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Biology-study of all the living organisms.

Botany-study of plants

zoology-study of animals

mathematics-numerical study

microbology-deals with micro prganisms

human biology-complete study of human systems

environmental sciences-study of environment, ecology

forencic sciences-crime biology

Paleontology-fossils study

Biogeography-distribution of the living beings

genetics-heridity study



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Science give at least 20 branches of science and its field of study?

memorage at least 10 branches of science

What are the branches of science under division?

give me a 10 biological science == ==

What is 10 branches of science?

"What is 10 branches of science?"

Give The 10 branches of biological science?

There are more than 10 branches of biological science. Ten of those branches are botany, zoology, neuroscience, genetics, physiology, microbiology, ecology, cellular biology, embryonic development, and taxonomy.

Give at least 10 branches of science that are related to biology?

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Give 10 Branches Of Physical Science and meaning?

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10 branches of science and define each?

I dont know what is ten branches of Science...

Give you the 10 branches of science?

BiologyBotanyZoologyMicrobiologyGeneticsAnatomyPhysiologyMedicine or Medical ScienceEcology

Which branches of Natural science include study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago?

There are a few branches of natural science. The branches are life science and earth science Novanet.

What are the 10 biological branches of science?

The Biological Of science is an experiment and under the sea rocks

10 sub branches of science?

hehe ambot nimo

Which branches of natural science include the study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago?

Life Science and Earth Science are branches of Natural Science that include the study of organisms from millions of years ago.

What are 10 branches of science and define each?


What are the 10 branches of agriculture?

aquaculture, agricultural engineering.

10 branches of social science?

the 8 branches of social science`1 anthropology2 communication studies3 economics4 human geography5 History6 political science7 psychology8 sociologyMr.jay a peralta have ah 8 branches of social science,,,!

What are 10 branches of life science?

I guess you could say the main "branches" of Science are: Physics Chemistry Astronomy Geology Oceanography Paleontology Meteorology Biology Zoology Medicine c:)

Give at least 10 branches of science?

Anthropology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Geology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany, Ecology, Entymology, Genetics, Biophysics, Biochemistry,

Which branches of natural science including the study of an organism that lived 10 million years ago?

which branches of natural science including the study of an organism thar lived ten million years ago

Give 10 meaning of S in science?

give the meaning ofScience

What are 10 examples of physical science?

Physical science is an encompassing term for the branches of natural science and science that study non-living systems, in contrast to the biological sciences. However, the term "physical" creates an unintended, somewhat arbitrary distinction, since many branches of physical science also study biological phenomena.

10 branches of science and technology?

Science 1. Life science 2. Astrophysics 3. Astronamy 4. Physics 5. Matter 6. Natural Resources 7. Chemistry 8. Anatomy 9. Health Science 10. Animal Kingdom

Give 10 example that have multiple meaning?

According to the OED, in English the winner is 'set', with 23 distinct meanings.

Give 10 branches of biological science and meaning?

There are ten branches of biological science. They are as follows: Anatomy and Physiology- the study of form and function, zoology- study of animals, invertebrate zoology- study of invertebrates, vertebrate zoology- study of vertebrates, botany- study of plants, microbiology- the study of microorganisms, parasitology- the study of parasites, histology- the study of tissues, mycology- the study of fungi, and entomology- the study of insects.

10 sub branches of life science?

Well 10 fields of life science are 1. Ichthyology 2. Biology 3. Zoology 4. Botany 5.Pathology 6. Cell Biology 7.Ethology 8. Onocology 9.optometry 10.marine biology

Name at least 10 foreign scientist give contributions to science?

Albert Einstein

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