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The phone # is (032) 253-2806 and if you're trying to track a package, you need to call (032) 520-6265

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Q: What is the Cebu City post office telephone number?
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What is the telephone number of Cebu capitol post office?

Capitol Site Cebu City 6000, Philippines+63 32 255 6944

What is the contact number of FedEx in Cebu?

Fedex Cebu City Telephone (032) 263.3019 Mobile 0927 935 2449

Globe telecom telephone number cebu city?


What is the number of globe sm cebu?

The telephone number of Globe in SM Cebu is 011-63-730-1000. GlobeÃ?s offices are located in Cebu City, of the Philippines.

Where is ched cebu city office located?

National Government Center,Sudlon,Lahug,Cebu City

The contact number of NSO Cebu?

contact number of NSO cebu city

What is the telephone number of globe batangas city office?

722 5185

Where is Ap cargo in cebu?

AC Cortez Ave., Mandaue City, Cebu Telephone No: (6332) 344-3209

Where is the post office in cebu city?

near plaza independencia

Is there accredited GAMCA at cebu?

there are four GAMCA accredited clinic in Cebu City namely: 1. Cebu Physicians' Diagnostic Service Center 2 Medisense Laboratory Center 3. St. Peter Paul Medical Clinic 4. Zaff Jay Medilines GAMCA Cebu office is located at Rm. Pent House 16, Borromeo Bldg. Gov. M. Roa St., Capitol Site, Cebu City for further inquireis please contact GAMCA Cebu office, telephone no. (32) 2381215

Where is the Department of Foreign Affairs Office in Cebu City?

The Central Visayas regional office of the Department of Foreign Affairs is located at the 4th Floor of Pacific Mall in Mandaue City. It was formerly located in Cebu City.

What is the contact number of globe in ayala cebu?

Ayala Center in Cebu City, Cebu Philippines is located on Designer Blvd and is in the heart of Cebu City. The contact phone number for this shopping center is (032) 516-3025.

What is the telephone number of post office of taguig city?

i just called up the Phil Post Office. the number for Taguig is: 541 9368

Does cebu city is the capital of the cebu?

yes, cebu city is the capital of cebu.

Cebu City voters list of barangay bulacao cebu city and precinct number?

barangay bulacao master list of voters

What was the population of Cebu City in 2006?

The National Statistics Office did not conduct a population census in 2006. Cebu City's population in 2000 was 718,821. This grew to 798,809 in 2007.

Capital of cebu?

Cebu's capital city is Cebu.

Tabogon cebu city?

Tabogon is not part of cebu city but it is one of the towns of Cebu province. Tabogon is not part of cebu city but it is one of the towns of Cebu province.

What is the capital of Cebu province?

Cebu City is the capital city in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

What is the CHED Cebu City Address?

Day-As, Imus Avenue, Cebu City, Cebu

What is the contact telephone number for the Mayoral Office in the City of Columbus in Ohio?

The Mayoral Office in the city of Columbus Ohio is located at 90 West Broad Street. If one wishes to contact the office by phone the contact number for this office is 614-645-7671.

What is the postal code in Cebu City?

6000 for Cebu City

When was Cebu City created?

Cebu City was created in 1565.

What is Cebu City's population?

The population of Cebu City is 866,171.

What is the capital of Cebu?

Cebu City is the capital of Cebu Province.