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It was musical insturments on a scale. -Nadia Thomas.

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The tattoo on her left foot is a heart. It is not colored in.

The person with the teardrop tattoo killed someone.

yes on the sole of her left foot.

Tear Drop TattooDepending on which eye it is under, it either means they killed someone, or one of their gang members were killed.

i have read the series, but not the full series yet! but, i have read up to book 6 and still reading, so i have to say that the eye tattoo is on the left ankle.

Start with the left temple,right temple,left arm,right arm,left chest,thrust to the stomach,right chest,left foot, right foot,left eye,right eye and lastly the crown.

It means that you have a tattoo of an eye with a teardrop...

A star by the left eye, means the person is a high ranking member of a white sapremacist organization.

Some people would get a eye tattoo if they have a blemish or have had damage done to their eye. The reason they would get one is that the eye tattoo would hide the imperfection from sight.

If it is on your left it means you've killed somebody,and if it is on your right,you have somebody that's died

1 tear drop = 10 years in prison

a cosmetic tattoo is when you have makeup tattoo on you here i will give you an example a lady wants to get a cosmetic tattoo o her eye lids or permanent eye shadow

I would have to say no that is not normal. I have a large tattoo of a gecko on my foot and the tattoo artist did not blow on my foot while I was getting it done. In fact a lot of tattoo artists won't tattoo feet at all because the ink doesn't hold up very well because of the thin skin on your foot and the constant agitation from shoes and socks.

what is foot-eye-coordination?

It is a Heart on her RIGHT foot :)

A large eagle on her left arm, which she said represented freedom. Later, she added the number "80" around the eagle, which was Rison's NFL number while in Atlanta.She also had a tattoo of a moon with a face on her foot in reference to Rison's nickname, Bad Moon.On her upper right arm was a large tattoo of the name Parron, for her late stepbrother who died in a boating accident, arching over a large tattoo of a pierced heart.Her smallest tattoo was on her left ear & consisted of an arrow pointing to her left over the symbol of an eye, a reference to her nickname.

a three figured tattoo on a womens left hand

It is normal to have swelling on a tattoo that was recently tattooed.

Ariana Grande's tattoo is on her toe on her right foot.

no she does not, she used a black marker and drew a heart on her foot for pictures on her first album and then turned it into a tattoo

Tattoos under each eye means your stupid for putting a tattoo on your face.

gang symbol. means that the person wearing it is a higher ranking member of a gang

A teardrop tattoo under the eye for gang members means the person has killed before. Some people do have the tattoo and has never committed murder.