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Omg I love that one: in English its chibi vampire but the alternate name (according to is Karin. If you look up the manga name you are bond to find the anime name....but the manga is better.....just saying XD

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The anime you're referring to is likely "Vampire Knight." It follows a girl named Yuki Cross who attends a school where vampires and humans coexist. Yuki is protected by a vampire named Zero, and the story explores themes of love, betrayal, and the struggle between vampires and humans.

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Q: What is that anime called that's about this girl whos a vampire and she likes blood from the people that are sad?
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Was blood the last vampire an anime series?

Blood: The Last Vampire was an anime film and Blood+ is an anime series with 50 episodes - the two are related as are the manga and light novels .

What is a vampire that eats other vampires called?

Cannibal. According to the anime series Trinity Blood a vampire who has the ability to eat other vampires is called a Crusnik.

What are some vampire anime shows?

Hellsing , Vampire Hunter D , Trinity Blood , Claymore , Blood + , Blood : The Last Vampire , Rosario + Vampire , Karin ,

What is the worlds best vampire anime?

Vampire Hunter D , Blood + , Hellsing ,

What is Chibi Vampire?

its a anime about a vampire that instead sucking blood she produces to much blood its ok and funny.

What are some anime shows that have vampires?

Hellsing , Vampire Hunter D , Trinity Blood , Claymore , Blood + , Blood : The Last Vampire , Rosario + Vampire , Karin ,

Is there any new vampire anime?

yes there is vampire knight,black blood brothers

What are some anime vampire movies?

I don't know movies, but I know two really good anime's with vampires in them: Vampire Knight and Trinity Blood.

Is blood the last vampire the same as blood plus the series?

Blood+ is the 50 episode anime series.

Is blood plus the sequel to blood the last vampire?

No, "Blood+" is not a direct sequel to "Blood: The Last Vampire." While they both share certain elements and are part of the same franchise, they tell different stories with different characters and plotlines. "Blood+" is an anime series that expands upon the world created in "Blood: The Last Vampire."

What are some anime shows like vampire knight?

Trinity blood, blood+, moonphase, and bleach.

What show have hot anime vampire guys?

there is a book called "Model" here are hot vampire guys and if you go onto this link you should find plenty of free anime programs including some hot vampire guy ones ^.^