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Only 5 cents unless it's a proof coin.

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The Dime is worth 10 cents.

A nickel is an American or Canadian coin which is worth 5 cents.

That would be the U.S. dime.

This is a general circulation coin. It's worth 5 cents.

10 cents (7.5 American inflation)

The most valuable American coin in current production is the half dollar. This half dollar is worth 50 cents when used.

It is worth 15 Bahamian cents or 15 American cents. Its value is more for collectors as the Bahamas government has ceased making them.

It is a common coin in circulation in the UK and is worth about 75 cents - $1 depending on the exchange rate.

This coin does not exist. The platypus is on the 20c coin, and is worth 20 cents. The 5c coin has an echidna on it, and is worth five Australian cents.

In the United kingdom it would be worth 10 pence. In the USA it would be the equivalent of about 16 cents

Yes, ten cents. It's an ordinary circulation coin. The D indicates that it was minted in Denver.

It will have no added value, unless it is a GEM uncirculated coin (worth about 25 cents), or a proof coin (worth about 50 cents).

Any 50 cent coin with Elizabeth II on it will be worth 50 cents in whatever country it came from.

Any American coinage is worth the face value minted on it however different other factors may vary it's worth and to whom it is valueable. Bluntly a 1972 fifty cents piece is worth 50 cents. But the coin does have value to precious metal investors, if it has silver in it which I believe no 1972 5o cent piece (US) did. To a coin collector a numismatist, depending upon the condition and the mint where the coin was minted would affect the value. The value of the coin will flunctuate over time as markets predict its worth for metal value and numismatic value. But it is always worth at least 50 cents US.

1937 is a common date for Lincoln cents. If circulated, it's worth about 2 cents. A nice uncirculated coin is worth about 50 cents.

The value of a 1923 Canadian 5 cents coin is (if in good condition) $0.20.

No, it's a coin that's worth 50 cents.

Not much, it is worth about 3-4 cents or so in the exchange rate. It is an incredibly common coin and in typical circulation in the UK.

If the coin is a high grade Mint State coin it may be worth 25 cents if not, spend it.

No. Sixpence is a British Commonwealth coin and is worth six Pennies. A Dime is a US coin and worth 10 cents.

In the United States 100 cents make a dollar. Cents are sometimes nicknamed pennies. A penny is the nickname of a coin, a small copper and zinc one. one cent is the value of a penny, just like a one dollar bill is worth 100 cents, a penny is worth 1 cent. Other coins and their names: a nickel is worth 5 cents, a dime is worth 10 cents a quarter is worth 25 cents a half dollar is worth 50 cents a dollar coin is worth 100 cents. So Yeah, America has pennies, but that is the name of a physical metal coin, the abstract currency is referred to as "Cents" or "Dollars"

You have a American Eagle Bullion $10 coin - if minted in the year of 1995, its worth in a MS60 condition is: $ 265. By the way, the coin should be carrying a mint mark of "W."

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