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What is temperature measurement unit?


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It is degree Celsius, or degree Fahrenheit, or degree Kelvin, or Rankine

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Enthalpy is the measurement of heat, Joule (J) is the unit. Temperature is not a measurement of heat. Temperature has the unit Kelvin (K) or Celsius (oC)

The SI unit for temperature is the kelvin.

Fahrenheit is a unit of measurement of temperature. It is neither good nor bad in itself, but as a unit of measurement, may not be the most appropriate unit of measurement based on context.

A unit of measurement of temperature, of which the most common three are:degrees Celsius (oC)degrees Fahrenheit (oF)Kelvin (K)

Celsius is the metric measurement for temperature.

Kelvin, degrees Celsius, or degrees Fahrenheit.

That depends what you want to measure about the gas: its volume, mass, transparency, temperature, etc. The really isn't such a thing as a "unit of measurement of gas", there are units of measurement for mass, volume, temperature, etc., all of which can be attributes of a specific gas.

The SI unit of measurement for temperature is the kelvin(K). Celsius is not an SI unit (it is a metric unit), but may be used alongside it.

SI is the acronym for System Internationale. SI hold the degree Celsius to be the basic unit when it comes to the temperature measurement.

The international unit of thermodynamic temperature is the Kelvin; this has nothing to do with Harry Potter.

It is degree Celsius, or degree Fahrenheit, or degree Kelvin

If you are measuring temperature, the unit of measurement is either Fahrenheit or Centigrade. If you are measuring height, the unit of measurement could be feet and inches or meters and so on.

yes The Kelvin scale is a way of measuring temperature from absolute zero. The gradient is the same as the Celsius (or Centigrade) scale. Not actually a unit of heat, just a measurement of temperature.

the unit Fahrenheit. Its a unit of measurement. The other main one used is C for Celsius

It is degree Celsius, or degree Fahrenheit, or degree Kelvin or Rankine

According to the International System of Units (SI), Kelvin (K) is the base unit of thermodynamic temperature measurement.

It is Kelvin.The kelvin is a unit of measurement for temperature. It is one of the seven base units in the International System of Units (SI) and is assigned the unit symbol K.Temperature in Kelvin = Temperature in Celsius + 273.15

No, a pencil is not a unit of measurement.

what is KGA in unit of a measurement

The are several possible sets of measures that could be termed fundamental. For example time can be defined in terms of distance by considering the time taken by electromagnetic radiation to cover a specified distance. Having said that, the seven basic measurements are:metre (m) - unit of measurement of lengthkilogram (kg) - unit of measurement of masssecond (s) - unit of measurement of timekelvin (K) - unit of measurement of thermodynamic temperatureampere (A) - unit of measurement of electric currentmole (mol) - unit of measurement of amount of substancecandela (cd) - unit of measurement of luminous intensity

usually kelvin(K ) but sometimes degree Celsius

A milliliter (ml) is a derived metric measurement unit of volume.

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