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Terms of engagement are also known as rules of engagement. They are rules for military forces that define the circumstances, degree, conditions, and manner in which force, might be constructed as provocative or may be applied. Other definitions mean the rules or circumstances of engagement.

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Is an audit engagement and an attest engagement the same in accounting terms?

yes an audit engagement is a type of attest service where you provide assurance on information in the financial statements.

Attorney Engagement Letter?

Get StartedThe Attorney Engagement Letter documents the terms of the sale of services by a legal provider (the "Law firm") to another company or an individual (the "Client").The basic elements of the Attorney Engagement Letter are:Identification of the parties.A description of the services to be performed.Payment terms."

Who gave the 1st engagement ring?

In terms of a diamond engagement ring Archduke Maximilian I of Habsburg is thought to be the first man who offered an engagement to his bride Mary of Burgundy in 1477. Before that rings were given or exchanged between engaged couples but they weren't what we'd consider today to be engagement rings.

How can you tell the difference between an engagement ring and a wedding band in terms of appearance?

A wedding band is most usually a gold or silver band with no protruding Gemstone. An engagement ring most usually has a gemstone mounted.

What does pre engagement means?

"Pre-" means "Before" and "Post" means after. So "Pre-engagement" means "Before the engagement" and "Post engagement" means "After the engagement."

When is a client entitled to a refund?

READ THE AGREEMENT that established the client relationship, and has the terms of the engagement including fee's. That is what YOU agreed to. That's all there is to it...

Do you get your engagement ring back if there is longer an engagement live in California?

Do get get your engagement ring back if there is no longer an engagement live California

What is a speaking engagement?

speaking engagement

What is the engagement ring law in Georgia?

This depends on who broke the engagement. If the woman breaks the engagement, she has to return the ring. If a man breaks the engagement, she gets to keep the ring.

How do you get your retainer fee from an attorney back?

The first step should be to READ the AGREEMENT or receipt for the monwy and should specify the terms of what you paid for and when it is earned.

Do you give an engagement gift to someone if you are not invited to their engagement?

No, if you are not invited to someone's engagement party then you do not send a gift.

In the US if a man engagement with a woman A man wear engagement ring or not?

In the US if a man is entering into an engagement with a woman it isn't traditional for the man to wear an engagement ring. The woman is typically the one who wears the engagement ring.

Woman's title after engagement?

Women's title after engagement?

What is engagement from tough turkey teasers?

broken engagement

What ring goes first engagement or wedding?


How do you say happy engagement in dutch?

Blij engagement

What was ebenezer scrooges engagement to belle?

It was an engagement to marry

How do you spell the word when someone is engaged?

Here are some engagement terms:proposal - an offer of marriage (to be accepted or declined)betrothal - an engagement, agreement to marry (partners are betrothed or engaged)fiance - (French fiancé) an engaged manfiancee - (French fiancée) an engaged woman

Why don't men wear engagement rings?

Men do not wear engagement rings because, historically, engagement rings are seen as a gift to a woman from a man to celebrate and symbolize their engagement.

What is the meaning of fake?

In simple terms it is an imitation. Something that looks like but is not the same as the real thing. An engagement ring with a glass stone in it is a fake if it is supposed to be a diamond.

Does size of an engagement ring matter?

No. An engagement ring is not required.

Who gets the engagement ring in a broken engagement in India?


Why do engagement rings go on your left hand?

why do engagement rings go on your left hand? why do engagement rings go on your left hand?

Average length of engagement?

An engagement can be from a few weeks to a few years or more. However, the average engagement is around 10 months.

Do parents give engagement gift?

If there is an engagement party then the parents would generally give a gift, but if there is no party then no, they do not have to give an engagement gift.

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