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It is the code that you use to register the game.

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Q: What is the CD key for Final Fantasy XIV?
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Do you need a CD to play Final Fantasy XIV?

Yep . You need a CDkey to play FFXIV ,then you could enjoy it . Btw, if you want to get super cheap FFXIV Gil, welcome to . Our msn is

In final fantasy 8 at the start of the iguion video the game crashes?

Actually if this happens something is wrong with your CD you need to replace it.

Where can you download a full version of Final Fantasy VIII for the PC?

It's not available in download form right now, you'd have to get the CD version.

What is a CD key?

i think CD key provide an access to do some thing. it is often used in playing game like wow CD key and ffxi CD key.

You lost your CD key of counter strike tell you CD key?

Wikianswers can't give you the CD key but i suggest you contact the company who made the game to get a new CD key.

How can you get the CD key of Reign of Chaos?

You get a CD key free when you buy the CD for Reign of Chaos

What is the axis and allies CD key?

If you check on the CD case of the game you purchased there will be a CD key.

Can you find the CD key if you have the product CD?

The "key" is usually placed on the original CD sleeve or sent separately as in an email or other media. The CD key will not be imbedded anywhere on the CD.

How much does a recordable CD cost?

Round about £59.99. Although I've never saw one. I just know. Final Fantasy IV DS rocks.

What is halo CD key?

The CD key is on the packaging of the game that you bought.

What is the CD key of terminator 3 war of machines?

cd key

Nba live 2006 CD key code?

CD key

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