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rose colored = وردي (waradi)

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Q: What is the Arabic word for rose colored?
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What is the Arabic word for the rose?

rose in aribic is: وارتفع

What is the Arabic word for flower?

the Arabic word for flowers is ward or warda Actually, ward/warda specifically means rose. The actual word for flower is zahar.

What is the Arabic word for pink?

In colloquial arabic, we call it many names, some of which are Pink, rose,fuchsia ( we pronounce it "Foushia"). in Classical Arabic , it is : wardy = وردى or zahry = زهرى

What does mean jambu in arabic?

Jambu in Arabic mean a rose apple tree. This is in a different language.Jambu means a rose apple tree. This is the meaning in Arabic.

How do you say rose in Arabic?

Plural "roses" in Arabic is ورود (wurood). A single "rose" is وردة (warda).

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When was Rose Colored Glasses - album - created?

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What does Aroosa mean?

a pink rose in arabic

What is the meaning of navirah?

arabic, meaning rose

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