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What is the fluid capacity of a Toyota Corolla automatic transmission

3.3 Qts drain and fill

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Q: What is the Automatic transmission fluid capacity of a 1995 Toyota Corolla?
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What is the Automatic transmission capacity 1993 Toyota Corolla?

The 1993 Toyota came available in the A131L and A245E automatic transmissions. The service fill capacity of the A131L is 5.1 quarts and the A245E 8 quarts.?æ

What is the automatic transmission fluid capacity on a 2007 Toyota Corolla?

You drain 3.5 qts with the plug, 4.1 dropping the pan.

1995 Toyota Corolla will not go into gear?

1995 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission won't go sin any gear

Where do you fill an automatic transmission in a 2000 Toyota Corolla?

Your owners manual will tell you.

Where does the transmission fluid go into an automatic transmission 1985 Toyota Corolla manual transmission?

on the transmission. and it requires gear oil

How often should you change your transmission fluid on your Toyota corolla?

If it is an automatic transmission every 30 thousand miles.

Where do you find the differential fill plug on a 1987 Toyota Corolla FX16 with automatic transmission?

It has no differential plug.

Automatic transmission fluid capacity 1996 Toyota rav4?

3.5 Q

What is the towing capacity of the Toyota Corolla 2009?

Tow capacity of the 2009 Toyota Corolla is 680kg or 1500lbs.

Is a 1994 Toyota Corolla automatic transmission the same as the 1990 Geo Prizm automatic transmission?

when gm took over Toyota they did a lot of cars with the same engines. look at the engines in both, if they are the same engine then they should be nearly the same transmission

What is the maximum cargo capacity of the 2003 Toyota Corolla?

The maximum cargo capacity of the 2003 Toyota Corolla is 13.6 cu.ft..

What is the maximum towing capacity of the 2002 Toyota Corolla?

The maximum tosing capacity of the 2002 Toyota Corolla is 1500 lbs..