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Q: What is the Arabic phonetonic translation for the word ''hi''?
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What is the Libyan Arabic word for hi?

Hi = marḥaba مرحبا

What is the Arabic translation for Michael?

hi , I'm sabah ; ok you write it in Arabic like this way مايكل enjoy with your name

What does the Arabic word safari ya mean?


What is i love you in Arabian?

My name is Olaitan Abdul Akeem, the translation of I LOVE YOU in Arabic language is u hi buka

What is the Cherokee Indian translation for the word ocean?


Hi how are you in Arabic?

The way this question is phrased is difficult to understand. If the question is about the sound of the word "hello" (i.e. a person heard the word "hello" mixed in Arabic conversation and wants to know what it means): The sounds of the word "hello" in Arabic mean "sweet" or "pretty" (Arabic - حلو). If the question is about the word in Arabic which is the translation of "Hello" in English, the answer is "Ahlan" with the "h" pronounced or "Salaam" depending on the country (Arabic - أهلا/سلام).

What is the tagalog translation of kapampangan word epa?

Hi, kapampangan word epa in english is -EPA Kapampangan word

What is the Arabic word for she?

She = hi (هي)pronounced hee or heeya, depending on dialect.

How do you say yes sir in Arabic?

Sir means sayed and you say it to the same people you say sir forThe Arabic word for (sir) is (سيدى) (sayedy) so if you want to say (hi sir) > (مرحبا سيدى) (marhaban sayedy)In Maghrebi Arabic dialects, the word سيدي is pronounced as sidi instead of sayedi.

What is the translation of the word 'hi' in different languages?

Hola Shalom Hello Hullolo Aloha

Salam means hi in farsi?

No. "Salam" or "Salaam" (however you want to spell it), is the word "peace" in Arabic.

What does the name Farrah mean?

Hi, Yes, it means joy: Farrah"; Farah (فرح) is an Arabic word for joy.