Framework Screen Driver Paradox Source Code Ingres Embedded SQL/C Source File .SC2 Sample Cell II PC Instrument Schedule+ File SAS Catalog .SC3 Harvard Screen Driver (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .SCC Text File Stamp Collector's Girl Friday Catalog File Source Safe File .SCD Graphic (SCODL Scan Conversion Object Description Language) Schedule+ File TurboTax Schedule File .SCE SoftCuisine Data Exchange File .SCF Windows Explorer Command .SCH Schedule+ File EAGLE Schematic File .SCI ScanVec Inspire File .SCL SCALA Scale .SCM SchematicMaker (Topanga Software) File ScreenCam Movie .SCN Compressed Screen format TrueSpace2 Scene .SCO High Score (various) .SCP Script (various) .SCR Faxview Fax Screen Saver Script .SCT Foxpro Screen PC Tools Script Tools Scitex Continuous Tone Bitmap SAS Catalog Windows Script Component Lotus Screen Capture Text .SCV ScanVec CASmate File .SCX Foxpro Screen Image File .SD Sound Designer I Audio .SD2 Sound Designer II Flattened File Sound Designer II Data Fork SAS Database .SDA StarOffice Drawing SoftCuisine Data Archive .SDC StarOffice Spreadsheet .SDD StarOffice Presentation .SDF Standard Data Format Schedule Data File System File Format Autodesk MapGuide Spatial Data Files .SDK Roland S-series Floppy Disk Image Autosketch Drawing .SDL SmartDraw Library .SDN Shell Archive .SDR SmartDraw Drawing .SDS StarOffice Chart Raw Midi Sample Dump Standard File .SDT SmartDraw Template .SDV Semicolon Divided Values File .SDW StarOffice Text Raw Signed DWord (32-bit) Data Lotus WordPro Graphic .SDX Midi Sample Dump Standard Files Compacted by SDX .SEA Macintosh Compressed Archive File .SEC Compressed Archive File PGP Secret Key Ring .SEG Compressed File Segment .SEL PaintShop Pro Selection File .SEP TIFF Bitmap Separation .SEQ Animation File Chromeleon Sequence List .SES Digital Audio Editor File .SET Driver Set Image Settings Backup File Set Configuration (various) .SEX Urban Chaos Game File .SF Sound File OS/2 WPS Attribute Storage IRCAM SoundFile .SF2 Emu SoundFont v2.0 File Creative Labs Soundfont 2.0 Bank File .SFD SoundStage Sound File Data .SFI Ventura Printer Font SoundStage Sound File Info .SFL Ventura Printer Font LaserJet Landscape Font .SFP Ventura Printer Font LaserJet Portrait Font .SFR Sonic Foundry Sample Resource .SFS StarOffice Frame PCL 5 Scalable Font .SFT Chiwriter Screen Font .SFW Graphic File (Seattle Film Works) [Viewer] .SFX Self-extracting Archive .SGF Smart Game Format .SGI Graphic File [Viewer] .SGL StarOffice Master Document .SH Archive File .SH3 Harvard Presentation (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .SHB Corel Background File Document Shortcut File .SHG Hotspot Editor Hypergraphic .SHK Macintosh Compressed Archive File .SHM WordPerfect Shell Macro .SHP 3D Studio Shapes File 3D Modeling File (various) .SHR Archive File .SHS Shell Scrap Object File .SHW Corel Presentation WordPerfect Slide Show Show File .SI SoftImage Image File .SIG Signature File .SIK Backup File .SIM Simulation .SIT Macintosh Compressed Archive File .SIZ Oracle 7 Configuration .SKA PGP Secret Keyring .SKB QuickPOS (Point-Of-Sale) Standard Keyboard Layout File .SKL Authorware Resource .SKN FileWrangler/SecurDesk!