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This is not the same as "baby talk" (e.g. momma me is hungwy).

Another language form is "telegraphic" speech, any early form of speaking that leaves out articles and modifiers (e.g. "car is yellow" "go see train").

Childishness in communication is subjective, but can be displayed in speech by a lack of sophisticated reasoning, in that observations may be facile and suggestions may be impractical.

Examples :

Stating that a rule is unfair simply because it disadvantages the minor child.

A pouting complaint or a refusal to go to school.

Insisting that a sibling always gets preferential treatment.

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Q: What is talk in a childish way?
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Yes; here are a few definitions of it to show you:chatter: speak (about unimportant matters) rapidly and incessantlyprate: idle or foolish and irrelevant talksilly, childish, talk; babble; to talk incessantly and in a childish manner; to babbleAs you can see, 'unimportant matters', 'childish manner', which often has neg connatations, 'foolish', 'irrelavant' etc.

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"Toto" could be a childish way of saying "dad."

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