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Q: What is the Arabic word for faith?
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What is the word 'faith' when translated from English to Arabic?

Faith : Emaan ( in Arabic ). and it is written this way : ايمان

How do you say faith in Arabic word?

eeman ايمان

What is the meaning of imani in Spanish?

it means faith. the origin is Arabic

Arabic imani mean?

Imani means " my faith" ( note the i at the end of the word refers the word to the speaker ) Iman in general is the faith .

Does the word Islam mean faith?

The word Islam is an Arabic word diverted from "salam" which means peace.

How do you write the word faith in Arabic?

It's 'eemaan'... that's exactly how you pronounce it. Now if you want to write it in Arabic, I can't help you. Sorry. -- The word "eemaan" is spelled إيمان in the Arabic abjad.

What are the Arabic words to mean Faith?

Faith in Arabic is : Eman written as : ايمان

What does the name Iman mean?

Iman means faith in arabic.

What does the word zidane mean?

Zidane is not a common word, rather, a popular name of Arabic origins. Zidane is thought to be an English variation on the Arabic name Zaydan. The meaning of Zidane is one who increases or grows the faith.

What is the Arabic translation for have faith?

Have Faith = أؤمن Pronounced as "Oo-Men"

How do you spell faith in Arabic?

teecrum is the word not exact on the spelling.

what is Aqaid?

Aqaid is an Arabic word. Aqaid means belief. To belief or faith in the fundamental aspects of islam is called Aqaid.