/ImageForge Graphic Skin eRocket eBook Skin .SL S-Lang Program File PACT's Save Layout .SLB AutoCAD Slide Library .SLC Telix Compiler SALT Script .SLD AutoCAD Slide .SLG Chromeleon Audit Trail .SLK Data Exchange File (Symbolic Link) .SLT Telix SALT Script Application .SM Smalltalk Program File .SM Samna Word Text File .SM3 DataCAD Symbol File .SMD StarOffice Mail .SMF StarOffice Formula .SMI RealPlay SMIL File .SMK Smacker Compressed File .SMM Ami Pro Macro .SMP Sample or Samplevision Format Ad Lib Gold Sample .SND Sound Clip [Viewer] Raw Unsigned PCM Data AKAI MPC-series Sample NeXT Sound Macintosh Sound Resource .SNG MIDI Song .SNM Netscape Mail .SNO SNOBOL Program File .SNP Shapshot file (Snapview) .SOU SB Studio II Sound .SP Compressed Archive File .SPC Multiplan Program WordPerfect Temp File SNES Audio file .SPD Harvard Bitstream Typefaces (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) PostScript Printer Mini-driver Speech Data File Speedo Scalable Font .SPG Sprint Glossary .SPL Compressed Archive File Printer Spool File Sprint Printer Driver Sample File Spell Checker Digitrakker Sample Shockwave Flash Object .SPM WordPerfect File .SPN WordPerfect Distribution File .SPP Sprint Printer File .SPR Sprint Document Letter Foxpro Generated Screen Program .SPS Sprint Screen Driver .SPT SPITBOL Program File .SPX Foxpro Compiler Screen Program Screen Peace Extension .SQB SyQuest Backup .SQC Structured Query Language Common Code File [SQL] .SQL Structured Query Language Data [SQL] .SQR Structured Query Language Program File [SQL] .SQZ Compressed Archive File .SRC Sourcecode (various) .SRF Sun Raster Graphic File .SSD SAS Database .SSF Enable Spreadsheet File .SSI Installer/GD Software Setup Information .SSM RealPlay Standard Streming Metafile .SST Certificate Store .ST SMALLTALK Program File Atari ST Disk Image .STA Eudora File .STD State Transition Diagram Graphic SureThing CD Labeler Document .STF Compressed Archive File Setup Information Structured File .STG PageKeeper Storage File .STK Personal Stock Monitor File .STL Certificate Trust List CAD Software Solid Modeling/Prototyping File .STM Sound File State Transition Diagram Model Scream Tracker v2 Module SHTML File .STP PageKeeper Packed Storage File .STR dBase Structure List DataPerfect Structure File Sceensaver Stream File (Playstation Discs) .STS MS C Project Status Info .STY Style Sheet MS Interactive Music Control LaTeX2e Style .SUD Super Project Analyzer Data .SUN Sun Raster Graphic File .SUP WordPerfect Supplemental Dictionary Super Porject Analyzer Project .SVD Word Backup File .SVG Word Backup File Scalable Vector Graphics File .SVS Word Backup File .SVX Interchange File Format, 8SVX/16SV Amiga 8SVX Sound .SW Audio File Raw Signed Word (16-bit) Data .SWA Shockwave Audio File .SWD Storybook File (educational) .SWF Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate] [Viewer] .SWI Swish Data File .SWL Macromedia Flash Format [Alternate] .SWP Sprint Backup File Swap File .SWT VB Setup Wizard Template File Space Watch Pro Data File .SY3 Harvard Symbol File (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .SYD Sysedit Backup File .SYL SYLK Spreadsheet Format .SYM Symbol Table (various) .SYN Synonym File .SYS System Configuration System Device Driver .SYW Harvard Symbol Graphic (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) Yamaha SY-series Wave Files Top of Page .T?? Ingres Table/Index File (?? = Hex 00 to FF) .T2T Sonata CAD Modelling File .TAB Guitar Tablature File .TAG Dataflex Query Tag Name .TAH Turbo Assembler Help File .TAL Adobe TypeAlign Text Illustration File .TAR Compressed Archive File .TAX Turbotax File .TAZ TAR.Z Compressed File .TB1 Turbo C Font .TB2 Turbo C Font .TBK Memo Backup (database programs) Asymetrix Toolbook .TBL Adobe Pagemaker Import Mapping Table .TC Borland Configurations File .TCH Borland Help File .TCL TCL/TK Language Script .TD Turbo Debugger Configurations File .TDB Thumbs