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The Carmen Winstead story was the first urban legend spread through MySpace, and then through other sites. See the related link for more info. Some of our users demonstrated how the story is spread through the account below:


This story is true as i was a student at the school which i am not legally allowed to give the name of, here is the story...

There was a girl named Carmen Winstead who had transferred to a new school and she had only been there for a few months. A group of girls had pretended to be Cramen's friend so they could embarress her and make a fool out of herself.

One night during a fire drill the group of girls and Carmen had to go out to the front of the building for a roll check. On the way to the front of the school they walked past an open sewer drain and the group of girls pushed her in. The rest of the girls ran to the front of the school expecting her to come out eventually, as the roll was being marked, Carmens name was called and the girls said she had fallen down the sewer drain. So the teachers had contacted the police, once Carmen had been retrieved from the bottom of the sewer, they discovered that the skin and flesh had been ripped off the side of her face from being scraped along the rusty ladder peices. Her neck had also been broken from hitting the concrete at the bottom and she was dead. Everybody from that same school who believed that the girls had actually pushed her heard laughing and giggling from everywhere that lead to a sewer.

One morning, the girls who had pushed her down the sewer drain had gone missing and were all found in the same sewer drain that they had pushed Carmen down during the fire drill. They all had the flesh ripped off the side of their faces and they all had broken necks.

this story is true and i know for a fact that it is true as one of the girls that pushed Carmen in was my sister. we were devastated at what had happened and were so creeped out that we moved away from the area and from the school. the rumours were also true as whenever you walked past the sewer at which Carmen fell into you could here giggling and laughing. me and my family were not harmed just scarred with absolute grief and fear. i still dream about it now but as a warning do not go pushing any girls into a sewer as your life could become in danger!!!!!

i got this story in a forward and it creeped me out but i don't believe it nor do i forward forwards i don't believe in goasts becuz they r not real u can say wat u want but the only way i will believe in ghoasts is if i c 1 with my very eyes 1 haunts me or i witness something like this then hear the laughter

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When was the Carmen winstead story posted online?

sometime in 2006

How do you repost Carmen winstead?

carmen winstead was pushed

Do you believe in the Carmen winstead story?

I believe that she was pushed down the sewer! I think the story is true!

Did Carmen die in the sewer?

Carmen winstead was pushed into the sewer, she had broke her neck and the skin in the face of Carmen winstead was torn off. when the police found her she was dead. the answer is, yes Carmen winstead was dead.

Is there anything to be worried about with the Carmen Winstead story?

NO not really because the story was just a rumor started by some teenagers

Is Carmen winstead a criminal?

no its she is not real

Horror story name for 3 girls who kill one girl and that girl come back to kill them?

The Carmen Winstead Story

Is there a movie on Carmen winstead story?

yes the movie is from the movie the ring and if the movie is not true then the story is not true Movie on TopRater:

Is the story about a girl named Summer real?

No just like the carmen winstead story some one made it up for popularity reason:(

Is the Carmen winteads story true?

No the Carmen Winstead story is not true I got a forward text and sent to at least 5 people and that was 10 days ago and I'm still alive its a fake

Was Carmen Winstead hot?

yes no maybe!

How did Carmen winstead fall into the well?

a ghost

Are there pictures of Carmen Winstead?

Nobody is sure on what Carmen Winstead would have looked like. Since it is an urban legend, you can leave this to your imagination and decide for yourself.

Is the David Gregory a true person in the Carmen Winstead Story?

No it's just a horror story they made up to scare people. Also he did not die because of what happened in the story he died because of a demon who was following him since he was a little boy. Read the article in the "Related Links" section to learn more about the legend of David Gregory and Carmen Winstead.

Was Jared Morgan murdered by Carmen Winstead?


Who got pushed down a sewer?

Carmen Winstead, supposedly

What is the most popular urben legand?

The Carmen Winstead dieing in a sewer.

Will Carmen winstead really kill you if you don't send the story?

No, it is just spam mail designed to trick you into sending it in a mass quantity. It is illegal to do so. The story may be true, but her haunting you is not.

Why did the ghost get in jail?

Is the storry of Carmen winstead true does she realy huntd u

Is Carmen winstead in the afterlife or does she still roam the earth?

Not sure. More specifics?

What was the name of the girl that died in the sewer and killed people who did not believe her?

Carmen winstead

What will happen if you sent on the text of the Carmen Winstead story?

If you have unlimited texting on your cellphone plan, nothing. If pay by the text, you will be billed for sending the text. The story was a hoax. See the related question linked below.

How are motorcycles and bikes similar?

There is currently not anything posted on her. But you could be the first. If you already know the Carmen Winstead story, you should definitely be contributing and writing it up on wikipedia. The story has to do with a 16 year old boy that didn't respond to a chain letter, and ended up dying because of it. It is a famous urban legend that is going around lately. So post a wikipedia article on Carmen Winstead, or she will get you next!

Did anyone find the truth about Carmen winstead's death?

Carmen Winstead is the average teenege girl. no one killed her and no one was killed by her.

What is the Cameron winstead story?

she was raped by rihanna