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If you lowered the car or had suspension/strut work done you can be rubbing

The body in the boot?

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Q: What is that Thumping noise in tail end of car VW Golf 97 when turning when turning right get noise in rear right and when turning left get it in rear left side had struts replaced no help?
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What could cause a thumping noise on the front struts on a 2001 4X4 pathfinder LE?

I think i can help; where are you from?

What causes a thumping noise in the front right wheel when turning?


Loud noise when turning?

If it is a thumping and a front wheel drive car, it is probably one of the axles.

What causes a thumping noise in front end when turning right or left in a Honda civic?

worn cv joint =[

What is wrong when i Hit a big bump and wheel shakes and thumping noise under front of car?

There are a few different things which could cause wheel shaking and thumps when hitting a big bump. The most likely cause however, is that the struts need to be replaced.

Why is your 86 celebrity making noise while turning?

You did not describe the noise so here are a couple of thoughts: The front struts will sometimes make a thumping noise going thru turn if they are worn out. CV joints will often make a clicking noise going thru turns when they are failing. When the CV joint fails completely it will often lock up and you won't be able to steer the car.

What is the thumping noise from your sub?


Why is car making a loud thumping noise from rear when making right turn?

Maybe that thumping noise is the sound of another car smashing into the rear of your car.

What is the thumping noise from the engine compartment?

I have a 95 Camaro as well with the same problem. My problem was that my cam was eating up my lifters, and then they tried to fix the problem, and adjusted the valves wrong -- thus causing the thumping noise.AnswerIf you hear it when first pulling out or turning from a stop, it could be loose or damaged motor mounts.

What would cause a creaking noise in the front end of a 2003 Ford Escape?

A creaking noise in the front end of the 2003 Ford Escape might be caused by shocks or struts that need to be replaced. This might also be caused by damage to the shocks or struts from high mileage.

What could be causing the thumping noise in your 2003 dodge caravan?

Bad tire? Rotate and see if thumping changes

What could cause a thumping noise when coming to a stop in a 1999 Cadillac Catera?

Front rotors are warped and need to be replaced. Could be an out of round disc brake rotor

What does it mean when there is thumping noise when turning left or right from the front end a 1988 Acura Integra mean?

You could have a balljoint that is going bad or possibly a strut mount too.

Should new struts make noise?


What is Thumping noise with accerlation Audi A4?

worn torsen differential

What makes a slight thumping noise when accelarating?

Need new lifters

Why is dryer making a thumping noise?

most likely you have a loose bearing.

Thumping noise coming from left rear wheel on 97 Taurus sounds like wheel is rubbing against something why?

Have that tire checked sometimes the belts inside can break and cause a thumping noise

What causes serious rattling clunking noise in the front end of Ford Escape Have already replaced struts and sway bar?

link pin needs replace

99 grand marquis creaking noise turning steering wheel?

Its your bushings, they need to be replaced. About $200 at a shop.

What would cause a knocking or clunking noise of my 99 Nissan Altima after the sturts have been replaced?

It is common to have a knocking or clunking noise of a 99 Nissan Altima, even after the struts have been replaced. This may be due to worn ball joints. It is best to replace the ball joints, too.

What do struts sound like?

They should make no noise.

Grinding noise in front end driver's side when wheel is turned. replaced CV axle and wheel bearing. noise is still there. just more quiet. Why would this do that?

Check for rusted brake parts, and also for partly seized bearing plates on the front struts, causing them to turn in a rough or jerky fashion. Sometimes the struts can be greased but often they need to be replaced.

What causes thumping noise in front end of 96 ford explorer awd?

the noise coming from this truck is the uv goints

What could be the problem when you hit the brakes on 2000 Honda CRV and you hear a thumping noise in the rear?

Loose rear lug-nuts, bad wheel bearings, worn suspension bushings/struts, bent control arm, loose/damaged brakes.