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Azeezon / Azeezaton

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Q: What is the Arabic word for dear?
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Do you missed me my friend in Arabic word?

Do you miss me my dear friend : you can say this sentence in one word --> eshta'atelliiii ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : اشتقتلي

How do you say dear all in Arabic?

Dear all : this is a tough word to pronounce it if you are not familiar with ِrabic letters it is pronounced as : a'ezzae'eee and it is written this way : أعزائي

What does The Arabic word habifti mean in English?

I think you mean " habibti" or "habibitee" meaning my dear or my love

What does the name 'Aziz' mean?

Arabic word means,dear or reliable or close

What does qayamat mean in Hindi?

My dear Qayamat doesn't mean anthing in Hindi, it is a Urdu word derived from the Arabic word Qiyamah, which literally means Day of Judgement. Both words have the same meaning.

What is the Arabic word for cars?

The Arabic word for 'cars' is saiarat and the Arabic spelling is سيارات.

How do you say madam in Arabic?

It depends on what you mean by "madam".If you are referring to the female equivalent of "sir", the Arabic is: Sayeda (سيدة)If you are referring to a woman who runs a brothel, the Arabic is: Saheba Maakhur (صاحبة ماخور), literally, the Owner of the Brothel

What is the Arabic word for malls?

the arabic word for mall is veishnou

What is the Arabic word for bread?

the Arabic word for bread is khubz.

What is the Arabic word for island?

The Arabic word for island is "Shesara"

What is the Spanish word for Arabic?

The Spanish word for Arabic is "árabe".

What is the Arabic word for sky?

The Arabic word for sky is assamaai