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Good afternoon...

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Q: What is tab masayik in English?
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What is the word 'eat' when translated from English to Japanese?

The word eat when translated from English to Japanese is taberu.Say Tab-er-u.

How do you translate Italian using Google Chrome in English?

You can translate from Italiano to English in chrome easily. Go to setting and then advanced settings, select English in language tab.

From where you can get marathi to English dictionary for free download?

There is a link for downloading the dictionary in Related Links tab.

How do you Change the Adobe Reader software language from Arabic to English?

tab the edit (second tab) choose preference from the menu (the bottom tab) select the international from the left panels (the fifth one of the lower list) on the right panels the first one is the application langauge select the third one (the same language as the operating system) if your OS is in English then close Adobe and reopen that's it

A location on the horizontal ruler that tells Word where to position the insertion point when you press the TAB key is called a .?

These are tab stops. In Microsoft Word you can create a tab stop by clicking and dragging on the horizontal ruler, where they appear as flipped-over black L or T marks. If there are faint marks below the ruler at 1-inch intervals, these are the default tab stops.

How can you move the insertion point into the next text placeholder by pressing which keyboard shortcut keys?

Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.Use the Tab key.

Is witaj krolowo nieba available in English translation?

There is an English translation on the hymnal tab at I believe it is under the hymsn to the blessed virgin Mary....if you click on the musical notes, there are several versions to select is English.

What is the button above tab and left of 1 called?

ashtricks 1. It's spelt asterisk. 2. That is not the name of it. 3. The name of the key above tab (on English keyboards) is called accent grave. Pronounced graave

How to use python programming to make graphing xy charts?

try using this code: import pygame def main(): (tab)screen = pygame.display.set_mode((750,750)) (tab)pygame.display.set_caption("graph") (tab)screen.fill((255,255,255)) (tab)pygame.draw.line(screen, (0, 0, 0), (375, 0), (375, 750)) (tab)pygame.draw.line(screen, (0, 0, 0), (0, 375), (750, 375)) (tab)pygame.display.flip() (tab)while True: (tab)(tab)x = raw_input("x: ") (tab)(tab)if x 'q': (tab)(tab)(tab)pygame.quit() (tab)(tab)(tab)break (tab)(tab)print '' (tab)(tab)screen.fill((255,255,255)) (tab)(tab)pygame.draw.line(screen, (0, 0, 0), (375, 0), (375, 750)) (tab)(tab)pygame.draw.line(screen, (0, 0, 0), (0, 375), (750, 375)) (tab)(tab)try: (tab)(tab)(tab), (0, 0, 255), (int(x) + 375, -1 * int(y) + 375), 3 ) (tab)(tab)except: (tab)(tab)(tab)print "graph error, please enter valid x,y coordinates" (tab)(tab)pygame.display.flip() main() pygame.quit() this code makes a simple grapher.unfortunitly when I typed this answer, the tabs don't show up so I had to do this instead. any time it says "(tab)" just insert a tab there instead.

What do the initials TAB stand for in the TAB injection?

what do the initials TAB stand for in the TAB injection

What is a active tab?

An Active Tab Is When Someone Has A Open Tab

What is the view tab?

tab to view