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If you were born between 15 February 1991 and 3 February 1992, your Chinese horoscope sign would be Sheep.

If you were born between 4 February 1992 and 22 January 1993, your Chinese horoscope sign would be Monkey.

Charming, cheeky, mischievous and ingenious, monkeys have little respect for authority, and often find themselves in trouble. Monkeys are born under the sign of fantasy and of all the twelve signs, monkeys are the nearest to mankind. Monkeys are blessed with great intelligence, and having a high regard for knowledge, they are capable of thinking through even the most complex problems.

Monkeys are not the best business people in the world. They are opportunistic, and often end up chasing profits rather than following through any business strategy. However, their quick wits and intelligence often brings them through, and they may make a fortune from nothing. A powerful memory coupled with a cool temperament when under pressure all give the monkey extremely strong survival skills.

The Chinese warn that the charm of the monkey, together with its tendency to fantasise can result in them telling extraordinary tales which you end up believing, however improbable. This helps them get out of difficult situations, and often helps them escape punishment for their mischief.

The monkey is a bit of a thrill seeker, and is always looking for a new experience. As such they find long term relationships somewhat elusive.

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Q: What is the Chinese Horoscope Sign for 1992?
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