Plus Database .TDF Trace Definition File Typeface Definition File (for fonts) .TDH Turbo Debugger Help File .TDK Turbo Debugger Keyboard Record .TDO Compressed File .TDP Serif DrawPlus Thumbnail .TDS Turbo Debugger Symbol Table .TEM Icon Author Template Turbo Editor Macro Language .TEX TeX LaTeX File Texture File .TF Turbo Profiler Configuration File .TFA Turbo Profiler Area File .TFH Turbo Profiler Help File .TFM Tagged Font Metric .TFS Turbo Profiler Statistic .TG4 CCITT Group 4 Fax .TGA Truevision Targa Graphic [Viewer] .TGZ UNIX Tar File Zipped .THB Bitmap Graphic .THD Thread .THM MS Clipart Gallery Database Serif DrawPlus Theme .THN Graphics Workshop for Windows Thumbnail .THP TurboTax-related File .THS WordPerfect Thesaurus .TIF Tagged Image Format File [Viewer] .TIG Tiger Government Map File .TLB Remote Automation Truelib Files OLE Type Library .TLD Trellix File .TLE NASA Two-Line Element Set .TLT Trellix Web Design File .TLX Telex Trellix Data File .TMF WordPerfect Tagged Font Metric File .TMO Zortech C++ Global Optimizer Output File .TMP Temporary File .TMS Telemate Script .TOC Eudora Table Of Contents .TOL Kodak Photoenhancer .TP Turbo Pascal Configuration File .TP3 Harvard Template (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) .TPH Turbo Pascal Help File .TPL Turbo Pascal Resident Units Harvard Template (Harvard Graphics taken over by Serif) fKey Template Designer Template File CakeWalk Audio Template File DataCAD Template File .TPP Turbo Pascal Protected Mode Units Teleport Pro Project TypePlus File .TPU Turbo Pascal Unit .TPW Turbo Pascal Unit .TRE PC Tools Directory Tree .TRK Kermit Script File .TRM Terminal Settings (various) .TRN Quattro Translation Adobe Pagemaker File MKS Source Integrity Project Log .TRP Tripmaker File .TS Tune Smithy File .TSP Windows Telephony Service Provider .TST WordPerfect Printer Test File Test File .TTC TrueType Compressed Font .TTF TrueType Font .TTK Corel Catalyst Translation Tool Kit .TTL Tera Term Macro File .TUB PaintShop Pro Tube File .TUT Tutorial .TWF TabWorks File .TWW Tagwrite Template .TX8 DOS Text File .TXB Descent/D2 Encoded Briefing File .TXC Urban Chaos Game File .TXT Text File .TXW Yamaha TX16W Wave Files .TXX DataPerfect Text Storage .TYM PageMaker Time Stamp .TZ Compressed File Ingres Time Zone File Top of Page .U96 EasyZip Temporary File .UAP User Agent Wireless Telephony Profile .UB Audio File Raw Unsigned Byte (8-bit) Data .UC2 Compressed File .UCM Urban Chaos Game File .UCN Compressed Archive .UDF WindowsNT Uniqueness Database File Photostyler Image Filter .UDL MS Data Link .UDW Raw Unsigned DoubleWord (32-bit) Data .UE2 Encrypted Archive .UFO Ulead Object File .UG Drawing File (various) .UHS Universal Hint System File .UI User Interface Geoworks UI Compiler Espire Source .UIF WordPerfect Long Prompts .UIH Geoworks UI Compiler Espire Header .UL uLAW Audio File .ULD Procomm Uploaded Files .ULS Internet Location Service .ULT UltraTracker Music Module .UMB MemMaker Backup Archive .UNI MikMod (UniMod) Format Forcast Pro Data File .UNX Text File (usually UNIX) .UPD dBase Update File Universal Print Driver (cross-platform) Updated Program Data (various) .UPI ULead Photo Impact Program File .UPO dBase Compiled Update File .UPX ULead Photo Express Saved Image File .URF Radar ViewPoint Universal Radar Format .URL Internet Location .USE MKS Source Integrity File .USL LaserJet Landscape Font .USP PageMaker Printer Font LaserJet Portrait Font .USR User Database (various) .UTL Sound File .UTP BinPatch Patch Data File .UU Compressed Archive File (UUENCODE) .UUD Uudecoded .UUE Uuencoded .UW Audio File Raw Unsigned Word (16-bit) Data Unitype GlobalWriter File .UWF UltraTracker Wave File Top of Page .V8 Covox 8-bit Audio .VAL Validity Checks dBase Values .VAP Annotated Speech .VAR Icon Author Variable .VBA VBase File .VBG Visual Basic Group Project .VBL User Control Licensing File .VBP Visual Basic Project .VBR Remote Automation Registration Files .VBS VBScript Script File .VBW Visual Basic Project Workplace .VBX Visual Basic Extension .VBZ Wizard Launch File .VC VisiCalc Spreadsheet File .VCE Natural MicroSystems Voice File .VCF vCard File Vevi Configuration File .VCS vCalendar File (Outlook) .VCT FoxPro Class Library .VCX FoxPro Class Library Spreadsheet File .VDA Targa Bitmap .VDO VDOScript File .VEW Clipper Viewfile .VGA VGA Screen Driver Targa Bitmap .VGR Ventura Graphic .VI Virtual Instrument LabView File .VIB Chemsoft® Export/Import MSDS Data .VIC Vicar Picture File .VID Monitor Control File Screen Driver .VIK Viking Picture File .VIR Virus Infected File (renamed by Symantec Anti-Virus) .VIS Picture File .VIV VivoActive Player Video File .VIZ Division dVS/dVISE File .VLB Corel Ventura Library .VMF Ventura Font Characteristics FaxWorks Audio File .VOB DVD Video Movie File .VOC Quartet Audio File Creative Labs Sound .VOX Vox Audio Dialogic ADPCM Talking Technology Inc. File Natural MicroSystmes Voice File .VP Ventura Publisher File .VQE Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File .VQF Yamaha Sound-VQ File .VQL Yamaha Sound-VQ Locator File .VRF Oracle 7 Configuration File .VRS WordPerfect Graphics Driver .VS2 Roland-Bass Transfer File .VSD Visio Drawing .VSL GetRight Download List File .VSS Visio Stencil .VST Visio Template Truevision Vista Graphic Targa Bitmap .VSW Visio Workspace File .VUE dBase or Foxpro View .VVF ViVerify Fingerprint .VVR ViVerify Repair .VW Volkswriter Text File .VWF CADvance Drawing File .VWR PC Tools File Viewer .VXD Virtual Device Driver Top of Page .W Applause Word Chart .W30 Ventura Printer Font .W40 Win95 Backup File .WAB Outlook File .WAD Doom Game File .WAL WalMaster Showlist File Quake 2 Texture File .WAV Waveform Audio (PCM Wave) [Viewer] .WB1 QuattroPro for Windows .WB2 QuattroPro for Windows .WBF Windows Batch File .WBK Word Backup WordPerfect Workbook .WBL Argo WebLoad II Upload File .WBR Crick WordBar File .WBS WebExpress Website File .WBT WinBatch Script Crick Wordbar Template .WCD WordPerfect Macro Token List .WCM Works File Transmission WordPerfect Macro .WD2 WordExpress Document .WDB Works Database .WDK WhizFolder Desktop File .WEB Web Vector Graphic File Corel Xara Web Document .WFB Turtle Beach WaveFront Bank .WFD Turtle Beach WaveFront Drum Set .WFN Corel Symbols and Fonts .WFP Turtle Beach WaveFront Program .WFX Winfax Data File .WGP Wild Board Games File .WHT MS NetMeeting Old Whiteboard Document .WID Ventura Width Table .WIF Weaving Information Format Wavelet Image File .WIL Windows Interface Language Script WinImage File .WIN dBase or Foxpro Window Windows Backup File .WIZ Wizard File [MS Publisher and Word] .WK1 Lotus Spreadsheet File .WK3 Lotus Spreadsheet File .WK4 Lotus Spreadsheet File .WKB WordPerfect Document .WKB Workbook .WKE Lotus Educational Version Spreadsheet File .WKQ Quattro Spreadsheet .WKS Lotus Spreadsheet File XLISP Workspace Works Document .WKZ Compressed Spreadsheet .WLD REND386/AVRIL File .WLF Argo WebLoad I Upload File .WLG Dr. Watson Log .WLL Word Add-in .WLR VRML Page .WLS 602 pro PC SUITE Worksheet File .WMA Windows Media File .WMC WordPerfect Macro Wordmarc Text File .WMF Windows Metafile [Viewer] .WN