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Canada is a constitutional monarchy, parliamentary democracy and a federation.

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Q: What is the Canadian form of government?
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What is the difference between Canadian government and Thai government?

Once is Canadian and one is Thai

How many people are in the senate in the Canadian government?

There are 105 senators in the Canadian government.

Who leads the Canadian Government?

The Canadian Crown is Canada's main governmental system. The Canadian Crown is the foundation of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of the Canadian government.

Is steven Harper in the Canadian government?

Yes, he's the head of the Canadian government as the Prime Minister.

Who is the real head of the Canadian government?

The real head of the Canadian government is Queen Elizabeth II

Which company is minting Canada coins or Canadian coins?

There is no company that mints Canadian coins. The coins are minted by the Canadian government, not a company. The government entity in charge of minting Canadian coins is the Canadian Mint.

What two Canadian groups are pushing for more autonomy and exerting evolutionary pressure on the Canadian government?

What two canadian groups are pushing for more autonomy and exerting evolutionary pressure on the Canadian government

Who formed Royal Canadian air force?

The Canadian government in 1920.

Why did the Canadian government ban potlach?

The Canadian government did ban Potlach because give an impression that the natives were poor and hardy.

How was Quebec not treated fairly by the Canadian Government?

Quebec was treated unfairly by the Canadian government during John Diffnbaker's era

What Canadian government is responsible for foreign affairs?

Global Affairs Canada is the Canadian government department responsible for foreign affairs.

What was so bad about Canadian aboriginal dances that they banned it?

The Canadian government wanted to assimilate the Canadian Aborignals.