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Ng HK Jodi

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Q: What is the Camera that swallow and take pictures inside your body?
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What happens when you swallow poison?

if u swallow poison nothing would happen poison have to be injected inside of your body

What happened when you swallow a steel nail?

steel nail goes inside your body.

What is a gamma ray camera?

Gamma camera is used to give an image of the body, based on the gamma rays coming from radionuclide inside the body.

Is it bad to swallow a fart?

No. A fart is just a smelly gas from your stomach. It starts out in your body, right? If you swallow one, it's inside you just like it started.

What are some similarities between a film camera and a digital camera?

both can have pictures printed, both have a lens, used for similar purposes, both have a flash and the body type.

What does built in camera means?

Built in camera means that a computer (or other device) has a camera built in to it's body. On a Mac for example the camera is located in the centre above the screen. The camera can be used for video chatting/conferencing, or taking pictures with PhotoBooth etc.

When did they start using cameras that go inside the body?

They started to use a Medical Camera in 2002.

How do you know if you are pregnant after just giving birth?

ultrasound pictures will show baby growing inside one's body

What are two types of cameras used to take pictures of earth before the invention of the satellite?

A high altitude camera was used to take pictures of earth from aircraft (typically fixed to the underside of aircraft body) or air balloon. This type of camera operates in extremely cold weather (around minus 50).

How do you swallow?

There is no real way to swallow really. It is more like an instinct that is built into the body.

How does ecstasy enter the body?

snortt it or swallow it

Name something doctor uses to look inside body?

X-ray machine, MRI scan, surgical camera, light, scope

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