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What is the Carmen Winstead story?


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September 14, 2011 8:47AM

The Carmen Winstead story was the first urban legend spread through MySpace, and then through other sites. See the related link for more info. Some of our users demonstrated how the story is spread through the account below:


This story is true as i was a student at the school which i am not legally allowed to give the name of, here is the story...

There was a girl named Carmen Winstead who had transferred to a new school and she had only been there for a few months. A group of girls had pretended to be Cramen's friend so they could embarress her and make a fool out of herself.

One night during a fire drill the group of girls and Carmen had to go out to the front of the building for a roll check. On the way to the front of the school they walked past an open sewer drain and the group of girls pushed her in. The rest of the girls ran to the front of the school expecting her to come out eventually, as the roll was being marked, Carmens name was called and the girls said she had fallen down the sewer drain. So the teachers had contacted the police, once Carmen had been retrieved from the bottom of the sewer, they discovered that the skin and flesh had been ripped off the side of her face from being scraped along the rusty ladder peices. Her neck had also been broken from hitting the concrete at the bottom and she was dead. Everybody from that same school who believed that the girls had actually pushed her heard laughing and giggling from everywhere that lead to a sewer.

One morning, the girls who had pushed her down the sewer drain had gone missing and were all found in the same sewer drain that they had pushed Carmen down during the fire drill. They all had the flesh ripped off the side of their faces and they all had broken necks.

this story is true and i know for a fact that it is true as one of the girls that pushed Carmen in was my sister. we were devastated at what had happened and were so creeped out that we moved away from the area and from the school. the rumours were also true as whenever you walked past the sewer at which Carmen fell into you could here giggling and laughing. me and my family were not harmed just scarred with absolute grief and fear. i still dream about it now but as a warning do not go pushing any girls into a sewer as your life could become in danger!!!!!

i got this story in a forward and it creeped me out but i don't believe it nor do i forward forwards i don't believe in goasts becuz they r not real u can say wat u want but the only way i will believe in ghoasts is if i c 1 with my very eyes 1 haunts me or i witness something like this then hear the laughter