Write Now Text File .WNF Corel Outline Font .WOA Windows Swap File .WOW Grave Composer Music Module .WP WordPerfect Document File .WP4 WordPerfect Document File .WP5 WordPerfect Document File .WP6 WordPerfect Document File .WPD WordPerfect Screen Driver or Document 602 pro PC SUITE Document File .WPF WordPerfect Text File Enable Document .WPG WordPerfect/Drawperfect Graphics .WPK Keyboard WordPerfect Macros .WPM WordPerfect Macro .WPS Works Text Document .WPT WordPerfect Template 602 pro PC SUITE Template Document File .WPW PerfectWorks Document .WQ! Quattro Pro Compressed Spreadsheet .WQ1 Quattro Pro Spreadsheet .WQ2 Quattro Pro Spreadsheet .WR1 Symphony Spreadsheet File .WRD Charisma Template .WR1 Symphony Document .WRI Write Document .WRK Spreadsheet File Cakewalk Music Project File .WRL Plain Text VRML File [VRML] .WRP Amiga Compressed Archive File .WRS WordPerfect Windows Printer Driver .WRZ GNUZIP Compressed VRML File [VRML] .WS WordStar Document .WS1 WordStar for Windows 1 Document .WS2 WordStar for Windows 2 Document .WS3 WordStar for Windows 3 Document .WS4 WordStar for Windows 4 Document .WS5 WordStar for Windows 5 Document .WS6 WordStar for Windows 6 Document .WS7 WordStar for Windows 7 Document .WSC Windows Script Component .WSD WordStar Data File .WSE Wise File .WSH Windows Script Host Settings File .WSP Chromeleon Wordspace .WSQ Wavelet-packet Scalar Quantization .WST WordStar Text File .WT2 WordExpress Document Template .WVL Wavelet Compressed Bitmap .WWL Word Add-in File .WZD Sharp Organizer Program or Data File .WZN WhizFolder Document Top of Page .X LEX Program File AVS Image .X01 Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09) .X16 Macromedia Program Extension (16-bit) .X32 Macromedia Program Extension (32-bit) .X5 Rockwell Software Logix 5 File .XA Extended Architecture File File on PSX Disc .XAB Xenis Mail Address Book .XAR Corel Xara Drawing .XBM X Bitmap Graphic [Viewer] .XFN Ventura Printer Font .XFT Chiwriter 24 Pin Printer Font .XFX Fax File (various) .XI Fast Tracker 2 Instrument ScreamTracker Instrument File .XIF Wang Image File Xerox Image File .XLA Excel Add-in .XLB Excel File .XLC Excel Chart .XLD Excel Dialog .XLG Xnetech Engraving Logo File .XLK Excel Backup .XLL Excel Add-in (Dynamic Link Library) .XLM Excel Macro .XLS Excel Worksheet .XLT Excel Template Lotus Translation Table .XLV Excel VBA .XLW Excel Workspace .XM Sound File Fast Tracker 2 Extended Module .XML Extensible Markup Language File [XML] .XNK Exchange Shortcut .XOT Xnetech Job Output File .XPM X Picsmap Graphic [Viewer] .XQT SuperCalc Macro Sheet .XRF Cross Reference .XR1 Epic MegaGames Xargon File .XSL XML Stylesheet [XML] .XSM LEXIS-NEXIS Tracker .XT* Crosstalk Related File .XWD X Windows Dump Crossdown Puzzle File .XWF Yamaha XG Works File .XXE Xxencoded File .XY XYWrite Text File .XY3 XYWrite Text File .XY4 XYWrite IV Document .XYP XYWrite III Plus Document .XYW XYWrite Windows 4.0 Document Top of Page .Y Amiga Yabba Compressed Archive File Yaac Grammar File .Y01 Paradox Secondary Index (can be 01 to 09) .YAL Arts & Letters Clipart .YBK Encarta Yearbook .YUV Color Space Pixel Format .YZ Yac Compressed Archive File Top of Page .Z Compressed Archive File .Z3 Infocom Game Module .ZAP FileWrangler Compressed File (only used in beta) MS Windows Software Installation Settings .ZC Zipkey Configuration File .ZDG ZView Compressed Document .ZER Zerberus File .ZFS C++ Assembly Source .ZGM ZenoGraphics File .ZIP Compressed Archive File .ZOM Amiga Compressed Archive File .ZOO Compressed Archive File .ZVD ZyXEL Voice File .ZW Chinese