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What is the 1962 pop hit with a foreign name?

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"Besame Mucho" by Jet Harris.

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What was the name of the Ace of Base's 1994 pop mega hit?

the sign

Code name for allied invasion of Normandy?

Operation Overlord... I guess it has only been in pop culture since "The Longest Day" hit theatres in 1962, so I can't really blame you for not knowing.

What Foreign songs that made the pop charts in the 60's?

Sukiyaki- 1963 Volare (the Bobby Rydell version)-1960Al Di La'-1962

What year did Ernie fraze invented the pop top can?


Who was the 1962 Pop Warner midget champions?

Dixon Rams

What was the number 1 pop song in America on July 29 1962?

The number one pop song in the United States on July 29, 1962 was Roses Are Red (My Love) by Bobby Vinton

What was number 1 sept 14th 1962 pop charts?

For the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart ending the week of September 15, 1962, the #1 song was "Sherry" by The Four Seasons.

What does POP stand for in a baseball hitting stats?

There is no acronym for POP in baseball. It can follow pop-up, pop out and pop fly. Pop meaning it was hit off the bat.

What AGE did Andy Warhol start his pop art?

1962 - he was 34.

Can a pop fly be a type of throw or just a type of hit meaning it comes from home plate. When a pop fly is thrown in practice it is thrown like a pop fly but is not a pop fly?

Just a hit by a bat.

In softball what is a pop fly?

A pop fly is when the ball is hit and it goes in the air. If a pop fly is caught before it hits the ground, the batter is out. Grounders are balls that are hit on the ground that roll.

Why balloons pop when they hit the light?

the heat of the light makes a result for the balloon to pop

Why was the Sherrys' hit called Pop-pop-pop-PIE and not Popeye?

because it sounds better and why only write 1 word not 4.

The pop band America had a 1972 hit with what song?

"America was a folk rock and pop group. The greatest hit by America was 1972 number one song A Horse With No Name. This was the first of two number ones by America." The 2nd was Sister Golden Hair in 1975.

What is Synonymn of impact?

Hit, smash, pop.

Why did my eyes pop out?

maybe you hit something

What is the birth name of Pop Brown?

Pop Brown's birth name is Herbert Brown.

Which pop ground had a 1960s hit with the songbuild me up better cup'?

I think you mean "The Foundations" pop group. They had a hit with the song "Build me up Buttercup".

What were the top ten songs on nov 1 1962 pop charts?

James blunt

What big hit from the '00s has the name of a card game in the title?

Poker Face is a pop song from the '00s with a card game in the title.

What was the name of the swedish female group made up of four girls that had a hit pop song in 1990 and this song was sung in swedish and was not ABBA?

Group: Troll Hit song: Jimmy Dean

The pop band America had a 1972 hit whit which song?

"A Horse With No Name" was a number one hit by America in 1972. It was number 1 on the charts from March 19 - April 8 1972

What was the name of black female singer with only one hit in the late 90's pop and dance hit?

I guess there were a couple of them...maybe you mean "Sleeping Satellite" by Tasmin Archer.

How do you make a charactr on poptropica?

you go to new hit new player, then hit boy or girl, then your age, then someone should pop up, that will be you, if you don't like your name hit change all then i should change. click on the picture of you then bubbles should pop up. they should say "shirt" or "skin" and stuff like that. there! you made a player!

The 2002 pop hit I am With You was done by?

Avril Lavigne