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If it's gold, it's gold-plating done by a private company, NOT the U.S. Mint. They go for around $10 on eBay.

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Q: What is the 1776--1976 bicentennial dollars if they are gold?
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What is the value of a bicentennial dollar gold coin?

The U.S. Mint did not produce any gold dollars for the bicentennial. There are aftermarket examples of gold plated dollars but they are just regular production coins which have been gold plated. They have no added numismatic value and their actual value is limited to the value of the metals in them .

Does anyone know if a US Bicentennial gold coin with a liberty bell on front is worth anything?

No gold Bicentennial coins of any kind were made by the US Mint, many common dollars, half dollars and quarters have been gold plated and sold as "Collectibles" for inflated prices.

How much is a 1776 1976 Bicentennial one dollar gold coin worth?

The U.S. never struck any gold coins for the Bicentennial. Many Bicentennial dollars, halves and quarters were privately gold plated and sold as "Collectible" coins. The coins have no numismatic value. The coin is face value, unless you find someone that wants it.

What is the value of gold bi-cenntenial quarter?

Bicentennial Dollars, Half Dollars and Quarters are very common and are novelty coins that have been gold plated. They are not a product of the US mint. And have little or no collectible value.

Where is the s located on bicentennial silver dollars?


What denomination of bicentennial coins were made?

The were made in quarters, half-dollars, and silver dollars.

What is your 1976 D Bicentennial penny worth?

Only dollars, half dollars an quarters dated 1776-1976 are "Bicentennial" coins. Dimes, nickels and cents are face value.

Are all American revolution bicentennial coins gold?

no there not

What is the value of a1972 bicentennial silver dollar?

Take another look at that coin. The date on bicentennial dollars says 1776-1976.

What is the value of a 1776 -1976 bicentennial gold dollar coin?

None of the Bicentennial coins were struck in gold. Many of these coins have been gold plated privately and sold as "Collectibles" but they have no numismatic value. It's just a dollar.

What is the worth of a gold bicentennial of congress liberty half dollar 1989?

The only gold Bicentennial of Congress coin minted is a Five dollar coin not a half dollar, it is valued at about $300.00.

What is the value of 1976 bicentennial silver dollars?

25 cents unless proof silver then 7 dollars.