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The Femur, more commonly known as the thigh bone, is the longest bone in the human body.

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What is the widest bone in the body?

the longest bone in the body is th spine(They didn't ask which was the longest bone, the question asked which was the widest -advice girl)

What is the largest bone in th human body?

Femur or the thighbone in your body is the largest single bone in your body.

What does grains do to help the human body?

helps th ebody to get nutruents

List the name of the long bones of the upper and lower limbs?

The lower limb comprising the leg; th longest bone id the femurm folloerd by the tibia.

What forms th zygomatic arch?

The zygomatic bone and the temporal bone.

Where are the tubes in the human body?


Which rivers are the 20 longest rivers in the world?

what is th second longest river in the world please help

What is th largest organ of the human body?

it is the liver and they are clean your body that has bad fluid My answer is the skin. The liver may be the largest internal organ, but the skin is the largest in mass of all the body organs.

What dog lives th longest?

little chihuhuas live the longest big dogs tend to live shorter lives

What double a battery last the longest?

energizer last th longest out of ... duracell Walgreen's brand rayovac and heavy duty

How are th causes of tuberculosis and strep throat similar?

Both are diseases caused by bacteria that attack the throat and lungs of the human body.

What do muscles do in a human body?

First, muscles give your body its shape. Muscles enable you to move and muscles (th heart and diaphragm, for example) let you breathe and pump blood.

What month is the longest of the year?

th longest month of the year is octobre not only does it have 31 day but the clock also go back!!

Why is the 7 Th rib the longest?

It helps give room for the lungs as they expand.

Where in the body can you find the malleus?

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What is th your lower jawe name of the bone in?

its called the mandible :)))) thanx! XD

What is th longest river that cuts through Iraq?

the pee coming out of your face HAHAHAHAHAHA

When is the longet day?

The longest day of the year in the northern hemisphere is during summer solstice. Th longest day in the year for the southern hemisphere is during winter solstice.

How does venom works in th body?

it paralyzes the nerves

What is th pH of a human stomcah?

the PH of stomach is acidic about (2)

How do you get black mold out of your body?

you just do it th normal way!

What are Components of moral acts and human will?

what are th 3 components of moral acts?

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