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Depending on the insurance carrier, if you convert a qualifying term life insurance policy to a permanent life or universal life insurance policy, the new policy's first year premium will be reduced. The amount of reduction is based on the term premiums paid during the 12 months prior to the conversion. The carrier can elect to give you a credit on a portion of those premiums paid based on a few factors, such as the age of the term insurance policy, or the type of policy you are converting to.

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No, but the older you are, the higher the premiums. You may want to look at the life insurance policy terms and conditions section that refers to "Conversion" or Convertibility Option". This section of your policy should explain how you may convert your term life insurance policy to permanent life insurance, and by what date you may convert. There may be a specific date in the policy by which time you may convert the term life insurance policy to permanent life insurance. Also many companies will offer a "term conversion credit" if converted with a certain number of years, this credit is generally the last 12 months of premium paid on your existing term policy I would suggest that you check out the convertability terms and conditions specified in your present policy. You may want to check with your insurance agent about this. There are many contingencies which may allow you conversion credit if you convert within a specified number of years.

Attained age conversion is a point in time on a term life policy when the policyholder has attained the agen where they have the right to convert the term life insurance policy into a permanent whole life or universal life policy at their election and without having to take a paramedical exam.

Conversion of a term life policy is a right granted to the insured which allows you to convert a term life insurance policy into a permanent life insurance policy without having to take another exam. The permanent policy offers guaranteed level premiums and a level death benefit for the rest of your life. Conversion privileges are very important if you are ill and otherwise not insurable.

Many term or group term life insurance policies provide a conversion clause, which allows the covered person to purchase a permanent life insurance policy at the same medical condition rates you have on the term policy. The rates would be based on your attained age at the time of your conversion but if you health had deteriorated, it is still a good benefit.

It depends on what company issued your existing term life insurance policy. You can compare rates from multiple other insurance companies. You need a life insurance broker.

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At the time of conversion from a term policy to a whole life policy, you will most likely have to have a medical exam. This exam does have minimum standards and will be used to determine the rate on your permanent policy.

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