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coffee = "kahwa" /kəhwə/ قهوة

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Q: What is the Arabic word for coffee?
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What is the word 'coffee' when translated from English to Arabic?


What language does the word coffee come from?

Arabia, from qahweh (= drink) in Arabic

Where did the word coffee came from?

From Italian caffè, from Turkish kahve, from Arabic قهوة (qahwa, "coffee").

What is the English word for kawa?

Kawa is an Arabic word which passed into French, meaning 'coffee'. It is used informally.

What is the original language of the word coffee?

The home of the coffee plant was the Kaffa region of Ethiopia. The Arabic word is Qahwah. Yemen was the first great coffee exporter. their word being Chaoua. The word has undergone some changes over the years.

Which language does the word coffee come from?

The word "coffee" comes from the Arabic word "qahwa," which refers to a type of wine. This term evolved into the Turkish word "kahve" before being adapted into various languages, including English.

Where does the name coffee come from?

Coffee comes from the Arabic qahwa meaning the same "coffee".

Where can I find more information on arabica coffee? has an entry about many different types of Arabic coffee. There's even an Arabic Coffee Company that you can find at

What is the origin of the word coffee?

Coffee originates from Italian, caffè. The origin of the word coffee came to the English from the Italian word "caffè". The word "caffè" comes from the Turkish word "kahvè" that was borrowed from the Arabic language where the word "qahwa" referred to a type of wine - wine of the bean (qahwat al-bun).

How do you say coffee in Arabic language?

qahwa = coffee maqhaa = café

What is usually added to Arabic coffee?


How do you say coffee in Aramaic?

Those who speak Syriac (Surit) just say "qawa". Starting letter is "qop" (19th letter of the alphabet). The word is similar to Arabic "gahwa" but pronunciation is not the same.