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What is the Christian position on the teaching of evolution in schools?

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There is no single take, but I'd like to present an argument for a more enlightened approach to the problem this conflict of perception presents.

A group view is often a perception created by mass media for the general public's consumption of news information. In the case of evolution instruction in public education, the news media perception is that Christians outrightly reject evolution and have recently promoted "intelligent design" as a viable option. But, of course, you can find many different views within the Christian community on this subject for which the news media hasn't enough time to present. For economic reasons the mass media must condense information, and the result is very often a perception that opposing viewpoints have no common ground. For example, one can easily conclude that a Theologian can't accept evolution, or that a Scientist can't believe in God, because of how the public's access to information is presented in the media. This phenomenom is compounded by each group's defensive reaction to overly simplistic news reporting which causes unnecessary partisanship. The affected parties begin to construct borders and man them with thought police.

My answer to your question, "What is the Christianity take on the teaching of evolution in schools?", is based on the presumption you mean taxpayer funded education. The teaching of evolution theory in taxpayer funded education should be held to the same standard as teaching mathematics, for example. That is, since most of the taxpaying public can agree that 1+1=2, mathematics has no problem with the people who pay for its teaching (except for when little Johnny is given a pass if he thinks 1+1=3 because we shouldn't hurt his feelings). My point is that education funded by a broad base of taxpayers should reflect broadly accepted consensus views, such as 1+1=2. And my contention, along with many other Christians, is that the theory of evolution is not presented to public school children with all of its problems. It seems that the scientific community has decided that since good Science cannot be guided by a belief in God, which I agree with, and since evolution theory is their best explanation of life's origins, they conclude that it is the best explanation, although ironically, this position seems to require as much faith as believing in God. That evolution theory's flaws are avoided when educating children is the fault of your local and national educators and the people they represent, that is, you.

AnswerIt depends on which Christian Denomination. Some denomination reject the story of Creation as Literal; the Catholics for example.

And some will adhere that the story of Creation is literal;

ex; At the Reformation the vast authority of Luther was thrown in favour of the literal acceptance of Scripture as the main source of natural science. The allegorical and mystical interpretations of earlier theologians he utterly rejected. "Why," he asks, "should Moses use allegory when he is not speaking of allegorical creatures or of an allegorical world, but of real creatures and of a visible world, which can be seen, felt, and grasped? Moses calls things by their right names, as we ought to do....I hold that the animals took their being at once upon the word of God, as did also the fishes in the sea."

Not less explicit in his adherence to the literal account of creation given in Genesis was Calvin. He warns those who, by taking another view than his own, "basely insult the Creator, to expect a judge who will annihilate them." He insists that all species of animals were created in six days, each made up of an evening and a morning, and that no new species has ever appeared since. He dwells on the production of birds from the water as resting upon certain warrant of Scripture, but adds, "If the question is to be argued on physical grounds, we know that water is more akin to air than the earth is." As to difficulties in the scriptural account of creation, he tells us that God "wished by these to give proofs of his power which should fill us with astonishment."

Another narration that is being debated; whether it's Literal or Allegorical is the story of "Noah's Deluge."

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Q: What is the Christian position on the teaching of evolution in schools?
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What was the Scopes trial about?

The Scopes trial was about the legality of teaching about evolution in schools.

What are John McCain's views on teaching evolution in schools?

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Does the butler act affect the teaching of evolution in public schools?

yes it does

Which trial involved the teaching of evolution in schools?

The Scopes monkey trial.

Why are Catholics and Christians against the teaching of the evolution theory in schools?

It is not true that most Christians, Catholics in particular, are against the teaching of evolution in schools. It is only a Christian minority that opposes the teaching of evolution in schoolsThe position of the Catholic Church is: Pope Pius XIIstated in his encyclical Humani Generis (1950) that there was no opposition between evolution and the doctrine of the faith and that he considered the doctrine of "evolutionism" a serious hypothesis, worthy of investigation and in-depth study equal to that of the opposing hypothesis; Pope John Paul II, in an address to the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (1996), said that new knowledge has led to the recognition of the theory of evolution as more than a hypothesis; Pope Benedict has refused to endorse "intelligent design" theories, instead backing "theistic evolution" which considers that God created life through evolution with no clash between religion and science.The position of another major Christian denomination, the Episcopal Church, is: The Episcopal Church has said that the theory of evolution does not conflict with Christian faith. In 2006, the General Convention affirmed, via Resolution A129, that God is creator and added that "the theory of evolution provides a fruitful and unifying scientific explanation for the emergence of life on earth, that many theological interpretations of origins can readily embrace an evolutionary outlook, and that an acceptance of evolution is entirely compatible with an authentic and living Christian faith." The Church specifically encourages the teaching of all topics supported by the consensus of scientists, including evolution, in all schools.

What was the scopes trial over?

The Scope trial was about the decision to allow the teaching of evolution in schools.

How do Christian beliefs affect teaching in public schools?

Public schools are by law restricted from allowing Christian, and for that matter any relgious belief to be involved.

What issue was at the center of the Scope Trial?

whether a state can ban the teaching of evolution in public schools

What is the motto of NorthPointe Christian Schools?

NorthPointe Christian Schools's motto is 'Teaching students to impact their world for Jesus Christ.'.

Which issues were illustrated in the Scopes trial?

The issues between the federal government's policies toward teaching evolution in schools.

What is the current status of the teaching of evolution and creationism?

Most western nations have a policy of separation of church and state, meaning that it is illegal to conduct religious indoctrination in public schools. That means that while evolution often is a part of the biology curriculum, teaching creationism as if it were true is illegal in state funded schools.

Are schools required to teach evolution?

The science curriculum in public schools usually contain some reference to evolution. In classes about life sciences, such as Biology, evolution is taught in detail. However, some states, especially those in the southern United States try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether.

Is the theory of evolution allowed in schools?

Yes, most public schools will teach evolution in their life science classes, such as Biology. However, some states, especially those in the southern United States try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether because of the controversy surrounding it.

In 1925 this case involved a Tennessee law against the teaching of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution in public schools?

Scopes trial

What is the butler act?

in 1925, Tennessee prohibited any teaching that denied creationism, it prohibited public schools to teach evolution to any students.

At issue in the Scopes Trial of 1925 was whether a public school teacher could?

The Scopes Trial was about teaching the theory of evolution in public schools.

Is evolution being taught in schools?

The science curriculum in most public schools contains some reference to evolution. Usually a class like Biology will teach it in detail. However, SOME of the school systems in some states, try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether because of the religious controversy surrounding it.

Why did some states ban the teaching of evolution in schools?

because it is a religious worldview that contradicts the first amendment of no establishment of religion in any state area.

What was epperson v Arkansas about?

A Supreme Court decision that invalidated the Arkansas law against the teaching of human evolution in public schools. !968, I think.

What trail caused conflict between religion and science?

The Scopes Monkey trial was a U.S. Supreme Court trial regarding the teaching of evolution in schools.

What has the author K A Stork written?

K. A. Stork has written: 'A study of audio-visual aids in the teaching of religious education in secondary schools' -- subject(s): Audio-visual aids, Christian education, Christian education of young people, Religion in the public schools

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