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What is the 492 Pokemon?

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actually there is 493 Pokemon i suggest googling Pokemon pokedex to see them all

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492 or 493 sorry i don't have my console with me but that's the closest but it is probably 492 and if you wanted to know you just have to capture 482 none includingthe event pokemonhoped it helped

yes, otherwise you wouldn't have all of the Pokemon

28% of 492= 28% * 492= 0.28 * 492= 137.76

You get the letter for Shaymin. You get the letter by going to a Nintindo Event or seeing 492 different pokemon.

Shaymin is #492 in the national pokedex, and it is a Grass type Pokemon.

ANSWER: 49200%492= 492 * 100%= 49200%

Any element of the set 492*k where k is an integer.

get 8 badges kill galactic beat Pokemon league complete pokedex=210 beat national dex=492

if you already have the code,then for example(ill use shamine) take shamine number(492) and -,493-492=1, toss 1 master ball and you got 492(shamines number). and finally HOLD L in the grass, and shamine will pop up.

The Pokemon modifier cheat is a cheat that lets you pick what Pokemon you find in the wild by tossing away master balls ex if you toss away 492 master balls you will get a bulbasaur.

6 is a factor of 492.

5,391 multiplied by 492 is 2,652,372.

8200/492 = 16.6 recurring%

7 / 492 = 0.01423

492 multiplied by 203,943 is 100,339,956.

492 246,2 123,2,2 41,3,2,2

492 multiplied by 843 is 414,756.

82 divided by 492 is 0.166666666667

492 x 2/10 = 49.2 + 49.2 = 98.4 Two tenths of 492 = 98.4

listen you need the other the other 492 Pokemon to do that.a.k.a all the legends and evolve all Pokemon .not kidding.also if you need riolu: by ar and insert code or get it from riley on iron islandget shaimen darkrai cressila mersprit and and chimchar and turtwig (i think you get my point)the point is get all the other 492 Pokemon to get #493:arcues

you cant recruit him. there are only 492 Pokemon recruitible in the game

Yes, Pikachu and all other 492 Pokémon will be able to follow you in the game.

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