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The U.S.S. Intrepid. Part of the US Navy.

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Why airplanes are on The Intrepid?

It is an aircraft carrier, that is it's purpose - to operate aircraft and project naval power.

When was World War 2 aircraft carrier intrepid launched?

It was launched in 1943

Where Aircraft carrier intrepid is located?

CV-11 "Intrepid" is now a museum ship and is located in New York City.

What is bigger the titanic or an aircraft carrier?

an aircraft carrier

What does the letter R mean in the NATO aircraft carrier pennant numbers?

aiRcraft caRRier

Is it okay to test sinking the aircraft carrier?

Only there's no one on the aircraft carrier.

What wars did The Intrepid fight in?

The USS Intrepid, an Essex class aircraft carrier, was launched in 1943 and fought throughout WW2, and much later in Vietnam. -I don't believe it was involved in Korea. The Ship is now a Museum in New York City.

What is one of the World's most strongest aircraft carrier?

The USS Eisenhower carrier is the most strongest aircraft carrier in the World.

How did naval aircraft fight the war in the Pacific?

Carrier fighter vs carrier fighter. Aircraft carrier duels. Carrier planes (naval aircraft) have folding wings/or wing-tips for shipboard operations.

How much does a cvn aircraft carrier weigh?

How much does a Nimitz class aircraft carrier weigh

When was Vikrant class aircraft carrier created?

Vikrant class aircraft carrier was created in 2015.

Is flight deck an aircraft carrier?

There is a flight deck on an aircraft carrier but, it is not an aircraft carrier as there are many other ships that have flight decks on them. The amphibious assault ship is a good example.

What is the largest aircraft carrier?

The USS Enterprise is the largest aircraft carrier and it has served for nearly 50 years!

When did Soviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk end?

Soviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk ended in 1993-06.

When was French aircraft carrier Bรฉarn created?

French aircraft carrier Béarn was created in 1927-05.

What is the USS intrepid?

Currently, The USS Intrepid CV-11 is an Essex class aircraft carrier located at the USS INTRIPID MUSEUM on the Hudson River in New York City at approximently 49th street. Numerous previous ships had that name back to the American Revolution.

Aircraft carrier names?

The USS Bismarck Sea was the last US Navy aircraft carrier sunk in WWII.

Which aircraft carrier can hold up to 150 airplanes?

The George Bush Aircraft Carrier can hold 150 airplanes.

When was Japanese aircraft carrier Hลshล created?

Japanese aircraft carrier Hōshō was created on 1922-12-27.

When was Soviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk created?

Soviet aircraft carrier Novorossiysk was created on 1982-09-12.

When was Japanese aircraft carrier Zuihล created?

Japanese aircraft carrier Zuihō was created on 1940-12-27.

When was Japanese aircraft carrier Chลซyล created?

Japanese aircraft carrier Chūyō was created on 1942-11-25.

When was Japanese aircraft carrier Chitose created?

Japanese aircraft carrier Chitose was created on 1938-07-25.

When was Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryลซ created?

Japanese aircraft carrier Hiryū was created on 1939-07-05.

What aircraft carrier is used in under siege?

It wasn't an aircraft carrier, but a battleship. The battleship used was the USS Missouri.