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What is the 1984 US quarter value?


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Face value unless in original mint packaging.

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No such coin exist. US coins are copper-nickel. A 1984 US quarter may be discolored,or chemically stripped, but it's still just 25 cents.

A US quarter has a face value of 25 cents.

A 1765 US quarter does not exist.

Face value only. That date is in circulation today.

All 1984 quarters were made of cupro-nickel and have no added value. Silver quarter production was resumed in 1992 but these coins were only made for collectors and investors, not for circulation. If the copper core isn't visible your coin was plated.

The first US quarter was struck in 1796.

What is the value on a 1965 quarter with no mint mark

Bermuda's currency is linked to the US dollar. The coins are the same size and value as US coins and exchange one-for-one, so a Bermudan quarter is worth the same as a US quarter.

No US quarters were made in 1810.

No US quarters were minted in 1817.

Unless it's Proof, it's just a quarter.

The value is currently around 4 cents.

A 1972 Washington quarter is just a quarter, many are still in circulation.

The date is 1776-1976 and it's only a quarter.

There were no quarters issued in 1808.

what is the value of 1984 united states olympic postage stamps?

A 1970 US quarter has no silver, so it has no silver value.

The coin is a 2001 Vermont State Quarter, it's 25 cents.

Please post a new, separate question. JFK is on the US half dollar. George Washington is on the US quarter.

This is a very common coin. it is only worth face value.

The US never struck a half quarter. A half quarter would be worth 12.5 cents.

Please check your quarter again and post a new, separate question. The first US quarters were minted in 1796. If you have a dual-dated 1776-1976 quarter it's one of the billions minted for the US Bicentennial, and is worth only face value.

The first US quarters were minted in 1796.

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