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The flag doesn't have a name

The Union Jack represents our roots from England

The southern cross represents the Southern Hemisphere

The Federation star is in the bottom left hand corner, each point represents one state.

The blue represents us surrounded by ocean-being an island

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Union jack

blue ocean

southern cross and pointers star constellation

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Q: What is the Australia flag called and where did Australia flag come from?
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Why does Australia have a flag?

Australia as a flag because it is a country

When was Flag of Australia created?

Flag of Australia was created in 1901.

What is the union jack on the Australian flag called?

Because Australia was founded by British.

What does the colours on the Australia flag represent?

the Australia flag represents the british and the ancient australia

What flag has a union jack and five stars?

Australia's flag.

Why was Australia flag made?

The Australian flag was made to represent the country of Australia.

Why is great Britain's flag on Australia's flag?

Because for a long time the United Kingdom owned Australia until Australia decided they wanted to be their own country. If Australia wanted to they could change their flag so it didn't have the British flag in it but as of yet, they have not.

Australia's flag bearer for 2008 Olympics?

James Tomkins was the olympic flag bearer for Australia

When did they made the Australia flag?

If the Australia flag wasnt made the federation of the Australian will not no who they are where they are born and where u live

When was Australia's first flag flown?

Australia's national flag was first flown on 3 September 1901. However, this was not the first flag to fly in Australia. The first flag flown on Australian soil was the British flag, when the First Fleet arrived on 26 January 1788.

What does Sydney Australia's flag stand for?

There is no Sydney Australian flag.

What gave the australians flag Britain flag?

Australia was a British colony, and adapted their flag from the British flag.