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forest areas

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Were is a trex habitat?

t-rex lived in the woods

Who would win in a fight trex or spino?


Who would win in a fight a trex or rajasaurus?


When to capitalize the word trex as in trex decking?

Capitalize trex when you are using it as a proper noun, such as a specific thing or trademark.

Who would win in a trex vs pteranadon fight?


Is Trex Decking safe for dogs?

is trex decking safe for dogs?

How long trex?

Trex was 40ft long, but it is not the biggest meat eating dionsaur

Is TRex a male lemur?

No, TRex was Trianosaurus Rex, an extinct (fossil) dinosaur.

Is a trex fossil in the shop in fossil fighters?

Yes! You can get a Trex fossil, but it rarely happens

How did Tyrannosaurus reproduce?

The man TRex boned the girl TRex.

Do female trex eat male trex aftewr mating?

yes they did eat them after mating

Who would win a sandwich or a trex?

Trex because it would step on the sandwich without even noticing.

Where did trex live?


Who named TRex?

no one named trex it is just a shorter way of saying tyrannosaurus rex

What did trex eat?


What is a trex scared of?


Is a trex a reptile?


Was a trex deff?


Was the trex a carnivore?


What is the Trex dinosaur or medicine?

someone correct me if im wrong but i think trex is medicine and T-Rex is the dinosaur.

What is the web address of the Trex Museum And Gifts in Tucson Arizona?

The web address of the Trex Museum And Gifts is:

Is Trex decking green?

Yes. Trex Decking is made from recycled materials and is made using green manufacturing processes, with recycled factory runoff and no smokestacks. You can find more information about Trex decking at

Who would win a triceratops or a Trex?

triceratops will because, the horns would pretect it and so would the crest the trex would just get sliced in the stomache

What is the pterodactyl evolution?

the evolved from the trex

How big was the trex?

40 ft

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